Top Tips to Create Christmas Interactive Posts and Optimize Strategy

christmas interactive posts

Christmas is the most celebrated festival all over the globe. So, what are your special Christmas traditions for the season? Do you prefer to send Christmas wishes to your followers on Instagram? If your answer is yes, this blog is a must-read for you before next Christmas. 

Have you considered including interactive content in your holiday marketing campaigns? Christmas interactive posts provide twice the engagement of more standard static content. These interactive posts will help you develop a deep connection with your followers.

For most people, holiday posts are “fluff.” But I would like to tell you that it’s the opposite of that. With these holiday posts, you can share seasonal and festive joy and happiness with your audience. Also, you can easily create interactive posts using the correct tools. Thus, holiday interactive posts are crucial for your social media marketing strategy.

Interactive content isn’t just another marketing gimmick; it’s a strategic approach to deeply engaging your audience. By incorporating interactive elements in your Christmas campaigns, you not only double the chances of engagement but also create a memorable experience that resonates with your audience.

This connection is vital in the digital age, where a personal touch in marketing can set you apart from the competition.

Here is a blog that will help you plan a perfect holiday social media campaign. We would love to share with you the benefits as well as amazing tips for creating interactive Christmas posts for 2023.

Furthermore, we will share with you how to create a perfect optimizing strategy for your posts. So, what are you waiting for?

Let’s dig further!

What is Interactive Content?

Interactive content is something where your audience will actively participate and engage with your content. Rather than just to view it and move on to the next post.

Interactive content is of the type where, due to curiosity, the user will be encouraged to engage with the content. Now, your content may consist of answering different questions, selecting from multiple options, or simply a yes or no choice.

It involves creating content that requires active participation from the audience, be it through quizzes, interactive polls, or thought-provoking questions. This type of content is not just about gaining a momentary click or a view; it’s about starting a conversation and building a community around your brand.

A brand can easily build a strong bond with the customer with this marketing skill. When the audience is allowed to interact, they may feel that their response is valuable. This has a positive effect on both the viewer and the content creator.

Benefits of Posting Christmas Interactive Posts

Let’s see why interactive posts are beneficial for brands on social media. Moving on, you will also get to know some great tips that you can use to create interactive posts. Lastly, we will tell you how to prepare a proper optimization strategy.

  • Christmas Interactive Posts Are More Sharable
Christmas Interactive Posts are more sharable

Source: Tenor

People enjoy sharing interactive posts on Christmas. This improves engagement and, as a result, promotes more likes and comments. People will hesitate to share your post until it consists of the following:

  • Attractive visual aids
  • Well-researched content
  • A compelling call to action

According to studies, those who don’t post frequently on social media tend to become more active during the holidays. About 30% of them share posts about the gifts they receive.

Interactive posts, especially during the festive season, are potent tools for social engagement. They’re not just more engaging; they’re also designed to be shared widely. This virality factor can significantly boost your brand’s visibility, leading to increased likes, comments, and followers.

Christmas is an occasion of joy and happiness that brings people together. This gives you a chance to create aesthetic posts that can be shared easily. It is best to say that other than Christmas, try to grab an opportunity of any special events, trends, or seasonal holidays to create interactive posts.

Let me tell you that you can make use of your Christmas interactive posts to create a Facebook ad. Your ad will reach a larger audience when shared. Also, Facebook ads are one of the best marketing options in today’s time. Use attractive visuals, well-researched content, and compelling calls to action to make your posts shareable. Consider turning these posts into Facebook ads for a wider reach.

  • Christmas Interactive Posts Are Easy to Create

Creating an interactive post all by yourself could be a lengthy and time-consuming process. But if you can make use of the proper tools available online, your workload will be lifted. You can try and start by creating a proper content calendar. This will enable you to make proper, timely posts regardless of which social media platform you use.

There are many websites where you can easily find ideas for creating Christmas-related interactive posts, along with good tools. Moreover, start conducting research through social media and blogs.

Do not forget that you need to create visually appealing aesthetic posts. But what if you do not have a graphic tool to create compelling content? No worries, as here are some apps that will help you overcome this difficulty:

The Christmas holidays allow you to engage with your audience. Here, we have a tool that will assist you in creating, optimizing, and designing your Christmas campaign for social media.

We have an amazing template library at that provides you with a drag-and-drop tool. You will find templates relevant to current festive days, trends, seasons, and many more created by experienced graphic designers.

It is very easy to develop content for your social media. Try to make use of various analytic tools available that can check the progress of your posts.

