How Long do Instagram Ads Take to Get Approved?

How Long do Instagram Ads Take to Get Approved?

Instagram is a set where we regularly drop trailers of our lives. However, businesses have recently snuck onto this set and used it to promote their work. In today’s age, where attention spans are fleeting and competition is fierce, having a sneak peek at the art of Instagram ad approval is akin to unlocking the gates to a treasure trove of potential customers. It is time for you to get Instagram ads approved and for the world to see your brand outcast its peers.

This guide is your chance to get Instagram ads approved by captivating both the hearts of your customers and the algorithms of Instagram. You need not wonder how long Instagram ads take to get approved, just read on!

Censor Board: Understanding Instagram’s Ad Policies

It is important to know Instagram policies before taking the journey of crafting an ad. Take time to review these rules and incorporate them into the fabric of your ad development process. Here are a few guidelines that you must adhere to:

  • Do not promote illegal products or services, payday loans, payslip advances, bail bonds, regional lotteries, weapons, ammunition, and explosives among others.
  • Limit who can view posts that contain delicate content depending on age or location. 
  • Some categories demand that the business partner supporting the sponsored content have permission to market their services.
  • Share branded material only where the branded content feature exists, for instance, Instagram posts.

Craft a Compelling Ad

Examining the substance of your advertisement is an important stage to get Instagram ads approved. Instagram’s team manually evaluates each ad to ensure compliance with their policies. The content assessment includes an evaluation of the advertisement’s language, pictures, targeting options, and overall message. Let your creativity run wild with these pointers:

  • Try to create images that halt thumbs in their tracks. Stunning photos and videos that fully display your goods or services will grab attention and motivate people to take action.
  • The copy in your ads is your best tool. Write enticing captions that will speak to your viewers and inspire them to act.

Make every word matter, whether it’s a clever slogan or a call to action.

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Paint the Perfect Picture

Instagram looks into the past of your ad account while reviewing fresh entries. If your account has a history of violating Instagram policies, your advertisement may be subject to a more rigorous screening process. This enables a thorough examination of marketers who have a track record of violating the policy. 

Factors Affecting Your Instagram Ad Approval

Several elements influence the approval time of an Instagram ad. These considerations include the ad’s complexity and creativity, the number of submissions during peak hours, any recent policy changes, and the advertiser’s account history.

Instagram’s Ad Policies

Comply with Instagram’s advertising policies for rapid approval. Implementing these guidelines lessens the likelihood of your ads being rejected or experiencing lengthy delays.

Instagram Ad History

When permitting an ad account, Instagram considers its past. Instagram may take more time to authorize ads from accounts that have repeatedly failed to follow the guidelines.

Resubmitting the Ad

It is critical to be patient when waiting for ad clearance. Avoid resubmitting the advertisement or making unnecessary changes because they can delay the approval process.

Unforeseen Circumstances

When creating your ad calendar, consider the approval time to ensure a successful advertising campaign. Prepare for unforeseen delays to avoid last-minute problems or missed opportunities.

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How Long Do Instagram Ads Take to Get Approved?

The approval time for Instagram ads varies. Depending on a variety of factors, some advertisements may be accepted in a matter of minutes, while others may take up to 24 hours or more.

The following tips and tricks allow you to dabble with sunshine and rainbows and get Instagram ads approved at the earliest! 

Stay Updated

Instagram’s ad standards and guidelines may vary over time, so be aware of any modifications or adjustments. Regularly explore Instagram’s materials and remain current on best practices for ad development and optimization.

Play by the Rules!

Be honest about your items or services in your advertisements. Instagram values authenticity and transparency, so avoid making misleading statements or using dishonest techniques.

Puff Your Star Content

Create visually appealing, high-quality content that reflects your brand and resonates with your target audience. To capture people’s attention, use high-resolution photos or videos with compelling descriptions.

Serve Experience on a Hot Plate

Ensure a consistent user experience from advertisement to destination. Your landing page or website should easily integrate with your ad content and deliver on its promise.

Keep it Real!

Keep it real! Authenticity connects with both audiences and Instagram users. Avoid gimmicks and trickery, and instead, let your brand’s actual essence show through.

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Let the Trailer Make Some Noise!

Ads are often accepted within a few minutes to 24 hours on average. It may take a bit longer if there are high-demand periods or if the ad content requires more clearance.

Mastering the art of getting Instagram advertising authorized requires a combination of creativity, compliance, and a shrewd approach. Stay diligent, innovative, and informed to ensure you get Instagram ads approved quickly.

With these keys in hand, you’re ready to maximize the potential of Instagram advertising and catapult your brand to new heights of success. Get ready to shine brightly in the Instagram limelight by logging in to!

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