LinkedIn Video Ad Specifications and Guide

LinkedIn video ad specifications

Did you know that the video advertising market is poised to reach a whopping $191.3 billion by 2024? The video ad market is on a steady rise and shows no signs of slowing down. LinkedIn video ads are already showing potential for completing advertisers’ toolsets. They provide a very active medium to target professionals and enterprises, using LinkedIn’s large pool of users and requisite segmentation features.

To meet these standards, LinkedIn has set strict guidelines on the requirements of the video ads to be posted on the platforms. Such LinkedIn video ad specifications and rules help control the quality and compatibility of the video material with the devices and platforms used, as well as increase the appreciation of the viewers of the platform.

Here’s everything you need to know about LinkedIn video ad specifications for ad designs, technical aspects, text, and more.

Design Specifications for LinkedIn Video Ads

LinkedIn has been very specific about the design specifications for the LinkedIn video ads. That said, this does not restrict your artistic and innovative capabilities. These LinkedIn video ad specifications lay down a foundation to make the user experience more cohesive and smooth. 

The basic LinkedIn video ad specifications regarding the design of the ads are as follows:

Design AspectSpecification
Video File TypeMP4
Video Sound FormatAAC or MPEG4
Recommended Frame Rate30 frames per second
Custom ThumbnailOptional but recommended
Ratio4:5 (vertical; 0.8)9:16 (vertical; 0.57)16:9 (landscape; 1.78)1:1 (square; 1.0)

1. Video File Type

As pointed out above, following certain design rules makes LinkedIn video advertisements perform well among the intended audience. As per LinkedIn video ad specifications, the preferred video format should be MP4, as it can be played across a wide variety of devices and appears to maintain good quality in transition. 

MP4 refers to MPEG-4 Part 14, a digital media container usually used to store videos and audio, though it may also store other information such as subtitles and images. With’s AI-based LinkedIn video maker, you can effortlessly create videos in the perfect format for LinkedIn and save a significant amount of time.

2. Video Sound Format

For video sound, LinkedIn video ad specifications recommend using either AAC or MPEG4 formats, which deliver clear and efficient audio compression.

  • Advanced Audio Coding: Advanced Audio Coding, or AAC, is a standardized procedure for lossy compression and encoding digital sound. The AAC format has fairly high compression ratios, which means that the files will be compressed very efficiently. Thus, it can generate a significantly smaller file size while at the same time delivering incredibly clear sound
  • MPEG-4: The MPEG-4 standard incorporates both video compression (such as the popular H.264/AVC codec) and audio compression. This allows for high-quality streaming and storage of multimedia content at reduced file sizes. It supports advanced features like 3D graphics, text, and other multimedia elements.

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3. Frame Rate

Based on LinkedIn video ad specifications, the video’s frame rate should be 30 frames per second because it is not heavy on the Internet connection and is not jerky to watch. While they are not compulsory, providing a personalized thumbnail is one of the best practices for increasing the CTR because of the added bonus of aesthetics.

4. Aspect Ratio

The aspect ratio is the relative size of the width and height of a video or image. It is expressed as two numbers separated by a colon (e.g., 16:9), hence showing the relative width of the picture to its height. Image aspects are very important to make sure that your content fits appropriately on different devices and platforms and that the images are not distorted or chopped.

LinkedIn video ad specifications support multiple aspect ratios to cater to different display preferences and devices. Here are the recommended aspect ratios for LinkedIn video ads:

  • 4:5 (vertical; 0.8): This ratio is ideal for mobile feeds, capturing more screen space vertically. Recommended dimensions: 360 x 450 pixels to 1536 x 1920 pixels
  • 9:16 (vertical; 0.57): Perfect for full-screen mobile viewing, providing an immersive experience. Recommended dimensions:  360 x 640 pixels to 1080 x 1920 pixels
  • 16:9 (landscape; 1.78): The standard for horizontal content, widely used in digital media and traditional video. Recommended dimensions: 640 x 360 pixels to 1920 x 1080 pixels
  • 1:1 (square; 1.0): A versatile format suitable for both mobile and desktop, ensuring consistent presentation across devices. Recommended dimensions: 360 x 360 pixels to 1920 x 1920 pixels
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5. Technical Requirements for LinkedIn Video Ads

Technical specifications act as important rules that should be followed so that your video ads integrate well on the LinkedIn platform and are optimally receptive. 

Video File Size75 KB (min) – 200 MB (max)
Video Duration3 seconds – 30 minutes
Video CaptionsOptional (but highly recommended)
Video Sound RateLess than 64 KHz
Minimum Width360 pixels
Maximum Width1920 pixels
Minimum Height360 pixels
Maximum Height1920 pixels
Minimum Aspect Ratio9:16 (0.563)
Maximum Aspect Ratio16:9 (1.778)

6. Video File Size

LinkedIn video ad specifications suggest a file size limit of 75kb—200mb for video files. This flexibility can accommodate whatever video qualities and sizes are possible, from small short clips to larger high-definition content. It is important to keep the size of your video in check so that it doesn’t exceed this range if you intend to upload and play your video properly.