Thanks to intuitive tools like and Canva, creating visually striking and interactive content is more accessible than ever. These platforms provide templates and features that make it easy to craft posts that captivate and engage your audience.

  • Christmas Interactive Posts Are Timely and Meaningful
Christmas Interactive Posts are timely and meaningful

Source: Peek & Poke

A social media marketer can face the difficult problem of creating a content-rich context. You can simply say that the content should reach the proper audience at the proper time and channel with the correct message.

Have you heard of companies that create auto posters of “MERRY CHRISTMAS” ads right in March? This shows your lack of attention to what content you share with viewers.

Regarding Christmas interactive posts, another thing to keep in mind is that the same post does not work every year. 

It’s a great idea to create a Christmas interactive post that is related to your industry. Now, not talking about business and sales all the time might create joyful posts. However, this may result in resistance to organic flow with your other marketing options.

  • Christmas Interactive Posts Encourage participation
Christmas Interactive Posts encourages participation

Source: Latana

Christmas interactive posts will make your viewers feel connected. Undoubtedly, this is a great occasion to offer amazing bargains to your audience. People tend to spend more money around the holidays. But well-crafted Christmas interactive blog posts may make them feel like they are a part of something greater.

Now, if you intend to convey a message to give back to your community, you may want to share it for greater benefit. Moreover, it reminds them of what genuinely matters during the holiday season. Christmas interactive posts are also beneficial in terms of boosting engagement and community.

If you are a marketing prospect, the holiday season is the busiest shopping time for your target audience. Also, during the holidays, people tend to shop mostly based on emotional decisions.

So, if you create a post that connects with your audience emotionally, it will increase your chances of turning a promotion into a sale.

Maximizing Shareability with Christmas Posts

In the realm of digital marketing, the holiday season, particularly Christmas, is a time of immense potential and opportunity.

As businesses vie for attention in an increasingly crowded digital space, the key to standing out lies in creating shareable content that resonates with the audience. It’s not just about putting up a festive image; it’s about crafting a narrative that engages, connects, and compels the audience to interact and share.

This process of maximizing shareability during Christmas is a fine art, one that combines the allure of captivating visuals, the substance of well-researched content, and the efficacy of strategic marketing techniques like leveraging Facebook Ads.

Let’s delve deeper into these elements to understand how they can transform your Christmas posts into viral sensations.

  • More Than Just Visuals

In the world of social media, visuals catch the eye, but it’s the content that captures the heart and mind. When you pair visually stunning graphics or videos with content that’s thoroughly researched and resonates with your audience, you create a powerful combination.

This holiday season, think about the stories you want to tell through your posts. What are the traditions, emotions, or experiences that your audience can relate to? How does your brand fit into the festive cheer?

A well-crafted narrative, accompanied by an irresistible call to action, can turn a simple post into a shareable treasure. Whether it’s an inspiring Christmas story, a fun holiday trivia, or a heartwarming charity initiative, make sure your content adds value and evokes an emotional response.

  • Leveraging Facebook ads

With the holiday season ushering in heightened social media activity, leveraging Facebook Ads becomes an indispensable strategy. When you transform your interactive Christmas posts into ads, you do more than just increase visibility; you create an opportunity for your content to be seen by a much wider, targeted audience.

Facebook’s sophisticated targeting options allow you to reach specific demographics, interests, and behaviors, ensuring that your content gets in front of the right eye. This strategic visibility can lead to increased engagement, shares, and, ultimately, a wider reach for your brand.

For instance, targeting users who are interested in holiday shopping, Christmas recipes, or winter fashion can help you tap into relevant audiences who are more likely to engage with and share your content. Remember, the key to successful Facebook Ads lies in combining captivating visuals with compelling content and smart targeting.

By focusing on these crucial aspects, you can significantly enhance the shareability of your Christmas posts, ensuring that your brand not only captures attention but also remains a memorable part of your audience’s festive experience.

Tips To Create Christmas Interactive Posts in 2023 For a Successful Social Media Campaign

Engaging content in relevance to the festive season and the latest trend will allow you to engage with followers as well as friends. This will increase your likes and shares since it’s a simple trick to understand what your audience needs. Never forget to please your audience.

If you want more clicks, offer them a sale, quiz, special offer, discount, or another alternative. Here, we provide you with some useful methods from experts that will help you create Christmas interactive posts:

  • Revamp Your Social Media Account as per the Christmas Theme
Revamp your social media account as per the Christmas theme

Source: Money

Your accounts may appear more current and user-friendly if you update your profile pictures and social media advertisements to reflect the Christmas season. Success on social media heavily depends on users keeping informed and engaged. Conversely, social media campaigns that fall short of covering current events and the associated celebrations typically fail.

