How to Make Money by Selling on TikTok?

make money by selling on TikTok

TikTok has become a popular social media platform with over 900.7 million global users in 2024, which is estimated to skyrocket to 955.3 million by 2025. With the platform reaching such a vast audience, it is a necessity for brands to grow and make money by selling on TikTok.

Brands and entrepreneurs can successfully tap into the platform’s exponential growth and expand with its power by making business accounts to sell their products.

As TikTok grows beyond memes and dance challenges by teens, 71.2% of the users have used the platform to buy products from the platform after seeing them on stories and feeds. This obviously indicates the greater room it allows for discovering a product and brand and eventually increases sales.

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Can You Start Businesses to Sell Products on TikTok from Scratch?

For many businesses, TikTok may be a starting point, and it can be confusing to understand which products to invest in for better revenue. If you want to maximize your TikTok profits, you need to start side hustles or full-time businesses with high ROI rates so that you get back the amount you invested and more.

What Products Can You Purchase From TikTok?

Some famous TikTok businesses sell candles, skincare and makeup products, phone accessories, and stationeries, among several profitable products. These are the most widely sold and talked about items on the app and are expected to see growing buyers in the coming years.

A lot of entrepreneurs start these businesses as side hustles and, with increasing profits, turn them into full-time jobs. Drop-shipping, affiliate marketing, and freelance content creation are some famous side hustles that can be started with a minimum budget and can grow exponentially over time to become a full-time business.

But, to make money by selling on TikTok, you need to make a business account for your brand on the platform. 

So, How Do You Create a TikTok Business Account?

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Creating an attractive and unique TikTok account is a significant step in attracting the attention of potential buyers. Your business account’s success determines the sales your company will be making. Here’s how you can start your business account:

1. Download and Create an Account

Download the app and create a personal account using your email, Google, Facebook, or Twitter account.

2. Turn Your Personal Account Into a Business Account

Tap on the ‘Profile Section’ and choose the menu icon in the top right corner. Tap on ‘Settings and Privacy,’ and in the ‘Account’ section, turn your personal account into a business one.

Use your brand name as the business account username, add a straightforward bio, and optimize your content 

3. Choose Business Type

TikTok offers many business titles, such as beauty, clothing and accessories, finance and investing, and education and training. Choose the title that best suits your business, and you’re good to go!

With a business account, you can access the Creator Fund, which pays you a certain amount for views on videos. You can check the detailed analytics to track the performance of content on your page and add links so people can browse through your website and store.

But brands can only use these tools when they know how to sell products on TikTok for profit. Here are a few tricks and tips to sell more with your TikTok business account.

Top Tips to Make Money By Selling on TikTok

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With millions of companies using TikTok to increase growth, it is essential to use the platform strategically for quick and lasting profits. Here are a few things to consider when trying to make money by selling on TikTok:

1. Use TikTok Shopping Tools

Screen time has increased significantly over the years and people want their desires fulfilled faster than ever on this app. To help sellers profit from this fast pace, TikTok has recently launched many TikTok Shopping tools to allow sellers to sell directly from the app.

Use the TikTok Shop to integrate short-form videos. The Shop allows consumers to buy products from the videos they browse with shoppable tags. Digital creators can earn commissions from the livestreams and products they endorse.

Sellers can attract a wider audience by showcasing their product lineup in the marketplace and using paid ads that better target the audience. Use the TikTok Business Center to manage your ads and promote all your latest campaigns and products to reach a wider audience.

Optimizing your account can also help considerably with sales. Keep your bio with a simple CTA, like links to websites and the latest product launches. You can also partner with other creators by using the Branded Content to reach people outside of your own audience. 

2. Understand Your Niche and Audience

Standing out among the millions of accounts on TikTok can be a hassle, but finding your niche can make things easier. The TikTok algorithm is super specific, and using it to your advantage will only increase your brand’s chances of landing on the page of your desired target audience.

Pick a specific niche and create content that is unique to your brand. The best part about TikTok is that it is filled with an audience that loves to see something new and exciting with every video they scroll through. Experimentation is the buzzword for this app, and a brand that keeps things fresh is always the winning one.

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The first step in creating successful niche content is knowing your audience. With 70% of U.S. teens being on TikTok, it is undoubtedly dominated by a younger audience consisting of 18-20-year-olds. But there is a lot of scope if you want to sell to people beyond the age of 20, too. Understand how you need to tweak your content to sell to that age group.

You can take inspiration from brands like Chipotle, a famous Mexican food chain that has amassed a huge following on the platform with its fun and breezy content. They have started a brand hashtag, #Boorito, which has been a famous annual Halloween costume tradition for the brand since 2000, engaging the audience in a brand-specific, unique way.

3. Invest in TikTok Ads

Static ads can be tiring after a point. TikTok fixes the ensuing boredom by allowing brands to create engaging video ads that are brand-specific and allow companies to show their products in action.

While TikTok offers several types of ads, the most famous type is the TikTok Video Ads, which allow users to directly reach the product being advertised. These ads blend seamlessly with other non-sponsored videos and pop up randomly on the ‘For You’ page of users.

Another famous way of advertising brands is brand takeovers. These ads fill the screen for a few seconds upon opening the app and then transition into an in-feed ad video, which users can scroll through. These ads start right as users open the app, and the specific algorithm on TikTok shows these ads to interested audiences who can potentially become consumers.

Avoid using highly promotional content, as it can be annoying for users. Ad videos and images are not relevant to the users if they are self-serving. Avoid posting ads too frequently, and use them strategically with entertaining and educational posts for your business.

TikTok trends are changing at lightning speed, and there’s a good reason why every big brand you see online, be it Apple or Fenty Beauty, is capitalizing on them. The app is the reason why some trends like Booktok even exist, so unsurprisingly, it is house to the most unique and engaging trends and challenges.

With 78.8% of the users using TikTok for entertaining posts, the platform is the place to experiment and churn out content that keeps the users coming back for more. Try out different content and keep changing the format and content.

TikTok is always adding new features, and the ever-changing trends are just the right opportunity to use these features and create content that surprises the audience and gives your brand an algorithm boost.

Avoid sticking to the same format and video lengths when posting videos. After doing your research about the trending challenges, try out different styles and trends to gain maximum profits from them. Understanding what works on TikTok is crucial in reaching your target audience and showing up on potential consumers’ FYP.

5. Leverage User-Generated Content

Customers are the most important building blocks of any business, and their reviews can make or break a brand’s reputation. So, unsurprisingly, TikTok prioritizes user-generated content, like any other social media platform.

If your brand uses influencer marketing on TikTok, user-generated content has even more room to grow. About 25% of Gen-Z consumers trust social media influencers on TikTok because of the trust they build with the audience. Influencers becoming product users allows brands to use their following to increase the company’s organic growth and reliability.

Audience members are also more likely to believe a person who has tried and tested a product over the brand itself because of the possibility of bias. So, UGC is a great way to capitalize on customer reviews and add content to your account while you are at it.

Branded hashtags, memes, and challenges are a great way to encourage the audience to promote your products. If a video goes viral, you can make money by selling on TikTok with the help of UGC!

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Wrapping Up

Selling on a relatively new app like TikTok may initially seem like a difficult task, but understanding the platform’s ins and outs can make it easy. As you consistently post unique content, you start to understand how the algorithm works, and the analytics help you track performance so you can keep making quality posts.

These tricks and tips can help generate and post high-converting content that is unique and profitable for your business.

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