20 Amazing Instagram Content Ideas for Jewelry Business


If you have a jewelry business, then you know how important it is to have a strong presence on Instagram. With over three billion monthly active users, Instagram is a powerful platform that can help you reach a wide audience of potential customers. In this blog, we will focus on content ideas for the jewelry business.

Presently, just having an Instagram account is not enough. You need to put out high-quality content that will capture the attention of your target audience. That’s why we’ve put together this list of 20 Instagram content ideas for jewelry businesses. These ideas will help you create beautiful, eye-catching posts that will engage your followers and encourage them to buy from you.

20 Instagram content ideas for jewelry business

1. Showcase your latest jewelry collection

Are you a jewelry business owner and want ideas for the type of content to post on Instagram? Start with posting reels or carousels of the newly launched items. Just posting them is enough, it will create awareness in your followers about your designs and if someone likes them, you’ve got a sale.

content ideas for jewelry business - jewelry collection

It is always important to introduce new items with a unique elements. Try to use trending audio with the reels to catch more attention.

2. Highlight customer reviews and testimonials

We all know how important customer reviews are for every E-commerce brand and business. This shows the genuineness of the business to the followers and potential customers.

jewelry content ideas - reviews

Reviews are a must-have section for every businesses. It can be in the form of highlights, posts, or even stories. Reviews talk a lot about a business and show the response of customers toward the products. Hence, always include a review section on your Instagram page.

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3. Share a behind the scenes of your jewelry business

A lot of viewers find behind-the-scenes posts interesting. Simply post behind the scenes process of packing the items, the process of making reels, or a video showing the team and teamwork. A business can never go wrong with a little exposure behind the scenes as their content for Instagram. For example, make a reel on behind the scenes of product photography and even the making of products.

jewelry content ideas - behind the scenes

4. Collaborate with influencers to promote your jewelry

Influencer marketing is at its peak in today’s world of E-commerce. The posts and recommendations made by influencers leave an encouragement in viewers’ minds to buy from your business. This is why posting in collaboration with social media influencers is a great way to highlight your business on Instagram.

jewelry content ideas - influencer marketing

5. Post photos of your jewelry being worn by real customers

The best way to attract more customers or viewers to your Instagram page is to post customer reviews in the form of images. The images of customers wearing a brand’s jewelry can be made into a reel, posted in stories, and also can be added to the highlights of the Jewelry page. This will help the viewers know more about the quality of your products and help them decide which product to go for.

6. Offer exclusive discounts to your Instagram followers

Offering a few good deals on your products once in a while can help you get more traffic to your posts. For example, jewelry accounts can post about giving a gift on orders over a desired range or on purchases of more than a certain item. This will enable sharing of your posts among people on social media and get your business better engagement.

7. Share photos of your jewelry being made by hand

If you are a jewelry business that has handmade products, which are quite a trend these days, then you can showcase the procedure of products being made. A lot of viewers on social media are often intrigued by the process of jewelry making. This will get more engagement on your posts and help the post to surface better in viewers’ feeds. Try posting about the manufacturing process if you are a small business on Instagram that creates jewelry.

8. Post photos of your jewelry being styled with different outfits

When the jewelry is being sold, a lot of viewers like to see the different ways in which the jewelry can be styled. This is a simple idea for creating content for any jewelry business. The posts containing styling tips can be posted to gain more attention. For example, one can make a post on “how to style a pearl earring with different outfits” which can be an ethnic, modern, renaissance, or even casual. Another example can be, “how to style your jewelry for a party night”.

9. Host a giveaway and encourage followers to share your content

Hosting a giveaway is another best way to grow your business on Instagram. The jewelry business accounts can simply create a giveaway based on their convenience and urge the followers to share the post as much as possible

jewelry content ideas - giveaways

During the time that giveaway continues, a lot of people will share your post to get the free item. This will enable more accounts to discover your products on their feed.

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10. Share photos of your jewelry being showcased at events or in boutiques

If you have a store along with an online business, then make sure that you are sharing a glimpse of your store as well. different fairs and pop-up stores can be shared as a story on Instagram. This will increase the circle of people who know about the business and ultimately attract more public attention. If your jewelry is being worn at events by customers, then you can also share those images with the followers to showcase your brand more.

11. Highlight the sustainability and ethical practices behind your jewelry

In today’s business world, a lot of people are influenced by sustainability and ethical practices. Mentioning that your products are sustainable and made with proper ethical practice can be beneficial for your social media marketing strategy.

12. Share tips on how to clean and care for your jewelry

Most of the Instagram and Facebook jewelry business accounts to share content about the jewelry and how to style them. But very few post about how these pieces can be taken care of. That is why it is a great idea to mention jewelry care and storage tips to help customers make their jewelry last longer! For example, “how to keep your jewelry shiny for a long time” can be a great content idea for Instagram.

13. Offer custom jewelry design services and showcase examples

Many jewelry brands these days are providing custom jewelry ordering options. For example, necklaces with names engraved on them or keepsake jewelry are in trend these days. Showcase such services on your Instagram to keep your followers up-to-date and engaged.

14. Take polls from customers for new designs

Since it is a jewelry business and a lot of customers have different tastes in jewelry, it is good to take suggestions from the followers. One can post stories with the poll and let the customers decide what new designs they would want to see on your jewelry page. This way, you will get to know which product will sell more.

content ideas for jewelry business - polls

15. Post a jewelry guide for various occasions

Another best thing to post on social media is the styling guide. Business accounts that sell jewelry can post about how one jewelry piece can be styled in many different ways. This will create more interest among the followers and will also help them understand buying which jewelry from your page would be the best option for them.

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16. Office-wear jewelry designs

Who doesn’t want to look their best when they go to work? Showcase various of your office-wear jewelry to help out the ladies with formal and catchy-looking office look. For example, “how to style a diamond earring with different work outfits” seems to be such a refreshing idea for posts on Instagram.

17. Affordable jewelry collection

Another great idea to create a reel is to mention all the budget-friendly jewelry that is provided by your business. For example, you can post a reel with items below so and so dollars. This will help get to a wider audience and help the audience reach out to you if they are searching for affordable jewelry.

18. Minimalist jewelry designs

A lot of women these days are opting for jewelry that is minimal and not too heavy. You can make a list of all the minimal jewelry designs that you might have in your jewelry business and post them as carousels on Instagram. Make sure to use a crisp caption and a few related hashtags.

19. Jewelry for men

We can see a lot of men styling various jewelry pieces on social media. Even men are using jewelry like neck chains, and rings. One can always make a post or transition video with “jewelry that men can flaunt” as a title.

content ideas for jewelry business - men's jewelry designs

20. Unique jewelry styling ideas

There is a lot of unique jewelry that is in trend today. For example, ear cuffs, nail rings, anklets, body jewelry, and hair accessories. All of this unique jewelry can be made into a reel with good-quality videos. These unique statement pieces can make the audience want to try these items from your collection.

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Wrapping it up

If you own a jewelry business, or you are thinking of starting one, you’ll need to come up with fresh content ideas to keep your customers engaged.

In this blog post, we gave you some ideas for how to post new and fresh content always. So there you have it! Some content ideas to keep your jewelry business fresh and engaging. Be sure to mix things up and keep your customers guessing. And most importantly, have fun!

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