The Best Social Media Marketing Strategy for Wix Stores

The Best Social Media Marketing Strategy for Wix Stores

Social media has exploded from a place to connect with friends to a powerful engine for brand discovery and shopping. 

For Wix store owners, this presents a golden opportunity. Social media marketing allows you to tap into a vast audience of potential customers who are already primed for discovery and purchase. But Wix goes beyond just letting you leverage the general benefits of social media marketing. Wix offers a unique set of tools and features designed to streamline and supercharge your social media strategy.

With the vast potential of social media marketing clear, the question becomes: how can Wix store owners develop a winning strategy? In this blog, we will explore the best social media marketing strategy for Wix specifically designed to maximize the impact of your social media presence and turn followers into loyal customers.

Understanding Your Audience: Why is it Important?

Targeting the right audience is your secret weapon for Wix store success. According to Zendesk, a whopping 68% of consumers expect personalized experiences, yet many marketing efforts fail to deliver.

Here’s why understanding your target audience is crucial:

  • Personalized Content Equal Sales: Tailored content resonates better, leading to sales. For example, promoting athletic wear to someone interested in baking supplies causes a clear disconnect. Wix stores allow you to leverage customer data for targeted social media posts.
  • Segmentation Boosts ROI: Divide your audience into groups with similar interests. For example, Nike targets female fitness enthusiasts and young athletes with separate messaging. Wix integrates with social media platforms for laser-focused targeting.
  • Targeted Ads to Maximize Your Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) Focus on those most likely to buy. HelloFresh targets young adults seeking convenience with ads on streaming platforms popular with that demographic. Wix helps you track campaign performance and optimize spending.

Tips to Better Understand Your Audience

Now that you have understood the significance of understanding your target audience, the next step is to understand your audience on social media to enhance your social media marketing strategy for Wix.

This can be done by creating buyer personas using social data.

  1. Analyze your followers: Look at the age, interests, and location of your engaged audience on platforms like Facebook and Instagram.
  2. Spy on the competition: Use social listening tools to see what tactics work for them and who they attract.
  3. Find customer pain points: Track mentions of your brand and products to understand what frustrates or motivates customers.
  4. Listen to customer support: Use social media inboxes to see what issues customer service reps encounter.

By identifying your ideal customer, you can develop a targeted social media marketing strategy for Wix that drives sales. Don’t underestimate the power of audience insights – they unlock the full potential of social media for your Wix store.

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Choosing the Right Social Media Platforms

We’ve established that social media is a goldmine for driving traffic and sales to your Wix store. But with a vast social media ecosystem, the question becomes: where do you invest your time and energy? 

While Facebook and Twitter were the early giants, there are numerous new platforms, each catering to different demographics and interests. The key to success lies in understanding the strengths and weaknesses of each platform, and most importantly, focusing your efforts on the ones where your target audience resides. 

While established platforms hold significance, don’t discount the potential of emerging players like TikTok, which are rapidly gaining traction and influencing consumer behavior. Let’s delve into the top social media platforms and how they can best serve your Wix store’s e-commerce needs.

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The Best Social Media Platforms for Your Wix Store

The best social media platforms for your Wix store depend on your target audience. Here’s a quick breakdown of the top platforms to consider:

PlatformMonthly Active Users (Millions)Best ForAudienceExample (Wix User & Strategy)
Facebook3065Brand awareness & educationMillennials (35-44)Wix Photography Store: Creates weekly Facebook Live sessions where a professional photographer offers tips and tricks, showcasing their expertise and the photography equipment they sell in their store.
YouTube2504Tutorials & demonstrationsMales (25-34)Ste Bradbury Design: Creates design tutorials to establish authority and gain trust from viewers. A comment highlights the video’s effectiveness.
Instagram2000Visually-appealing productsUnder 35Zelie for She: Uses an engaging Reel showcasing their clothing line to a trending song, increasing reach through song discovery.
TikTok1582Short-form, engaging contentGen Z (18-24)Wix: Shares marketing tips and insights using educational and playful TikToks, like explaining logo color psychology while introducing their Logo Maker tool.
LinkedIn310B2B marketing & thought leadershipProfessionals (46-55)Printful (Wix dropshipping partner): Shares employee photos with an anecdote about remote work, promoting company culture and authenticity.
Snapchat800Authentic, behind-the-scenes contentYoung adults (18-24)E.l.f. Cosmetics: Reaches millennials and Gen Z with an “extra without paying extra” campaign that resonates with their target audience.
Pinterest498Inspiration & DIY contentOlder adults (50-64)Mikaela Reuben: Pins recipes like “how to shred kale,” showcasing expertise and attracting potential clients for her nutrition services.
X/Twitter611Real-time engagement & trend jackingSMBs & marketing enthusiastsIzzy Wheels: Tweets about a new partnership with Disney, incorporating a high-quality image and pinning it to their profile for maximum visibility.