A simple visual change could be as simple as adding a Santa hat to your current logo. Also, it can be as complex as converting all of your branding (temporarily) to Christmas hues.

It may be difficult for you to change your brand guidelines. Therefore, do not forget to take necessary measures to reverse the content once the festival is over. Hence, you need to make a proper schedule so that you can convert the content back to your brand style.

  • Host an Interactive Virtual Livestream with Your Audience
Host an interactive virtual Livestream with your audience

You may think of a livestream as an invitation to a personal party. This may result in a generation of engagement. Either way, your audience can be curious about what the livestream is all about. Or it could just be simple likes, shares, comments, and questions.

Now, you can conduct live streams for various reasons, such as charity, relevant lectures, or just a casual company meeting place. You can use these livestreams to promote your Christmas marketing as well as build proper strategies.

Hosting these events can also assist you in maintaining a strong social media presence, as you can center your whole social media content schedule around different events that occur. It depends upon you whether you want an over-the-top livestream or just a simple get-together.

  • Plan for Christmas-themed contests and giveaways
Plan for Christmas interactive posts for contests and giveaways

Source: VYPER

It’s not a new concept that people are more interested in products

Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are all nice platforms that have increased the popularity of giveaways. Let me tell you that these giveaways will help you increase the following of your target audience.

Now, what you need to do is try and take advantage of this great opportunity. You will have to encourage your audience to re-post your giveaways on their social media channels to win exciting prizes. Therefore increasing your reach.

Suppose you want to execute this idea effectively. In that case, you will need to add a clear image of your profile that can be easily recognized by the audience, along with the goods and services that you have selected for the giveaway contest. In this hustle, do not forget to personalize a stunning Christmas theme for your posts.

These giveaway posts and contests are considered as most popular as compared to other posts. It’s a great way to increase your social media reach among your audience.

  • Make Sure You Use the Correct and Branded Hashtags
Make sure you use the correct and branded hashtags for your christmas interactive posts

Source: Hashtagie

Many people very seriously create this out-of-the-world concept of Christmas ideas and ads. But what they frequently overlook is the concept of hashtags. After all, it has been a difficult task these days to stand out in flooded social media feeds. Of course, you must think beyond the obvious hashtags like #Christmas, #joinus, #Christmas2023, and #festive.

It’s an ideal concept to incorporate branded and compatible hashtags for short videos, text posts, and surveys. Other than making you discoverable, which will lead to increased followers and engagement, you can interactively promote your campaign.

This can be easily done by using branded hashtags in your social media profiles and interactive Christmas posts. Thus encouraging people to engage and use it further in their posts.

  • Know the Interest of Your Audience by Asking Questions
Know the interest of your audience by asking questions

Source: The Atlantic

As you know, interactions won’t happen by themselves on your social media posts. Now, to make things interesting, try to ask a question, especially an open-ended question.

The purpose of Creating a Christmas interactive post is to promote your brand and increase engagement. You should be careful not to ignore the people who try to connect with you through these posts.

Asking questions is an effortless technique to get to know your audience. Try with questions relevant to Christmas, such as carols, movies, traditions, and many more. Meanwhile, do not forget to credit your audience for their work and experience.

For instance, ask questions that have an attached prize along with them. Such as “What is the best gingerbread recipe?” There is no correct or incorrect response. Offer a free subscription for the first 20 people.

  • Provide Christmas-Special Deals and Offers
Provide Christmas-special deals and offers with Christmas interactive posts

Source: Behance

You might have noticed that a company providing a discount on their products during the holiday season tends to boost their sales as compared to those companies that want to stick with their initial pricing even during the holidays.

For people who have been on the fence about purchasing, the Christmas sale is a real motivator. Your simple yet interactive Instagram post can be a real motivator for people. Ultimately, they insist they grab the provided discount and purchase the item.

While major corporations may provide 50% or more discounts on their products, small businesses frequently perform well by providing even a 5% or 10% discount. This is because most customers appreciate that the resources available to smaller businesses are comparatively less than those of larger businesses.

Special offers can not only serve different purposes, but they can also contribute to charitable efforts. You can lower the price by 5% while simultaneously giving a 5% gift to raise awareness of a cause or charity.

