Unlocking the Potential of Instagram Hashtags for Beauty Brands

Instagram hashtags for beauty brands

Beauty brands strive for social media recognition and discoverability in today’s landscape. In this context, using Instagram hashtags for beauty brands not only helps more people see them but also creates a community of fans. 

When users search for or follow specific hashtags related to beauty, your brand’s posts become visible to a broader audience. It helps you reach potential customers, engage with the beauty community, and enhance your brand’s online presence.

This post will take you through the unique ways beauty brands can make the most of Instagram hashtags. Read on!

What Are Instagram Hashtags?

Instagram hashtags are keywords or phrases preceded by the ‘#’ symbol that categorize content.

For example, in the beauty industry, popular hashtags might include #MakeupSaturday, #SkincareWellness, or #BeautyEssentials. Using relevant and trending hashtags in your posts can increase visibility, engagement, and reach on the platform.

what are instagram hashtags


Below are the reasons Instagram hashtags for beauty brands work well to boost engagement:

  • Using popular or niche hashtags can increase the reach of your posts.
  • It can potentially attract new followers and engagement.
  • Hashtags encourage community engagement by connecting users who share common interests.
  • It allows people to participate in conversations, challenges, or trends related to specific hashtags.
  • It helps with brand recognition and encourages user-generated content.
  • Hashtags are used for specific promotions, giving your target audience a chance to win prizes or participate in events.
  • In summary, Instagram hashtags serve as a powerful tool for increasing visibility, engagement, and community building on the platform.

Why Use Hashtags? Explore 5 Benefits of Using Instagram Hashtags!

Having a solid hashtag strategy for beauty brands can be helpful in boosting their presence on Instagram and connecting with their audience in meaningful ways. 

Here are the top benefits that beauty brands can enjoy by incorporating Instagram hashtags into their strategy:

Instagram hashtags help beauty brands discover content, connect with a broader audience, and demonstrate that their brand is active, relevant, and in tune with the latest trends.

You can take advantage of these hashtags, as Instagram algorithms can boost the visibility of posts and result in your content being featured on Explore pages. Some key hashtags that can be used to participate in the latest beauty trends are:

  • #instagood
  • #instagram
  • #followforfollowback
  • #likeforlikes
  • #dressyourface

2. Promotion of Contests and Other Promotional Campaigns

Develop campaigns or challenges centered around specific hashtags. This not only boosts user engagement but also generates user-generated content that showcases your products.

Beauty and lifestyle brands must think outside the box when using Instagram hashtags.

An example of using Instagram hashtags for contests and other promotional campaigns is when L’Oréal Paris, in collaboration with the Golden Globes Awards, used the #WorthSaying campaign.

It motivated women to participate in conversations that mattered the most to them and empowered them to voice their opinions. The hashtag campaign merged well with the brand’s tagline (“Because you’re worth it”).

Loreal Paris - because you're worth it


Some popular hashtags in this category are:

  • #BrandNameBeautyChallenge
  • #BrandNameHolidayGlam
  • #BrandNameSpringCollection
  • #BrandNameContest
  • #BrandNameGiveaway
  • #BrandNameAtWork
  • #BrandNameAnniversary
  • #BrandNameMilestone
  • #BrandNameSaleAlert
  • #BrandNameParticipate

3. Promotion of Products and Services

Beauty businesses can let their followers know about their products and services. This is specifically useful when your products are back in stock. A hashtag strategy for beauty brands will increase your chances of creating demand for your products. Some critical hashtags that can be used to promote your products are:

  • #picoftheday
  • #hairoftheday
  • #colorexpert
  • #transformation
  • #instaskincare

For example, KVD Beauty promoted its Dazzle Vegan Eyeshadow Stick using Instagram hashtags when it was back in stock.

4. Conducting Research on Content

Instagram hashtags for beauty brands help in the categorization and organization of content. If you search for a specific hashtag, you can track trends and discussions and gather relevant data on various topics.

It’s a great way to filter and discover new content and makes it easier for beauty brands to analyze and draw insights from a large pool of Instagram posts. Some hashtag examples are:

  • #Naturalbeauty
  • #MakeupLover
  • #BeautyTips
  • #Cosmetics
  • #BeautyHacks

5. Indulging in Competitor Analysis

Instagram hashtags play a crucial role in competitor analysis by tracking and scrutinizing the content shared by competitors. The hashtag strategy for beauty brands helps you discover the content posted by your peers and analyzes the engagement with such posts through likes/comments/shares.

This can help you understand what resonated with your audience. You can also identify trends, look for valuable influencer partnerships, and obtain important consumer and audience feedback through these observations.

You can take the example of Glossier, a brand that encourages users to use the hashtag #GlossierRegram for a chance to be featured on their official page. This boosts user-generated content and acts as social proof for Glossier products. There is a lesson that can be taken from such digital marketing promotions.

indulging in competitor analysis


Some relevant hashtags that can be used to analyze competitor posts and audience engagement are:

  • #CosmeticLine
  • #MakeupBusiness
  • #BeautyIndustry
  • #CosmeticMarket
  • #BeautyEntrepreneur

Here’s a guide on how to use Instagram hashtags for beauty brands:

Step 1: Research Relevant Hashtags

Identify popular and niche beauty-related hashtags relevant to your brand. This can include general beauty hashtags, product-specific hashtags, and industry trends.

