200+ Unique Instagram Location Ideas to Engage Your Followers in 2024

80 Amazing Instagram Location Ideas to use in your next post

Instagram has over 2.35 billion monthly active users. The majority of users are between the ages of 18 and 29, and they are more likely to be female than male. If you’re looking for instagram location ideas, this demographic data can help you tailor your content to attract more engagement.

But what do people use Instagram for? According to a recent study by Oberlo, you can share photos and videos to stay connected with friends and family. Moreover, you can also discover new products and brands as well as get inspired by others to document their life.

Additionally, users can upload photos and videos, which can be edited with filters and organized with hashtags and locations. In this blog, we will see some great Instagram Location Ideas for your next post.

Instagram Location Feature

Instagram has long been a go-to social media platform for sharing photos and connecting with friends. Beyond its familiar terrain of friend updates and visual storytelling, Instagram harbors a concealed gem—the Location Feature.

This feature extends an exciting avenue for exploration, particularly for avid travelers. Enabling you to broadcast your whereabouts to your followers, the Instagram location feature is not just a geographical marker; it’s an invitation to share the essence of your experiences.

To find photos and videos from a specific location, simply search for the place name or use the explore feature. When you find a place you’re interested in, you’ll see a grid of photos and videos from that location.

You can also see how many photos and videos have been shared from that location, along with the popular ones. Instagram’s location feature is a great way to discover new places and see the world through the eyes of others.

So start exploring and see where the world takes you! You can see the examples below for some custom/fictional Instagram location ideas.

How to Post a Location on an Instagram Post or Story?

Adding a location to your Instagram post is a great way to let your followers know where you are and what you’re doing. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Tap on the “Add Location” below the ‘Write a caption’.
  2. Type in the name of the location you want to add, and then select your location from the suggestions.
  3. Once you’ve selected the location, click on share.

That’s it! Now, your location will be easily added to your selected post.

To add a location to your Instagram story, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Instagram app and then go to the story feature.
  2. Tap on the ‘+’ sign to add a new story.
  3. Select the smiley sticker on the upper right, and a list of different stickers will appear.
  4. Select the location sticker.
  5. Now, you will be able to customize the sticker and add your desired location.

One can also add fictional and custom locations on Instagram to make it witty and more interesting. Just search the location you would like to add and tap select to add it to your post. One such custom location is Mars.

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How Does Instagram Location Sharing Help?

Instagram’s location feature serves as a catalyst for enhancing engagement and connection within the platform. 

Here’s how incorporating location tags elevates your Instagram experience:

1. Elevating Engagement

The inclusion of location tags in your posts creates a unique hook for your audience. Posts with a location tag on Instagram receive up to 79% higher engagement compared to those without. This increased engagement can be attributed to the enhanced visibility and discoverability that location tags provide.

Quirky or playful location tags add an element of intrigue, prompting increased interaction and conversation among your followers. When your posts stand out with distinct tags like “Hangover Central” or “Bikini Bottom,” they become more enticing, encouraging users to engage with likes, comments, and shares.

2. Connecting with Like-Minded Individuals

Beyond mere aesthetics, location tags serve as a virtual meeting point for individuals sharing common interests or travel destinations. For instance, travel photographers benefit by connecting with other enthusiasts fascinated by the same locations. This fosters a sense of community, sparking conversations and engagements centered around shared interests.

3. Building a Follower Base

Consistently tagging locations cultivates a dedicated following. Regular posts from specific places attract users interested in those locations, leading to an organic increase in followers who share your enthusiasm for those spots. This fosters a community of like-minded individuals invested in your content.

4. Providing Contextual Relevance

The addition of location tags offers context and relevance to your posts. When viewers come across an image of you at a specific location like the Eiffel Tower, the tag not only places you in Paris but also provides context to your experience. It enriches storytelling, making your content more relatable and engaging for your audience.

5. Amplifying Post Visibility

The impact of location tags extends beyond personal engagement; it significantly affects post visibility and audience reach. Posts with location tags often receive higher visibility. They appear in location-based searches and attract audiences specifically interested in those areas. Leveraging these tags strategically can amplify post visibility, broadening your reach to a relevant audience intrigued by the tagged locations.

Best Instagram Location Ideas to Use in 2024

Playing with your words will work out best while tagging your Instagram location. Don’t you see those eye-catching puns instead of specific locations? Wouldn’t you enjoy having a fun time yourself using those twisty words as your location tags?

I hope you will say yes!!! Here, I have some amazing Instagram location ideas with playful words that will perfectly set as your location tags.

‘Witty’ Instagram Location Inspirations:

We can start with these witty Instagram location ideas that will create a chucklesome atmosphere for your Instagram location tags.

Now, for those who are ready to bring forth your posts with a touch of humor and personality, this one’s for you. Boggle up the minds of your viewers with these Witty location tag ideas for your next humorous content.