7. Video Duration

The allowed video duration spans from 3 seconds to 30 minutes. This broad range accommodates various types of content, from brief promotional snippets to in-depth tutorials or presentations. Tailoring your video length to your message and audience engagement is key.

8. Video Captions

Captioning is optional but highly encouraged since captions are beneficial for people who are hard of hearing and those who have difficulty understanding videos. As per LinkedIn video ad specifications, the caption has to be in SRT format, and it should only contain text without any images.

9. Video Sound Rate

The video sound rate should be less than 64 KHz. This specification maintains sufficient audio quality without unnecessarily increasing file size, which is important for optimal streaming and playback performance.

10. Minimum and Maximum Width and Height

LinkedIn requires a minimum video width and height of 360 pixels and a maximum of 1920 pixels. These dimensions maintain video quality for visibility across various screen sizes and resolutions.

11. Aspect Ratios

The minimum aspect ratio is 9:16 (0.563), and the maximum is 16:9 (1.778). These ratios cover the most common video formats used on social media and other digital platforms. Your video ad will be in the right aspect ratio when created with’s AI-based video ad maker. The video ad will also maintain the intended visual presentation and prevent issues such as cropping or black bars.

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Text Recommendations for LinkedIn Video Ads

LinkedIn video ad specifications also suggest text guidelines for video ads to ensure that the written components of your LinkedIn ads are concise, impactful, and within the platform’s limits.

Ad Name (Optional)Up to 255 characters
Headline70 characters (recommended), up to 200 characters
Introductory Text150 characters (recommended), up to 600 characters

1. Ad Name (Optional)

LinkedIn video ad specifications suggest that the ad name, though optional, can be up to 255 characters long. This is an internal name for your reference, helping you organize and identify your ads within your campaign manager. While it doesn’t appear to the public, using a descriptive ad name can assist in managing multiple ads efficiently.

2. Headline

Generally, the headline should be 70 characters long; however, it is allowed to use a maximum of 200 characters if necessary. The headline should also be brief and interesting to read, grab the audience’s attention, and simultaneously provide the overall gist of the advertisement.

3. Introductory Text

The introductory text should be around 150 characters for optimal visibility, with a maximum limit of 600 characters. This text provides a brief overview or context for your video ad, enticing viewers to watch the video.

Keeping it within the recommended length helps it appear more prominently without needing users to click “See more,” which can increase viewer engagement.

unicef introductory text

Thumbnail Specifications for LinkedIn Video Ads

File FormatJPG or PNG
Max File Size2 MB
Aspect Ratio & ResolutionMatch video

1. File Format

LinkedIn video ad specifications recommend that video thumbnail images shared on LinkedIn be optimized as either JPG or PNG. These popular generic file formats sufficiently satisfy both the high quality of the images and file size. The choice of thumbnails’ file format makes them load faster and look more professional.

2. Max File Size

The maximum file size for video thumbnails is 2 MB. Keeping the thumbnail file size within this limit helps it load efficiently across all devices and platforms. Thus contributing to a seamless user experience.

3. Aspect Ratio & Resolution

Regarding the thumbnail, it is always advisable to use a snapshot with the same aspect ratio and resolution as the main video. This consistency helps prevent the thumbnail from looking out of place and guarantees that it depicts the video’s content. 

URL Requirements for LinkedIn Video Ads

  • Landing Page URL: It is mandatory to include a landing page URL with your LinkedIn video ad. This URL directs viewers to a specific web page where they can learn more or take action related to the ad’s content.
  • URL Prefix: The landing page URL must begin with either “http://” or “https://” to format it correctly for web navigation and security protocols.
  • URL Character Limit: The destination field URL can be up to 2000 characters long. This allows flexibility in specifying detailed links that accurately reflect the content and purpose of your video ad.

Critical LinkedIn Guidelines for Video Ads

Important guidelines to keep in mind for your video ads:

  • Suppose a member unmutes the video in their desktop feed and scrolls down immediately (in less than two seconds). In that case, the video will continue playing even if less than 50% of the video is visible on the screen.
  • Individual videos will repeat until there is at least a 30-second playback. For instance, a video with a duration of 10 seconds will play in a cycle thrice, while a video with a duration of 20 seconds will play in a cycle twice.
  • Video ads must contain a video file uploaded directly to LinkedIn, not a link to a third-party site like YouTube or Vimeo.
  • You can upload a maximum of 25 videos within 24 hours in Campaign Manager.
  • You can only upload videos from a desktop device, not from your mobile device.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is to stick to platform guidelines to maximize impact! Focus on captivating visuals and clear messaging tailored to LinkedIn’s professional audience. Finally, make sure your videos are within the specified duration and file size limits for the best ad performance and engagement.

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