Grow Your Wix Store with Powerful Social Media Strategies

Ready to turn up the volume on your Wix store’s success? Social media offers a powerful toolbox to achieve this. But to unlock its potential, let’s dive into key strategies: setting clear goals, crafting captivating content, and building a vibrant community.

In addition to that, we will explore how Wix itself empowers your social media success.

1. Generating High-Quality Content

Consistent, high-quality content is the cornerstone of any successful social media strategy. For your Wix store, this translates to engaging posts that capture your audience’s attention, spark conversation, and ultimately drive sales.

Below are listed some creative content ideas that will keep your followers hooked and your brand thriving.

  • The Big Reveal: Announce a new product launch with a countdown or teaser post.
  • Step-by-step Tutorial: Create a short video showing how to use your product.
  • Success Stories: Share a customer testimonial about how your product helped them.
  • Nostalgia Post: Share a throwback photo of your business or a product.
  • Poll: Ask your audience a question related to your industry.
  • News Coverage: Share a positive review or news mention your store received.
  • Top 10 List: Create a list of your top-selling products or popular items in your niche.
  • Meet the Team: Introduce your team members and their roles in a fun post.
  • Event Update: Announce an upcoming sale, promotion, or live event.
  • Life Hack Tip: Share a quick tip related to your product or industry. 
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2. Building a Loyal Community Around Your Wix Store

Customers crave more than just high-quality products and flashy ads. They seek connections, shared values, and a sense of belonging. This is where building a community around your Wix store on social media comes in.

Below are some tips to build a strong community for marketing your Wix store:

  • Authentic Engagement: Be genuine! Respond to comments, answer questions, and participate in conversations related to your niche. Show your audience you value their input and feedback.
  • Valuable Content: Share informative blog posts, industry insights, behind-the-scenes glimpses, or fun and engaging content. Establish yourself as a thought leader and provide value to keep people coming back for more.
  • User-generated Content: Encourage customers to share photos, videos, or testimonials using your product. This fosters a sense of ownership and pride within your community, leading to increased engagement and loyalty.
  • Contests and Giveaways: Host interactive social media campaigns to generate excitement and participation. Encourage users to share and promote your brand, expanding your reach and building a stronger community.
  • Partner with Influencers: Collaborate with influencers who resonate with your target audience. Leverage their existing communities to spread the word about your brand and build trust with their followers. 

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3. Creating a Content Calendar and Staying Organized

Winging it on social media might seem spontaneous, but it can leave your content feeling scattered and inconsistent. Planning your posts in advance with a social media content calendar ensures a steady stream of engaging content that keeps your audience hooked.

When creating your content calendar, take account of the following to stay organized and well-connected with your community.

  • Identify Key Dates: Plan content around holidays, industry events, or product launches to stay relevant.
  • Pick Your Platforms: Decide which social media platforms best suit your target audience and content style.
  • Content Mix: Balance promotional content with informative posts, industry insights, and even humor to keep your audience interested.
  • Schedule Posts: Plan posting times that align with your audience’s activity for maximum engagement.
  • Repurpose Content: Instead of reinventing the wheel, adapt successful content across different platforms.
  • Use Templates: Create templates for recurring content formats to save time and maintain consistency.
  • Track Your Results: Monitor key metrics like engagement and reach to see what resonates with your audience.'s content calendar suggests content for important dates and lets you schedule posts directly to major social media platforms 

4. Measuring Social Media Success for Your Wix Store

Social media is a powerful tool that can be used to reach a wide audience and promote your Wix store. But how do you know if your social media marketing strategy for Wix is working? Let us look at a few key performance indicators (KPIs) that you can track to measure the success of your social media marketing efforts:

1. Follower growth rate

This metric tracks the number of new followers you gain on social media over a specific period. A high follower growth rate indicates that your social media marketing strategy for Wix is effective in attracting new potential customers.

