How to Pause Ads on Instagram? Quick Steps

How to Pause Ads on Instagram? Quick Steps

With consumerism at its peak, Instagram has emerged as a marketing powerhouse. No wonder businesses use this visual platform to drive new customers and engage existing ones. 

But here’s a catch— Instagram is a highly saturated platform. You have to adopt paid advertising at some point to reach more prospects. However, creating and managing ad campaigns is no child’s play. If you make one wrong move, you might lose a significant portion of your marketing budget. While ad management is a complex topic, in this blog, we will touch upon an important aspect — how you can pause ads on Instagram. 

What are Instagram Ads?

Instagram advertising refers to paid content pushed by the Instagram algorithm on prospective clients’ feeds. 

A larger and more targeted audience views and interacts with paid posts, giving your brand fantastic exposure.  And it doesn’t end here. You can leverage Instagram advertising to drive website traffic, generate new leads, or convert the leads into clients.  

Do you have a certain budget limit? No worries! This platform allows you to run the ads for a set number of days. In addition, you can manually pause ads on Instagram. 

Why Advertise on Instagram?

Organic marketing might seem a cost-effective solution in the beginning. However, it requires a lot of trial and error to achieve the desired results. Besides, you have to find ways to navigate through the ever-changing Instagram algorithm. 

That’s why many marketers focus on a mix of organic marketing and paid ads to get the best of both worlds. Organic posts allow you to engage actively with the current audience. On the other hand, ads can reach a wider audience who aren’t aware of your brand. 

With advanced tools such as, you can quickly create social media ad copies

Significance of Running Instagram Ads

Instagram advertising has become a popular means of promoting your brand. It is non-intrusive and appears seamlessly on your prospects’ feeds.  Here are a few reasons why running Instagram ads will give traction to your brand visibility. 

1. Reach Targeted Audience

You can target your audience based on their interests, demographics, and purchase behavior. Your brand message reaches interested buyers at a fraction of the cost. Besides, if you aren’t getting results for the selected demographic, you can pause the ad on Instagram. It allows you to revise the strategy and expand your reach to a targeted audience effortlessly.  

2. Cut Through the Noise

Instagram is becoming a noisy place. Brands are fighting tooth and nail to grab the attention of their audience. While organic posts will engage potential customers, you must adopt paid marketing tactics to bypass the competition. It gets your message in front of a larger audience quickly. 

3. Make Your Brand Known

No matter how fascinating and intriguing your brand story is, it needs to be heard far and wide. If your brand is not known, the sales will obviously lag behind. But, when you run Instagram ads you can take your brand story to thousands, if not millions. With such awareness, you can take your business to the next level. 

Now that you know what Instagram ads are and why it’s important to run them from time to time, let’s come to the main part of this blog. 

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Can You Pause an Ad on Instagram? 

Yes, you can pause Instagram ads anytime you want. But why pause them when your sole purpose is to promote your business? 

Let’s check it out!

Why Pause an Ad on Instagram? 

Instagram ads are a great way to bring your brand to center stage. However, running an ad campaign isn’t as straightforward as it seems. Sometimes, you have to take a break and pause ads on Instagram.

Why, you may ask?  

It may seem like you are canceling or abandoning the campaign, but that’s not true. When you pause an ad on Instagram, you temporarily prevent paid posts from being seen in the feed. 

let’s look at one instance to get a clearer picture: You are running an ad but it has a low CTR (click-through-rate) and CPC (Cost-per-click), making the campaign expensive. In such cases, it’s better to pause the ad on Instagram and recalibrate your campaign to get the best results. 

What Happens When You Pause an Ad on Instagram?

Are you investing a significant part of your budget to run and manage a successful ad campaign without getting the desired outcome? 

That’s your cue to take a break and put the campaign on hold. Pausing an ad on Instagram will allow you to keep historical data without permanently deleting the campaign. 

Is deleting and pausing ads the same? 

No! Pausing and deleting an ad is not the same. When you delete the ad, the campaign is completely wiped out. Pausing an ad means briefly withholding the campaign so you can resume it when the time is right. 

How to Pause an Ad on Instagram?

Now that you know what happens when ads are paused, let’s explore the steps:

1. Open Instagram

Open the app using a desktop or mobile app. 

2. Go to Your Profile 

Click on your profile icon on the left side (for desktop) to go to your profile. If you are using a mobile device, click on the right corner at the bottom of your screen.  

3. Click on Ad Tools

Click Ad Tools in the top right corner. Here, you can see the list of ads you have boosted.

4. Pause the Selected Ad

Click on Edit next to the ad you want to pause, and a pop-up will appear. Scroll down a little, and you can see “pause ad”. 

Click on it. Another pop-up will appear asking if you want to pause the ad. Click on Pause

How to Resume Paused Ad? 

You can resume paused ads whenever you want to. Follow these steps to resume a paused ad:

Go to Ad Tools. You will see the list of ads on your profile. Select the one you want to resume. Click on the resume button. 

Alternatives to Pausing an Ad on Instagram

Once Instagram ads are live, you need to optimize continuously to maximize the ROI. While pausing an ad on Instagram always comes to the rescue, there are strategies that you can employ to optimize your ads for the best results. Here are some of them: 

  1. A/B Testing: Always test different creatives and copies to identify what resonates with your target audience. This will help you create an effective campaign in the future rather than pausing an ad. 
  2. Track Performance Metrics: Pay close attention to critical key metrics like click-through rate, conversion rate, and return on ad spend. Analyze these parameters to get a better perspective of the campaign’s effectiveness. You can also do a quick competitor analysis to see what’s working for similar companies. 
  3. Smart Budget Allocation: Monitoring ad performance will help you understand how to allocate your budget. Before you pause ads on Instagram, see which campaigns are doing better – divert more of the budget while pausing underperforming ads. 

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Running Instagram ads is excellent for growing your brand and driving profits without spending a fortune. However, sometimes pausing an ad helps you recalibrate and realign the campaign to maximize the end results. 

If you are struggling with effective Instagram ad management, there are several tools, such as This comprehensive tool offers an all-in-one solution, from creating social media ad copies to competitor analysis. Create your free account to explore and its wonderful features. 

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