How to Find Trends for Instagram Reels?

How to Find Trends for Instagram Reels

Instagram is a dynamic platform, operating at a swift pace. It consistently introduces fresh features, popular posting styles, trends, and more.

Reels have emerged as a current mainstay on Instagram. Were you aware that reels boast an average impression rate that is twice as high as other content types on Instagram? 

What’s more? A recent study revealed a staggering 282% surge in reels from 2022 to 2023. This highlights brands’ daring investment in the short-form video format over the past year.

As short-form videos continue to achieve remarkable success, now is the moment to explore strategies for staying abreast of the trends.

Riding the wave of trends is essential for staying relevant and engaging with your audience. In this guide, we’ll delve into different strategies to help you find trends for Instagram reels.  

Ready to elevate your Instagram reels and become a trendsetter? Let’s explore how to find reel trends and stay updated with trending topics, templates, and sounds.

Tapping into Instagram’s Pulse

In this section, we will cover navigating the Explore Page, decoding Instagram Insights, engaging with trending hashtags, and utilizing the Professional Dashboard.

Beyond the superficial scroll, we delve into the core elements that drive trends and captivate audiences. It’s a comprehensive exploration of Instagram’s vibrant heartbeat.

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1. Explore the Explore Page

To find trends for Instagram reels, start by exploring the Explore page. This hub is a treasure trove of trending content, showcasing what’s capturing the attention of users globally.

Instagram Explore Page

Instagram’s algorithm tailors the Explore page based on your interests. By regularly visiting this page, you expose yourself to a diverse range of content, unveiling emerging trends that align with your niche.

2. Instagram Insights

Welcome to the digital realm, where data is king. Leveraging data-driven insights can provide a competitive edge in identifying trends. Let’s explore how analytics and statistics can be your secret weapons.

Instagram Insights offers a wealth of information about your audience’s preferences. Dive into the metrics—reach, impressions, and engagement rates. It’s like reading the crowd’s energy. Identify the hits, remix them, and voila—you’re the DJ crafting the tunes that make your audience dance.

In the vibrant world of Instagram reels, hashtags serve as your communication code for the latest trends. Let’s dive into the world of Instagram trends by speaking the language of hashtags. 

Keep a vigilant eye on both popular and niche-specific hashtags aligned with your content. Participating in the hashtag conversation isn’t just about expanding your audience. It’s your direct connection to the pulse of ongoing trends.

Your content not only reaches a broader audience but also seamlessly integrates into the dynamic and ever-evolving tapestry of reel trends. It’s all about becoming an integral part of the Reels conversation. 

4. Leverage the Professional Dashboard

Now, let’s dive into the heart of Reels trends with a few taps on your Instagram app! The professional dashboard now unveils the Reels Trends option, your ticket to trending audio and hashtags.

Instagram's Professional Dashboard

Take charge with the Professional Dashboard to uncover the trendiest music and hashtags curated just for your Reels content. Stay tuned to trending songs in others’ reels, identified by a rising arrow, and seize these auditory gems.

Save these tunes to effortlessly infuse your upcoming Instagram reels with a dash of trendiness. With this dashboard, you’ll not only discover but seamlessly incorporate the latest trends, ensuring your reels stand out in the bustling world of Instagram. 

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Casting a Wider Net Beyond Instagram

Instagram’s Explore page, coupled with the power of hashtags, acts as a dynamic playground for trend seekers. Now, let’s step outside Instagram’s walls and explore the broader digital landscape.

Trending page on YouTube

YouTube is a breeding ground for viral content. Keep tabs on YouTube trends for a sneak peek into upcoming Instagram hits. Translate popular video concepts into bite-sized reels for instant inspiration. 

Dive deeper into the YouTube landscape, and you’ll discover another gem: YouTube shorts. This dynamic feature on YouTube is a treasure trove of short, engaging videos.

Identify emerging trends on YouTube shorts and seamlessly incorporate them into your Instagram reels. Let these platforms become your dynamic duo for trend-spotting and content creation. 

b) Trend Reports from Industry Leaders:

Dive into reports from industry leaders, gaining exclusive insights from reputable sources. Gain VIP access to what’s buzzing, curating content aligned with the next big thing in the world of social media. Explore platforms like Facebook, a thriving hub for video content, for trend insights. Leverage the popularity of Facebook videos to enhance your Reels content strategy.

c) Expanding Horizons to Discover the Latest Trends:

Diversify your trend radar beyond the usual suspects. Explore vibrant communities on platforms like Reddit, Tumblr, and Twitter, each with its own unique pulse of trends and conversations. Gain insights and curate content that speaks directly to these engaged audiences, creating a diverse and inclusive Reels strategy.  

Explore the power of, the AI-driven Reel generator, to give your content strategy a competitive edge. With, transform trend insights into visually captivating reels effortlessly. Stay not only ahead of the curve but on the cutting edge of trendsetting with as your creative ally.

Your Digital Crystal Ball: Use Google Trends to unveil search patterns in the digital world, offering a glimpse into the future. Analyze niche-related searches, identifying trending topics for engaging Reels content. 

e) TikTok’s Trend Wave:

Scouting TikTok for the freshest trends is like foreseeing what’s on the brink of hitting Instagram. In the realm of social media marketing, possessing this foresight becomes your game-changing advantage. By staying one step ahead on TikTok, you’re tapping into the pulse of what’s about to go viral. This proactive approach lets you be among the first to discover trending content. It positions you as an early adopter and trendsetter. Seize the opportunity to ride the TikTok trend wave and propel your content strategy to new heights! 

Diversifying your trend radar beyond Instagram introduces a broader spectrum of possibilities. Now, let’s add a data-driven layer to our process of finding reel trends. 

Leverage the power of Google Analytics if your website is linked to your Instagram account. Analyze traffic patterns strategically to curate reels that seamlessly align with your website’s story. Tailor your content strategy based on these insights to resonate with your audience. Doing so not only helps you create compelling reel content but also ensures a synchronized and impactful online presence. 

g) Social Media Listening Tools:

Leverage tools like Brandwatch for social media eavesdropping. Stay ahead by listening to emerging trends and adapting your content strategy accordingly. It’s akin to having a spyglass, observing conversations from afar, and staying attuned to the whispers of trend evolution.  

Data transforms trend discovery from speculation to certainty. Remember, it’s not just about trends; it’s about understanding the rhythm of your audience. Now, armed with insights, let’s ride these waves with confidence and wrap up our journey to find reel trends.

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Wrapping Up!

Congratulations, intrepid trend chaser! You’ve now mastered the art of riding the wave of Instagram Reels trends.

Remember, trends are ever-evolving, and staying ahead requires constant adaptation. Embrace the journey of experimentation and engage with your audience. Most importantly, have fun creating content that resonates with the pulse of the moment.

Embark on your trend-seeking adventure with, your go-to AI-based Instagram reel maker. Effortlessly create attention-grabbing reels using the Reel Generator. Utilize the AI reel maker to produce stunning, ready-to-post videos for your social media. 

As you embark on this journey, keep in mind that the landscape is vast. Inspiration can come from unexpected places. Blend creativity with strategic insights to find trends for Instagram reels. Contribute to shaping tomorrow’s trends with your unique perspective.

Happy trend hunting with, your partner in crafting trend-setting content!

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