  • Create Christmas Interactive Posts For Social Media
Create Christmas interactive posts for social media

Source: Insense

Since you want to grab the attention of your audience as well as their participation in your Christmas campaign, post content that’s interesting and relevant to them.

For instance, an award or offer seems intriguing so that they will be easily influenced to participate in whatever activity you have planned.

The success rate will eventually increase if this type of step is unexpected for your type of personality. Now, when you create a Christmas interactive post, It’s necessary to maintain the element of surprise if you want that “wow” factor.

Try to use your Instagram Stories and make a guide on tips to spice up your Christmas chores. You can also make videos of your Christmas tree decoration or a surprise Christmas dinner. Furthermore, you can make an Instagram reel where you and your team are engaged in a Christmas countdown.

  • Don’t Forget to Post Christmas-Themed Stories on Instagram
Christmas interactive posts Instagram story


It would be a great idea to use Christmas stickers in your stories and ask questions to your followers. Invite them to play this or that game using poll stickers or review things using the slider.

Now, when your targeted followers make use of these stickers, you will appear more in their fee. Eventually, this increases your chances of purchasing your product.

Use a succession of engagement stickers to pique your audience’s attention. Also, try to use a link that will lead them to your website on the last slide you present.

  • Monitor the Engagement of Your Audience with Analytics Tools
analytics tools for christmas interactive posts

Source: Social Camp

As an Instagram user, you must be aware of the performance of your social media posts. The first thing to do is monitor the analytics of your posts and activities before your campaign. This will help you to properly understand and improve your interactions with your followers during the season.

One false click can damage your reputation. You must be vigilant in monitoring how your audience is reacting to your prior performance before the Christmas season.

You need to closely monitor your analytics so that you can have a better understanding of your post’s performance. Because engagement rates are anticipated to rise throughout the Christmas season, it will be difficult to keep track of everything. 

Keep in mind that gathering data will benefit not just the current Christmas campaign you’re doing but also future ones.

  • Create Interactive Gift Guides

With Christmas approaching, people are looking for amazing gift ideas that they can buy for their loved ones.

Here’s your chance to leverage that need and turn it into an interactive Christmas post. What you can do is create an attractive Christmas gift guide that will grab your user’s attention.

A gift guide is now something where you can showcase your brand’s top products and recommend them as best holiday gifts. For instance, if you are a fashion brand, it’s a great opportunity for you to promote your winter collection. You can display comfy, warm slippers, hooded jackets, scarves, mittens, and so on.

Cosmetics and jewelry boxes will also work wonders as it is a festive holiday season. All you need to do is display your products in these gift guides and give a direct link to your website to purchase.

In addition, these gift guides are an amazing way to earn commissions. You can affiliate links from other sites and suggest products that can work wonders as a gift.

Once you have decided on the products you want to display in your gift guide, it’s time to present your post in an interactive format. You can use the Instagram guides to make a gift guide as well as post it in the form of carousel posts. Another option is that you can create the gift guide on Canva and then post it on your social media.

Try to conduct polls by adding the gift guide to your stories and asking the audience for their choices and preferences. Similarly, you can also ask questions in captions so that the viewers can interact with your post.

  1. Encourage User-Generated Content

With social media connecting people worldwide, your audience may belong to different parts of the world. The Christmas spirit brings in different traditions, recipes, and decorations for your holiday season. How about using these diversities and converting them into an interactive Christmas post?

You can start by posting one of your Christmas traditions and asking your users to share their traditions with you. There will be numerous amazing Christmas recipes for your users that you can encourage them to share.

In addition, do not forget the stunning Christmas lights and decorations. You not only enjoy decorating your own house but also love to take a peek at other good decorations. A little competitiveness is always welcomed by the users.

Well, then, it’s time to create another amazing interactive Christmas post using all these factors. Encourage and ask your audience to share their Christmas traditions, recipes, and decorations. You can then feature the best submissions.

Moreover, gift hampers for the best five featured posts sound amazing, right?

This user-generated content will work wonders for your post to attract a larger audience. Thus creating numerous engagement opportunities where users will like, share, and comment on each other’s submissions. I think this is a great idea and will also generate a great response from people.

Optimizing Your Strategy

Once you have created your amazing interactive Christmas post, you need to follow a proper optimization strategy. Simply creating and posting content won’t help you with an increase in engagement. A proper optimization strategy can increase your reach and engagement with the post, reaching a wider audience.

1. Understand Your Target Audience

Understanding your target audience will help you make a proper marketing strategy. Also, if you want better results, you should know to whom you are selling your product.