You must identify your niche audience, conduct a competitor analysis, and explore industry trends by using Instagram’s search function. You can check popular posts, use IG suggestions, and also analyze hashtag analytics. Following industry leaders and influencers can help you experiment and monitor results.

Step 2: Create Branded Hashtags

Develop a unique branded hashtag for your beauty brand. Ensure it’s memorable, reflects your brand identity, and encourages user participation.

When creating branded hashtags, you must align them with your brand, avoid using complicated or lengthy phrases, and aim for uniqueness to distinguish your branded hashtags from others. Ensure that your hashtags are relevant, consistent, and promotional.

For example, MAC Cosmetics frequently runs challenges using the hashtag #MACArtistChallenge. This encourages makeup artists and enthusiasts to showcase their skills using MAC products, creating a vibrant and engaged community.

created branded hashtags #macartistchallenge


Popular Branded Hashtags Categories for Beauty Brands

  • #BrandNameBeauty
  • #BrandNameSkincare
  • #BrandNameCosmetics
  • #BrandNameHaircare
  • #BeautyByBrandName
  • #BrandNameInsiders
  • #BrandNameStyle
  • #BrandNameGlow
  • #BrandNameBeauty
  • #SummerGlowWithBrandName

Trending Beauty Hashtags

  • #beauty
  • #beautiful
  • #fashion
  • #makeup
  • #photography
  • #style
  • #model
  • #photooftheday
  • #art
  • #cute
  • #bhfyp
  • #makeupartist
  • #myself
  • #instadaily

Related Hashtags for Beauty

  • #beautyblogger
  • #beautytips
  • #beautycare
  • #beautyaddict
  • #beautysalon
  • #beautyqueen
  • #beautyproducts
  • #beautyofnature
  • #beautygirl
  • #beautyinfluencer
  • #beautyguru
  • #beautyjunkie
  • #beautygram
  • #beautylover
  • #beautymakeup
  • #beautycommunity

Combine widely used, popular Instagram hashtags for beauty brands with more specific, niche ones. Firstly, you must identify your niche, and then research niche hashtags online.

Choose the popular ones and combine general and specific tags. Include branded hashtags and rotate them strategically. This broadens your reach to a larger audience while targeting those with a specific interest in your beauty niche.

For instance, Tarte Cosmetics encourages users to share their makeup looks using the hashtag #ShareYourSparkle. This not only promotes user engagement but also provides a platform for customers to showcase their creativity with Tarte products.

Examples of Using Niche Instagram Hashtags

  • #CleanBeautyMovement
  • #CrueltyFreeCosmetics
  • #VeganCosmetics
  • #OrganicSkincareProducts
  • #SkincareObsessed

Examples of Using Mix-Popular Instagram Hashtags

  • #BeautyGoals
  • #MakeupEssentials
  • #SkincareRoutine
  • #FlawlessSkin
  • #MOTD
  • #HairGoals
  • #GlamLife
  • #SelfcareMonday
  • #GlowUp
  • #BeautyTipsAndTricks

Keep an eye on trending beauty hashtags and incorporate them into your posts when relevant. You can visit the ‘Explore’ page or ‘Search Function’ on Instagram regularly to look for trending hashtags. Visit hashtag pages and posts, and follow industry leaders to use engaging hashtags.

You can also use social media monitoring tools or trending sections in insights to stay current with news and events.

Engage in industry-level conversation and join beauty brand communities online. This aligns your brand with current industry trends and increases the chances of discovery.

Let us take an example of a trending hashtag that was introduced by L’Oréal Paris. The beauty brand uses its brand hashtag #LorealParis and #LorealParisFamily to curate content from users worldwide. This helps in brand promotion as users share their experiences and looks using L’Oréal products.

Loreal Paris

Step 5: Encourage User Participation

Encourage your followers to use your branded hashtag or participate in specific hashtag campaigns. This fosters community engagement and builds a sense of connection with your brand.

Fenty Beauty

For instance, Fenty Beauty, Rihanna’s makeup line, often uses its branded hashtag to showcase user-generated content. Such promotions motivate fans to share their Fenty Beauty looks. This fosters a sense of community and promotes the brand’s diverse product line.


Although Instagram allows up to 30 hashtags per post, you must stick to a moderate number (around 10–15) to maintain a clean and professional appearance. Focus on quality over quantity. By incorporating best practices, beauty brands can connect with their audiences and augment brand visibility.

In this regard, you can use Predis.ai‘s free hashtag generator to create captivating and trending hashtags for your beauty business. With this intuitive tool, enhancing your Instagram engagement and growing your followers is easier than ever. 

Predis.ai not only helps you generate relevant hashtags but also provides valuable insights into hashtag performance, helping you refine your social media strategy over time.

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