Make Money by Selling on Instagram – Beginner’s Guide

Make money by selling on Instagram

With more than 2 billion users worldwide, Instagram is the new hotspot to make money by selling products online. A physical store can rarely attain this amount of reach, and thus, sellers are capitalizing on this online selling opportunity swiftly for business growth.

There are millions of business pages on Instagram selling different items like clothing, jewelry, and other profitable things. Lots of them were started as a passive income source or side hustle to grow ROI.

If you are starting on your Instagram selling journey, you might want to know which are the most successful businesses on Instagram. Following are some highly fast-growing side hustles that you can turn into full-time businesses over time.

1. Photography

As an image-sharing app, Instagram is the perfect platform for people who want to sell their photography services. Add links to portfolios and keep adding the most attractive shots you have clicked. Selling an experience rather than just the image can take your photography business to the highest of clicks and views!

2. Baker

Baking has become a famous niche on Instagram, and for good reasons. Add images and videos of the different products that you sell and any customer reviews you have. Make videos of the baking process, and you can also share recipes for a more personal touch and heightened conversation rates. Add menus and clear delivery instructions so people know prices, and you can make money by selling on Instagram.

3. Health Coach

As a health coach, you can not only share exercise and eating tips with fitness posts, but you can make a business out of it. Share any healthy food or drink recipes that you have tried and tested. If you have any health products, link them in the bio so that people can buy them.

4. Clothing

Selling clothes on Instagram can be a profitable venture. Plan a business strategy and decide on the type of clothing you want to sell. Jeans, tops, sweatshirts, cardigans, and sweaters are some famous products sold on Instagram.

Creators and sellers alike use the platform to sell products because of how easy it is to start a business page on Instagram and attract new buyers. With useful tools like Metrics and Instagram Shopping – the ultimate selling solution, selling to customers has become convenient and economical.

Our comprehensive guide will help you understand how you can make money by selling on Instagram by integrating the different side hustles to invest in, business tools, and tips on what to do and what to avoid so that you can get maximum profit from your Instagram business.

Here are some tips for successfully selling products on Instagram.

Optimize Your Instagram Profile

Building an easy-to-navigate Instagram business account is the first step to making money by selling on Instagram and hooking the customer’s interest.

Here are a few things to remember when starting an Instagram business page:

Use a logo that is relevant to your business and gives the audience a preview of what they can expect when they click on your company’s profile. Lululemon, Nike, and Amazon are some good examples of profiles that successfully use brand logos that stick out in the minds of the audiences.

lululemon instagram profile

2. Username

Try keeping it short and clean. It is your business’s name, which people can see on other social media accounts, too.

3. Name

If you are a business owner, you can use your name, but it is always better to use the company’s name for ease of understanding.

4. Bio

Describe what your business does in easy sentences, and do not add any unnecessary information that may confuse the audience. First impressions matter and having a strong bio can leave a strong image of your brand.

5. Links

Add working links to your website or latest promotional pages so opening and viewing your products is easy. 

6. Connect to Other Platforms

Using more than one social media page for your product is always a good idea. Connect your Facebook or TikTok page to the Instagram one, to allow switching from one app to another seamlessly.

7. Contact

Add an email address and phone number, and if sharing the address remains relevant to your business, then the address.

8. Call to Action

Use buttons that allow to ‘Sign Up’, ‘Reserve’, and ‘Learn More’ for engagement.

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After you have set up your business account, consistently posting content becomes crucial to attracting customers and increasing sales by keeping them hooked. Stand out with unique content to grow as a business.

Use Instagram Business Tools

Instagram has many tools to help you kickstart your business. Its easy interface allows customers to discover and buy products in one place. 

Here are some of the many tools that can help create and track content for a wider business reach:

1. Metrics and Analytics

The metrics and analytics for business accounts help track how well content is doing on the page and the content format that the audience does not like. Adjust the content accordingly to churn out videos and images that will get more likes and increase your reach. 

You can see the impressions, follower growth, link clicks, and story views to track the progress of your business to understand what time is best for posting and the type of stories that are getting people to click on links more.

2. Instagram Shopping

Over 2 million business accounts are now using Instagram Shopping to sell their products. This platform allows brands to sell directly from Instagram instead of using a different site. Brands can use the platform to build customizable product collections and catalogs that give customers an idea about the brand’s style and range of products.

3. Image Creating Tools

Use content-generating tools like to help you create content that will drive sales with unique videos, carousels, and reels to keep your audience entertained and informed about your product. 

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Schedule your content to save time and allow you to focus on other things. Avoid low-quality images or repetitive visuals and content types for a fresh theme with every new product.

Arguably, Instagram trends are everchanging and can be annoying. But as with everything that has both good and bad, there are some perks to ‘hopping on’ some of the trends, if not a majority of them.

Instagram trends can be a fun way to engage and increase interaction with the audience. Reel challenges and trends are becoming popular to increase interaction and organic growth. You can also use Instagram’s new reel reply facility to get the most out of your interactions with your customers.

Instagram music trends are also huge in increasing account visibility by entering the for you page of a large audience. Little arrows on certain audio can show you that the song is trending because of high usage.

Get inspired by famous business accounts that follow trends and are making use of them to stay ahead in their marketing strategy.

duolingo instagram post

Duolingo is a business account that has been hopping on trends for a while. The page is now giving its own spin to viral memes and reels for hilarious interactions with its audience.

Collaborate With Influencers

Influencers are taking over Instagram and they are not limited to celebrities any longer. Collaborating with them is a great way to make money by selling on Instagram by not only sellig to your audience but to the followers of the influencer you collaborate with.

Working with an influencer can make your brand more reliable because of the trust that people have in the influencer. Sales spike up because people who are genuinely interested in your products will invest in it and you might end up attracting many long-term clients.

But before investing in influencer marketing, it is essential to understand the type of influencer who can benefit your company and understand what goals you want to achieve with the marketing strategy. Being on the same page can make selling your products easier and be profitable for your company.

Sell With Live Shopping

live instagram shopping

Live shopping gained tremendous popularity during the pandemic, when it caused a 76% boost in purchases. It has remained a unique way of selling products ever since. It is the process of buying products that are being displayed live by businesses.

Consumers on Instagram are always on the lookout for something new, and live shopping is a relatively new practice that generates significant sales quickly. Businesses can make money by selling on Instagram Live Shopping by getting exposed to a large base of audience and how many products you sell depends on how well you pitch.

It is an exciting new way of announcing new products, which you can follow up with advertisements on your Instagram business account. Audiences also remember businesses better when they have a face to associate with them.

It is also a great way to promote products that may not be doing well on the website or Instagram Shopping by keeping them in the spotlight. You can also promote campaigns that are not doing as well as expected to increase sales and show your product range to the audience.

Wrapping Up

It can be overwhelming to keep up with Instagram’s ever-changing marketing trends, but with some research and an understanding of Instagram Shopping, the process gets smoother. Invest in the right businesses and post unique content that gives the viewer something to keep coming back for. 

Consistency becomes crucial when trying to use Instagram for your business. An active business account is the one that thrives the most because there is reliability. Customers invest in responsive businesses that clear their doubts at every step and make the buying process seamless.

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