Example: Let’s say you start with 1000 followers on Instagram at the beginning of the month. By the end of the month, you have 1200 followers. Your follower growth rate for the month would be 20%.

2. Social engagement metrics

This includes metrics such as likes, comments, shares, and mentions. High social engagement metrics indicate that your social media content is resonating with your audience and that they are interested in interacting with your brand.

Example: You post a new product on Instagram and it gets 100 likes, 20 comments, and 5 shares. This is a good indication that your followers are engaged with your content.

3. Social share of voice

This metric measures the percentage of social media conversations about your brand compared to your competitors. A high social share of voice indicates that you are a leader in your industry and that people are talking about you.

Example: Let’s say you are a company that sells organic clothing. You track your social media share of voice over a month and find that it is 10%. This means that 10% of all social media conversations about organic clothing mention your brand.

4. Customer acquisition cost (CAC)

This metric tracks the cost of acquiring a new customer through social media. It is important to track your CAC so that you can make sure that your social media marketing efforts are profitable.

Example: You spend $1000 on social media advertising in a month and you acquire 10 new customers. Your CAC would be $100 per customer.

5. Revenue per visit

This metric tracks the average amount of revenue that you generate from each visitor to your website who comes from social media. It is a good indicator of how effective your social media marketing is at driving sales.

Example: You track your website traffic and find that you have 100 visitors from social media in a month. These visitors generate $1000 in revenue. Your revenue per visit from social media would be $10.

6. Customer lifetime value (CLTV)

This metric tracks the total amount of revenue that you can expect to generate from a customer over their lifetime. It is important to track your CLTV so that you can make sure that you are investing in social media marketing that will generate long-term profits.

Example: You track your customer’s lifetime value and find that it is $1000. This means that you can expect to generate $1000 in revenue from each customer you acquire through social media.

7. Net promoter score (NPS)

This metric tracks how likely your customers are to recommend your brand to others. A high NPS score indicates that your customers are satisfied with your brand and are likely to promote it to their friends and family.

Example: You survey your customers and find that your NPS is 80. This is a very good NPS score, indicating that your customers are very satisfied with your brand.

8. Customer satisfaction score

This metric tracks how satisfied your customers are with your overall experience with your brand. It is important to track your customer satisfaction score so that you can identify areas where you can improve.

Example: You survey your customers and find that your customer satisfaction score is 90%. This is a good customer satisfaction score, but there is always room for improvement.

9. First response time

This metric tracks the amount of time it takes you to respond to a customer inquiry on social media. A fast first response time shows your customers that you care about their feedback and that you are committed to providing good customer service.

Example: You set a goal of responding to all customer inquiries on social media within 24 hours. You track your first response time and find that you are averaging a response time of 12 hours. This is a good first response time.

10. Average resolution time

This metric tracks the amount of time it takes you to resolve a customer issue on social media. A fast average resolution time shows your customers that you are efficient at resolving their problems.

Example: You set a goal of resolving all customer issues on social media within 48 hours. You track your average resolution time and find that you are averaging a resolution time of 24 hours. This is a good average resolution time.


Having a robust social media marketing strategy for Wix is crucial to ensure a steady stream of engaging content. The above tips and methods can help you understand your audience and leverage your content to increase your revenue effectively.  

Leverage the built-in features Wix offers to streamline your social media workflow. Wix Social Posts Scheduler allows you to plan and publish content in advance, saving you time and ensuring your audience receives regular updates. Wix Video Maker empowers you to create professional-looking videos to showcase your products or brand story without needing any editing expertise.

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