Reposting a Reel on Instagram. All You Need to Know

Reposting a reel on Instagram

Instagram reels are estimated to have a bright future, with a whopping 2.5 billion active users monthly by the end of 2023. Also, reels are bound to get 22% more interaction in comparison to video posts.

With such a massively popular Instagram feature, it’s no surprise that people move towards reels to increase their reach, engagement, and credibility. Reposting reels, whether it’s your old ones as a form of repurposing content or someone else’s reels, is a brilliant way to showcase your presence on Instagram.

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Instagram Reels: A Brief Overview

Since its launch on August 5, 2020, the reel feature has blown to massive proportions. It’s certainly appreciative to know that it was adept at pulling in the masses, with billions hooked onto the application.

With reels running for an average of 90 seconds a day, you can now view your favorite behind-the-scenes shots, vlogs, and tutorials for much longer. 

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Your account can also benefit from the extra views, and so can the source account if you repost Instagram reels from another account. Hence, it’s a win-win situation, and that much extra moolah for you too.

Reposting a Reel on Instagram

There are primarily two ways to repost reels: through your feed and stories. Let us look at it in detail:

Feed or Profile

Instagram doesn’t have an in-app feature to directly repost reels on your feed. You need a trustworthy third-party app to do the work for you.

There are several free options for iOS and Android to make it simple to repost reels on your feed by following the below-mentioned steps:

1. If you’re using a web browser, copy the link to the reel, and if you’re using the application, click on the three dots on the side of the reel as seen below. Next, click on the link and copy it.

Instagram reels

2. Open your reposting app and paste the copied link in the required field. Certain applications automatically detect the copied link, while others will require you to manually copy it in the required field.

Copy link for reels sharing

3. Next, use your caption to be added to the reel or the caption from the original creator. You can check out our AI idea generator to make creative captions with a single click.

4. Before you repost the reel, ensure that you have tagged the original creator and that the attribution label is on. Check out the tagging rules and mentions here.


You can easily repost reels in your stories without the need for an external app. All you need to do is choose the reel to repost and follow the steps given below:

1. Click on the icon at the bottom right-hand corner of the reel, which looks like a paper airplane. Next, click on Add Reel to the Story.

2. You will be taken to your story, wherein you can tag the account since once you share their reel on your story, they will receive an in-app notification. Hence, it’s ideal to keep them aware of the share.

3. Also, if you’re looking for extended reach and a boost in the number of followers, it’s best to tag the original creator so that they can share your repost as well.

4. You can add stickers, text, emojis, links, and so forth to give it your individual touch. Once you’re done with the editing, you can share the story and download it later for further use.

Best Practices for Reposting a Reel on Instagram

Reposting a reel on Instagram is a great way to help your reel go viral. The more views, likes, and comments you get, the more exposure your reel will receive. It can be a great way to reach new fans, but you must do it correctly.

Here are key points to take note of while reposting a reel on Instagram:

  • Avoid reposting reels more than once per day. There’s no need to bombard your followers with the same clip over and over again. If they missed it the first time, they’ll see it again soon enough.
  • Before reposting, ensure that you have the right to use the video in your post. If you don’t have permission from the creator, then it’s not worth risking getting in trouble with them or their manager or agent.
  • Use hashtags that fit your niche. This is especially important if you’re trying to get noticed by casting directors or agents—make sure you’re using hashtags that are relevant to your field of work.
  • Add personal touches, like captions or comments. This will make your post more engaging and give people an idea of who you are as an actor (or other creative). 
  • Give credit to anyone and everyone who helped make the video happen. 
  • Make sure it’s not copyrighted material that you don’t have permission to use (this includes music).
  • Ensure that the reel content is relevant to your profile and makes sense on your feed or in the stories.
  • Find a way to add value or commentary to the original video when reposting it on Instagram. Add subtitles so that viewers who cannot hear what’s being said can watch the video without missing out on any important information.

Key Takeaways

The key to reposting a reel on Instagram is knowing what to do and when. You also need to know where to find the right people and why they want to see your work in the first place.

The question is not: why repost your reel, but instead, why not? With the right caption and a little planning, reposting your reel on Instagram can be a fantastic way to increase exposure to your work and discover new opportunities. Check out the AI idea lab by to help you generate attention-worthy captions.

Reposting your talent reels on Instagram can be a great branding and marketing tool. The key is to post consistently, mix things up, and use hashtags to get the best results. Here’s how you can maximize your efforts.

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