How to Repurpose Content for YT Shorts?

repurpose content for YT shorts

YouTube Shorts is available to its 2.3 billion monthly active users, and its videos receive 50 billion views daily. With people consuming content on YT more than ever before, so you need to be noticeable right away if you want to retain viewers.

Short-form video content is currently one of the most widely used methods for doing that. This medium, which is most popular among millennials, sometimes gives businesses and creators a few seconds to capture the attention of viewers and convey their point.

Hence, a lot of creativity and time goes into curating exclusive content. While creating new content regularly can be challenging at times, you can repurpose content for YT shorts.

Let’s explore the various possibilities and ideas for repurposing existing content, benefits, and more!

What are YouTube Shorts?

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YouTube Shorts are vertical, short-form videos that are made with a mobile device and posted straight from the YouTube app to YouTube.

With YouTube’s integrated building tools, you can record, edit, add animated text, add music from big labels, adjust the running time of your video, and combine several 15-second video segments to make your shorts.

While watching your shorts, viewers have the option to like, dislike, share, comment, and subscribe to your channel. Unlike other apps that allow users to create short videos, like Instagram Stories and Snapchat, what’s posted on YouTube doesn’t disappear.

5 Effective Ideas to Repurpose Content for YT Shorts

Repurposing what you already have can help you connect with new viewers and get the most out of it. Here are a few exclusive ideas you can employ to repurpose content for YT shorts.

1. Create a YouTube Short Out of a Long-form Video

The simplest way to produce content for YT shorts is to repurpose your long-form video into a short film. You just need to choose the most captivating excerpt from the already-created content to get things going.

Discover the top-performing YouTube videos first: Go to videos on your YouTube channel and select Popular.


  1. Select the (less than one-minute) segment of the video that offers facts or tutorials, imparts new knowledge, or is just generally perceptive. Turn that excerpt into a brief. or,
  2. Go through the comments on every well-liked video you’ve chosen. You’ll notice that viewers will point out a particular moment they enjoyed in the video. That portion can be used again.

Make sure to include emoticons, subtitles, and additional visual effects for an immaculate outcome.

2. Repurpose Your Blog Post

It’s not necessary to condense the 2000-word content into a 60-second clip. You cannot possibly address everything and leave your audience perplexed. Instead, take a specific section of the blog article and use it for repurposing.

If you’ve published a piece on “How to get started with SEO,” for instance, you’ll probably discuss the distinct steps. Choose one step (for example, “keyword research”) and put together a 60-second video explaining it.

Make sure to include visuals (charts, pictures, emojis, and more) and demonstrate the process (rather than just saying, “Do keyword research”).

You can opt for AI tools like that make sure the repurposed content meets the standard of the publishing platform, like YouTube, in this instance.

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3. Repurpose Your Podcast Videos

Due to the likelihood that the guest on your show will share several frameworks, perspectives, and life lessons during the talk, your video podcast is a gold mine for repurposing short YouTube videos.

You can seamlessly use various excerpts from podcast videos to make a YouTube short by following these steps:

  1. Step 1: Click the “+” button while the YouTube app is accessible. Select “Create a short.” Tap the square that’s in the lower left corner. 
  2. Step 2: From your photo gallery, select the podcast clip. Adapt the length of time as needed. 
  3. Step 3: Tap the white check in the lower right corner, given you don’t wish to add more content or make changes. Press the “next” button in the upper right corner. 
  4. Step 4: Click “upload short” after adding a caption, ensuring you include a link to your entire episode.

4. Repurpose Social Media Content

It’s likely that you presently share varied content on social media, like quick posts, surveys, or audience Q/As.

Here are some instances of content on various social media platforms that can be effectively repurposed for YT shorts:

  • One possible question to pose is, “What are the SEO tips for 2024?” and jot down every response. Then, include them in a YouTube video.
  • In a similar vein, survey your users to find out what they think, then compile the responses into a YouTube video.
  • Repurpose the textual material. Create a brief YouTube video summarising any influencer marketing-related LinkedIn article or Twitter thread.

