Top 10 Instagram Content Ideas for Podcasts

Instagram Content Ideas for Podcast

Instagram is a social media app that is used by more than 1.35 billion people monthly. This app is great for communicating with friends and also for posting photos and videos. Other than being a social media app that connects people, this app is also very necessary in today’s day for business owners.

Instagram is the perfect place for promoting business as well as other music, movies, or even podcasts. One can promote anything using Instagram. In this blog, we will see Instagram content ideas for podcasts and how to promote podcasts on Instagram.

Why Are Podcasts So Popular These Days?

A podcast is an audio or video file that can be downloaded and played on a computer, mobile device, or media player. It typically consists of one episode, which may include interviews, lectures, stories, and other forms of audio entertainment.

Podcasts are often distributed via the Internet for free, so users can listen to them whenever they want.

Podcasts allow people to stay informed about topics they care about while multitasking in their daily lives: listening while commuting to work or school, exercising at the gym, doing chores around the house, and virtually any activity where you have some extra time available!

They provide convenient access to information from experts on any topic imaginable: science and technology news updates, history lessons from renowned professors and historians, and conversations with authors discussing their new books, all without having to leave your home!

Best Instagram Content Ideas for Podcasts:

Below are some Instagram ideas for podcasts that you can use to promote your podcasts to your Instagram followers.

1. Teaser

Making a teaser is one approach to generating content ideas for podcasts. This is a brief excerpt (often 1-2 minutes long) that provides listeners with an overview of your podcast. Teasers can be taken from a longer episode or recorded specifically for your website or social media accounts.

For example, the Instagram artist Maddy Macrae posts a teaser to a podcast interview she did for the Sometimes Funny Always Awkward podcast channel. The podcast teaser helped her gain stellar engagement on the post.


2. Promotional Infographics

If you recently shared a podcast or are trying to make a podcast, then promotional infographics are the way to go.

Simply design an infographic with the main gist of the podcast. Some top podcast promotion companies recommend to add all relevant details of the podcast to the infographic and explain when and where it is available.

podcast content ideas - promotional posts

content ideas for podcasts: promotional posts

If you’re not sure where to start, there are plenty of online resources that can help you create beautiful and effective infographics. You can try, which creates a complete post with the image or video, caption, and hashtags.

Just enter a simple idea about the business or post, and the AI will do the rest for you.

podcast post idea - infographics

podcast post idea: infographics

3. Create Audiograms

An audiogram is an audio-visual representation of a podcast episode or other audio content. It enables the listener to quickly understand what the podcast is about and encourages them to listen.

Audiograms are typically posted on social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook in order to draw attention from potential listeners.

Instagram podcast content idea

Instagram podcast content idea: audiogram

The use of audiograms can be extremely effective when promoting your podcast because they provide visual cues that make it stand out amongst all other posts, especially if you have some creative ideas behind how you design yours!

post idea for podcasts

post ideas for a podcast (audiogram)

They also allow potential listeners to get a taste of what kind of content they can expect before having actually listened, so there’s less risk involved if they decide to try something new, giving creators another way to reach their target audience more effectively than ever before!

4. Behind-The-Scenes Footage

Something that is included in many podcast formats is behind-the-scenes video. This could be a video explaining the process used to create the podcast episode, interviews with guests, or host comments.

podcast Instagram post idea

podcast Instagram post idea: Behind-the-scenes

This is a fantastic method to show your podcast’s production process to listeners.

5. Share Quotes From Podcasts

So many fantastic podcasts are available, and one of their biggest features is the abundance of excellent content you can share with your listeners.

quotes: podcast content idea

Simply share some of the most well-known podcast quotations. For instance, if the topic of your podcast is managing anger, you may simply post photos with quotes discussing anger, its causes, and its results.