Firstly, start by conducting thorough market research for your product. This will help you identify who your target audience is. Secondly, understand the age group, gender, and financial status of your customers.

Lastly, take a look at those who follow you on social media. Take into consideration their likes and dislikes and what type of content they prefer.

Now, with a better understanding, you will be able to produce proper and relevant content. For instance, let’s imagine your target audience were business owners.

You can create an interactive post asking your audience to post “behind the scenes” Christmas celebrations in their office. Furthermore, encourage them by providing a 10% discount on your services for the best-featured submissions.

Once you are done with your research and content, it’s time to track your progress. You can use analytics tools to study the engagement report of your post.

Other than that, for Instagram, you can use the in-build analytic system for business accounts. If you are presenting your content on YouTube, you can make use of the YouTube Studio app.

This way, you can easily identify your audience and create content, as well as keep proper track of your progress.

2. Plan Ahead

Creating a content calendar will help you brainstorm better ideas, maintain consistency with your posts, and keep your audience interested. A content calendar will help you avoid missing an important post that you may have planned for a special event. 

  • Amazing gift ideas
  • Christmas events in town
  • Decoration ideas
  • Traditional recipes
  • Best decorations across town
  • Travel ideas for Holiday-season
  • Helping people with charity
  • Tips for Christmas Eve
  • Plans for New-year

Now, it’s better if you use scheduling tools to plan your posts. Tools such as Sprout Social, CoSchedule, Feedly, TweetDeck, and many like them will help you with a better planning experience.

By using tools, you can prepare your posts in advance and schedule them for set dates. This will help you stay on track without missing a single post date and maintain a great flow.

Thus, planning your social media posts using a content calendar and scheduling tools will keep your posts well-organized.

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3. Collaborate with Influencers

Why should you collaborate with an influencer? Well, according to a report, 49% of customers consider the opinions of an influencer before purchasing a product. Collaborating with an influencer will increase the Trust level of your brand.

Christmas brings with itself fierce competition on social media networks where your feeds are flooded with alike posts. Here is your time to collaborate with influencers and create amazing Christmas content and giveaways. You can create contests with cool giveaways and gift hampers for winners.

Now that you have collaborated with an influencer, make proper use of their expertise and credibility. For instance, influencers have been making Christmas Wishlists for years on social media platforms.

This is where you can collaborate with influencers in making their Wishlist and get your product promoted. Furthermore, your collaboration will also attract new audiences due to the influencer’s credibility.

4. Engage with Your Audience

Now, once you have come this far, you cannot just sit back and view all the likes, shares, and comments. You need to give a proper response so that your customers can build a strong relationship with your brand. Try to respond to all the comments, messages, and mentions.

You can start discussions around your posts so that users can further comment and share their opinions. Try to share interesting stories around Christmas and encourage your audience to share their thoughts and experiences with the topic.

Asking relevant questions in captions along with the post will also trigger your audience to respond. Suppose you are posting a special Christmas cookie recipe. Ask questions about what unique recipe your audience has for Christmas. You can also request your audience to give tips and tricks for better recipes.

Thus, randomly creating a post is not enough if you intend to have a wider reach. Using an optimizing strategy, like understanding your audience, planning, proper collaborations, and engagement, will help you reach your goal. This way, you will be able to create stunning posts for the Christmas season. 

Wrapping It Up

With Christmas interactive posts, you are provided with an amazing opportunity where you can engage with your followers without a hard push. It’s difficult to balance those types of content that do not include holiday and event-related themes. The Holiday season allows us to create posts that are appreciated and shared in a feel-good manner.

Before diving into the festive frenzy, it’s crucial to remember the essence of what makes your Christmas content truly resonate with your audience. It’s about striking a chord of authenticity and genuine sentiment.

Your posts should reflect the warmth, joy, and spirit of the season, going beyond mere promotions or sales pitches. This authenticity is what prompts your audience to share and celebrate your content, not just as consumers but as part of a larger community that appreciates the true essence of Christmas.

As you craft your posts, think of stories and messages that are relatable and heartwarming, infusing your brand’s unique voice with the universal cheer of the season.

As much as you’ll be focused on perfecting your Christmas interactive posts, don’t forget to keep the festive spirit in mind as well. Celebrate it with your family and friends. After all, immersing yourself in the Christmas spirit will help you to get better ideas for the upcoming year.

Don’t wait. Create themed content today. Do you desire to create compelling as well as interactive Christmas posts for your social media marketing strategy? Sign up for today! It will help you create engaging posts within a few clicks while saving you valuable time and effort!

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