5. Repurpose Customer Testimonials

If you are a B2B service provider, request a video testimonial from your satisfied clients to use as a YouTube short. This is an excellent marketing strategy for your channel/brand. Ask them specifically to respond to the following:

  • How was their experience?
  • What made them choose your services?
  • How would they rate the service?
  • What figures represent the outcomes of using the product/service? For instance, any tool that boosted email subscribers from 100 to 1000 and leads from 200 to 300%

Businesses selling direct products and services to customers can also use this quick strategy to market their brands cost-effectively.

How to Repurpose Content for YT Shorts Using AI?

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Using conventional editing tools to manually repurpose videos can be laborious and time-consuming.

To edit a video, you must first launch your preferred video editing program, cut and edit the video, export it, and then post it to each social media network independently. 

However, AI tools greatly expedite the procedure in the following ways:

1. Select the Content Strategically

Not all content is worth the effort of being repurposed across platforms. Take these factors into account when choosing content:

  • Content that is evergreen as opposed to topical is relevant for extended periods.
  • Repurposed material needs to adhere to the guidelines set forth by each platform.
  • Seek out previously released videos that have received a lot of views, shares, and comments.
  • Select content that complements your brand tonality, voice, and style.

You can simplify the process with the aid of AI tools. They evaluate and pinpoint the most effective content you have that is ready for repurposing.

For example, they can identify the most engaging and retained parts of videos by scanning through them.

2. Choosing and Editing Video Clips

The exciting and creative part is to edit and enhance your AI-generated clips meticulously.

You can give your content that polished, aesthetically pleasing, on-brand look with‘s simple-to-use tool.

After giving your engaging videos one last review and making any necessary adjustments, you’re all set to expand your YT following!

3. Scheduling, Disseminating, and Monitoring

Focus on scheduling content for periods of high traffic on YT during which your target audience is most active. You can leverage’s social media content scheduling tool to help you be consistent in your posting. 

Videos posted on IGTV and YouTube, for example, may do better in the middle of the week, between 10 and 11 AM.

Based on this target audience’s usage trends, use AI tools to optimize content calendars.

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Top Benefits of Repurposing Content for YT Shorts

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In 2021, YouTube Shorts launched with $100 million in funding to support the platform’s content creators. However, the way to high engagement on YT shorts is not only by creating new content regularly but also by mastering the skill of repurposing it.

Let’s explore the key advantages of repurposing content for the dynamic platform of YouTube Shorts.

1. Let’s You Reach out to a Larger Audience

With the growing popularity of short-form videos, YouTube Shorts has become an essential tool in attracting viewers.

Repurposing your current content for shorts allows you to participate in this quickly expanding community. Shorts offer a distinctive way to connect with a larger audience thanks to their intuitive interface.

2. Optimise the Longevity of Your Content

You can now garner additional views on your previously curated and published content through repurposing.

Add a fresh perspective to your old content and increase its utility. A long-form video or blog post can now be repurposed and posted on YouTube Shorts, giving viewers—both new and old—a different viewpoint.

3. Expand Your Content Portfolio

You can easily expand your content portfolio by repurposing content for YouTube Shorts.

Adding variety to your channel can be achieved by converting tutorials, product showcases, or even background snippets into short formats. This variety showcases your creativity and increases viewer retention.

4. Effective Time Management

Producing high-quality content requires time, hence repurposing is an efficient method to maximize your output.

You can save time and money by effectively using your artistic abilities by repurposing pre-existing content for YouTube shorts. This strategy gives you the flexibility to focus on producing unique, valuable content while keeping up a regular posting schedule.

5. Boost SEO and Viewership

YouTube Shorts meets the demands of contemporary viewers with its vertical format and bite-sized content.

Repurposing content for Shorts increases the possibility to show up in suggestions and search results. This strengthens your online presence by increasing SEO as well as the visibility of your channel.


The procedure of repurposing existing content involves converting it into new, crisp formats so that it can be shared across various platforms. You can enhance search engine rankings, expand your audience, and boost engagement by repurposing content.

You can seamlessly repurpose content for YT shorts by employing the ideas mentioned above. Take inspiration from these content suggestions, modify them to fit your brand, and focus harder on curating top-notch YouTube shorts.

If you are looking for more tips and tricks to upscale your YouTube content creation, head out to!

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