Boosting Sales with Shopify Products Holiday Instagram Marketing

Boosting Sales with Shopify Products Holiday Marketing on Instagram

Shopify is a commerce giant where every business owner wants to be if they want to rake in profits. Almost 4.4 million businesses are a part of the platform, and in 2022, Shopify generated 5.6 billion USD worth of business. This shows that Shopify has become a powerhouse in the e-commerce realm, attracting a vast number of businesses seeking success. Read on to discover effective strategies for maximizing your sales with Shopify products holiday Instagram marketing. 

As a business owner, you may already know that making yourself visible is just half the work. The right marketing at the right time is crucial to increase Shopify sales.

Surveys indicate that nearly 30% of retail sales occur during the months of October to December. What makes these months stand out? It’s the holiday season! That’s precisely why a well-executed holiday marketing strategy for your Shopify products on Instagram is essential.

Why Is Instagram the Best Option for Shopify Holiday Marketing?

Below are the major reasons why Instagram is an ideal platform for your Shopify holiday marketing strategy:

Why is Instagram the best option for Shopify?


The Massive User Base All Year Round

  • Instagram has reached 2.35 billion and is expected to reach 2.5 billion by 2023. Instagram is also used by 25.31% of the world’s population.
  • The impact of this is that the vast number of active users makes for one of the largest audiences in the world to listen to your marketing.

Its Visual Appeal for Storytelling

  • As a platform perfect for the visual appeal of storytelling, with the help of holiday themes in your posts, there is enormous potential to attract sales with Shopify product holiday marketing on Instagram.
  • Your business can communicate product and brand value along with the festive spirit with high-quality pictures and videos.

Seamless Integration With Shoppable Posts

  • As a highly user-friendly platform, integration is seamless. Connecting and syncing your Shopify store with your Instagram store is easy. This allows you to create shoppable posts on your Instagram profiles.
  • An advantage of this is that it reduces the load on your consumers. They will be able to view products on your Shopify store and make purchases without leaving the Instagram app.

A Platform for User-Generated Content:

  • Instagram is also an excellent platform for your customer’s feedback to be heard and shared. Testimonials and experiences of their holiday purchases can echo and boost your e-commerce brand’s credibility.
  • This feedback, called user-generated content (UGC), also builds your own brand community and loyalty.

Amplify Reach with Influencers

  • Partnering with people whom users recognize as influencers is a crucial advantage of Shopify product’s holiday Instagram marketing.
  • This collaborator opens doors to new audiences and boosts the reach of your brand and products.

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Keys to Boosting Your eCommerce Sales During Holidays

When it comes to Shopify’s festive marketing, Instagram plays a vital role in boosting e-commerce sales during the holidays. 

Here are key strategies to elevate your Shopify sales on Instagram during festive seasons:

Holiday-Themed Content

boosting sales during holiday season
  • To optimize your use of Instagram’s visual platform, a key marketing tip is to create product content centered around holiday themes.
  • Posting topical and festive content quickly captures the attention of users, followers, and potential customers. This is a quick and easy way to promote engagement and boost Shopify holiday sales.

A Crisp Delivery With Instagram Reels

Instagram reels
  • Choosing the right type of post can send the perfect message. The right message can potentially increase sales with Shopify product’s holiday marketing on Instagram tremendously.
  • With Instagram Reels, your followers will be able to grasp the value of your products as you feature key product benefits and features in a short and crisp 90-second video.

Entice Them With Your Instagram Stories

  • With the feature of Instagram Stories, your followers can view promotions and festive offers for a limited period, creating urgency for the call to action.
  • You can also convert these stories into highlights that can be viewed on your business profile page. These highlights can also be a peek to entice your followers with the potential offers that could keep coming their way.

Inclusion With Instagram Live Events

  • Using Instagram Live to stream product launches, Q&A sessions, and live testimonials boosts real-time engagement.
  • Instagram Live also helps build activity and excitement amongst followers. Like Instagram Stories and Reels, you can showcase time-sensitive promotions and sneak peeks into limited-edition festive products.

Promotions Through Instagram Ads

  • Because of its large user base, Instagram also provides the feature of boosting or promoting your posts to target a demographic that is most interested in your products.
  • During festive seasons, you can boost Shopify holiday sales by targeting these demographics, thus making your content more relevant.

Festive Contests and Giveaways

  • Your followers and viewers will be eager for rewards for their loyalty, especially during the holiday season. That’s why a great strategy would be to host quizzes and contests with prizes such as discount coupons and giveaways.
  • This impact will be huge, as it will keep potential customers highly engaged and enthusiastic about possible festive rewards.

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2 Brands With Genius Shopify Products Holiday Instagram Marketing

Here are two exceptional brands that have implemented outstanding marketing strategies to boost Shopify sales during the holiday season:

1. Gymshark

  • Gymshark is a fitness and gym clothing brand that continues to be one of the fastest-growing DTC brands.
  • In 2020, the brand orchestrated an impressive marketing initiative, featuring concise Instagram videos as a teaser for their upcoming sale. Pledging the “largest Black Friday sale ever,” each teaser video incorporated the consistent use of the branded hashtag #BigDealEnergy. Additionally, the brand maximized its presence on the platform through a collaboration with the Instagram influencer KSI.
  • It continues to use highly creative ad campaigns. In 2023, they marketed their holiday sale offer through fake newspaper wedding announcements, keeping their users very engaged and excited.
  • The brand now has over 6 million followers on Instagram and does an exceptional job of generating great holiday marketing content.

2. Lenskart

  • This vision care and eyewear company ranks two of India’s top 100 Shopify stores. They generate revenue of over 501 million INR.
  • The brand was initiated in 2010 with an “affordable luxury” mission and aimed to provide affordable solutions to those facing vision problems.
  • They showcase excellent marketing through their Instagram post two days before their Diwali festive sale. While remaining faithful to their brand mission, they also entice and engage their followers with details on the sale, as depicted in the following caption:
  • Lenskart holds a steady Instagram following of 826,000 users who are thoroughly engaged.

Using to Ace Your Holiday Marketing on Instagram

Here is how you can effortlessly start Shopify products holiday Instagram marketing with!

  1. Open the web page or app and click on ‘create new’:
create new

2. Scroll and select your post type; in this case, it is the  e-comm product post:

select the type of post

3. Once you have linked your Shopify account, your list of products on the platform will be available. Select the product you wish to post on, select the theme of your post, and click next:

select the product you wish to post on

4. Click on your preferred format, choose your template (or let AI select it for you), and click next:

choose the template

5. Select the tone of your post and double-check the output language before clicking next:

select the tone of your post

6. Your post is ready! Go through generate caption and hashtag options according to your post requirement and then click share:

ready to post

7. Once you have linked your Instagram account, set the date you want the post published and click schedule.

add date of publishing

You can also schedule with the content calendar to drag and drop your posts onto the calendar; this helps manage posting while dealing with many posts.

schedule posts assists every step of the way with a detailed tutorial on scheduling posts after linking your Instagram page. Head over to their site for more info.


Recognizing the pivotal role of the holiday season in driving annual sales marks the importance of Shopify products’ holiday Instagram marketing.

The key lies in employing strategies such as leveraging Instagram features effectively, boosting active engagement with followers, and collaborating with influencers to boost festive sales.

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