6. Guest Appearance

You can invite guests, have conversations about the podcast, and create a reel for it. Together, the guest and the podcast creator can talk about how the podcast was created and what the guests who appear on it think about it.

podcast content idea

quotes: podcast content idea

This is an effective way to show the viewers that the podcast is worth listening to and that listening to the podcast will equip them with better knowledge about the subject.

7. Polls

Utilizing polls is a terrific way to engage your audience with your content. Polls can be used to start conversations, get opinions, or even collect data. Polls are a fantastic method to keep your audience interested in your podcast and increase participation.

Instagram content Idea

Instagram content idea: podcast polls

Therefore, if you’re looking for strategies to liven up your material, think about including polls in your toolkit.

8. Q & A sessions

A lot of people who are interested in knowing about your podcast will want to leave their questions to find an answer. This is where the Q&A feature on Instagram will come into use.

Instagram podcast Idea

Instagram Q&A: podcast post ideas

Try to post stories or reels with the Q & A sticker. Through this, people can learn about your podcast and ask questions that they have in mind. This will clear some air about the podcast and give people more reasons to listen to it.

9. Hosting Contest

You can host a contest or a giveaway related to the podcast. Contests like “Comment what you think the podcast is about” or a giveaway with prizes to any person who explains the podcast with the best explanation in the comment section.

This will drive traffic toward your Instagram account as well as the podcast.

Giveaway ideas

Instagram content idea: podcast giveaway

10. Milestones and Journeys

Instagram is a community of creators and viewers that thrives on achieving high engagement and crossing viewership milestones. As a podcaster, if you have an industry-relevant achievement to share, Instagram is the perfect stage to help you with a little self-marketing over it as well.

Podcaster Dai Manuel demonstrates this beautifully by posting his 500-download recognition gained on BuzzSprout on his Instagram channel.

Not only is he sharing his achievements with the world, but he is also capitalizing on this chance to engage with and thank his followers. Additionally, he also provides a way to access the successful podcast mentioned in the post.

500 podcasts downloads


11. Share Niche Analysis

Podcasts can be generalized, talking about anything under the sun. However, if you have niche expertise and insights to share with the world, you can actually record them and post snippets on Instagram to generate more engagement.

Take The Grade Cricketer, for example. It is a podcast channel run by two cricket fans who know a lot about the game. They watch every significant match, bring in the players and other stakeholders, do podcasts with them, and break the match down to numbers and rare insights that are not available on any other cricket channel.

Share niche analysis


This is an excellent post idea for a podcast to differentiate your content from the pool of general stuff.

12. Do Specials

The world gives you quite a few opportunities to spin special content. For example, during the Halloween season this year, podcasters went out of their way to create special content that gathered all sorts of stories, anecdotes, experiences, insight, and whatnot to spook up the season.

The podcast channel Andbetweenus created a special trailer for its Halloween special episode that is not only hilarious to watch but completely obliterates the spooky theme for a little humor on the side.


With Thanksgiving and Christmas approaching soon, you can plan special content that reinvigorates the holiday season fever and spin podcast content around those themes.

Podcast Marketing on Instagram

Promoting your podcast on Instagram is extremely simple. The following tips will help you set it up:

  • Leverage Instagram stories to advertise your podcast on this channel. You can post links to your podcast, teasers, or a snippet or audio clip to generate interest.
  • Make sure that each time you release a new episode of the podcast, the link is present in your Instagram bio, where people can quickly access it. You can also upload a story that tells people that they can access the pod link in your bio.
  • If your podcast features special guests or notable personalities, create an exclusive Instagram post to announce them. Tag them in the post to improve post outreach and gain more audience for your podcast.
  • Create your podcast’s hashtag and use it on all the relevant content you find on the channel. It will help draw traffic back to you.

Wrapping it up

Podcasting is a great way to reach out to new audiences and grow your business. However, coming up with content ideas for podcasts on Instagram can be a challenge.

In this blog post, we’ve compiled a list of content ideas for podcasts that you can use to get started. We hope you find these ideas helpful and that they give you a starting point for creating great content on Instagram for your podcast.

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