‘Witty’ Instagram location idea

  1. Area 51.
  2. I’m so random I don’t even know what I’m doing.
  3. Bikini bottom.
  4. Brad Pitt’s armpit.
  5. Error 404, location not found.
  6. Hangover central.
  7. UFO.
  8. Send help.
  9. Just here for the bacon.
  10. Drama-free-zone.
  11. drink drank drunk.
  12. Here for the beer.
  13. Procrastination zone.
  14. Harry Style’s home.
  15. I like big butts, and I cannot lie!
  16. Lazyland.
  17. Haha funny not funny.
  18. Alien at the Earth.
  19. Alien bar.
  20. Chandler Bing’s sarcasm.
  21. Carrie Bradshaw’s Apartment
  22. America’s Next Top Model
  23. Bob Ross Studios
  24. Drunk In Public
  25. Eureka
  26. The Office of Memes
  27. Aliens, please come get me
  28. Wasted
  29. Lost in Translation
  30. WiFi-free Wilderness
  31. Narnia’s Backyard
  32. GPS Signal Limbo
  33. Quirkville Junction
  34. Hogwarts School of Mapcraft and Locationery
  35. Nowhere in Particular
  36. No Man’s WiFi Land

‘Fictional’ Instagram Location Inspirations:

It’s time to visit your favorite whimsical places with these fictional Instagram location tags.

Allow your viewers to dive into these mythical worlds of imaginary adventures through your posts. Without a doubt, these Instagram location tags will create a fictional aura for those who view your posts.

Fictional Instagram location

‘Fictional’ Instagram location idea

  1. Dragonstone
  2. King’s Landing
  3. Hogwarts
  4. Arrakis
  5. Grand Lane
  6. Creed Island
  7. Gotham City
  8. Asgard
  9. Central perk
  10. Hawkins
  11. Narnia
  12. Jurassic park
  13. Jedi Temple
  14. Cooper station
  15. Sakaar
  16. Riverdale
  17. The shire
  18. Paradis Island
  19. Konoha
  20. Diagon Alley
  21. The Seas With Nemo & Friends
  22. Cat World
  23. Santa’s Workshop
  24. Vampire palace
  25. The Upside Down
  26. Narnia

Savage’ Instagram Location Inspirations:

Do you want to show off your fierce and confident personality?

Let them see your unapologetically candid nature through these savage Instagram location ideas. Basically, turn your cliche location ideas into something that challenges the norm.

Savage location ideas

‘Savage’ Instagram location

  1. Why are you here
  2. Mind your business
  3. Shine bright like a diamond
  4. Me too what now
  5. You can’t skip me
  6. No need for you to know
  7. stop being nosy
  8. Somewhere you are not
  9. Why do you care?
  10. Nowhere you need to know
  11. You, again?
  12. You can leave now
  13. Hello stalker
  14. Stop checking me out
  15. Hot girl summer
  16. The Girls’ Room
  17. TikTok
  18. Gossip Girls
  19. Vibes Don’t Lie
  20. Shrek’s Swamp
  21. Normal is Boring

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‘Foodie’ Instagram Location Inspirations:

In the mood to visit a culinary haven to enjoy diverse cuisines and street delights? Your wait here is over.

Let your viewers enjoy mouthwatering visuals of artistry food presentations through your posts. Though just in visuals, however, these foodie location tags work wonders for your “always looking for food” viewers.

Foodie Instagram Ideas

‘Foodie’ locations

  1. Hungryland
  2. Bagel land
  3. Foodbae
  4. Dude, where is my coffee?
  5. Hungry Forever
  6. I need coffee
  7. Chocolate City
  8. Starbucks
  9. Wings to fly
  10. Butterbeer & friends
  11. Killer cravings
  12. Ichiraku ramen
  13. Starbucks
  14. Joey – the food guy
  15. Pancake day
  16. Feed Me NOWWW!!!
  17. Hungry?
  18. I Love NY Pizza
  19. You Scream Ice Cream
  20. Grandma’s Soul Food
  21. my soul food
  22. eating a lot
  23. Gourmet Paradise Avenue
  24. Street Food Haven Square

Cute’ Instagram Location Inspirations:

Create a warm and inviting atmosphere for your viewers by capturing your heart-melting moments within your posts.

Your posts featuring all the charming aesthetics, eccentric decor, and delightful atmosphere are in sheer need of these location tags. The combination of these will leave your viewers awestruck.

cute Instagram location ideas

‘Cute’ locations for Instagram

  1. Love you like a love song
  2. Couple goals
  3. Romantic world
  4. Star gazing
  5. I miss you
  6. Love Island
  7. Soulmate
  8. La La land
  9. Under the galaxy
  10. Home sweet home
  11.  I’m SHY
  12. City Of Stars
  13. Single’s Inferno
  14. Somewhere Over The Rainbow
  15. The night we met
  16. Making Magic

Funny’ Instagram Location Inspirations:

Do you want your posts to be a source of laughter and amusement for your audience?

Come on board and take a look at these funny Instagram locations that will fit well with your sarcastic posts. You will be amazed to see how these pun-filled location tags help you bring in your desired audience.

There are plenty of funny Instagram locations out there! Here are some of our favorites:

Funny Instagram Location Ideas

‘Funny’ Instagram Location

The ‘I’m not really doing anything’ location

This is the perfect place to snap a photo when you’re feeling lazy and don’t want to do anything else. Whether you’re lounging on the couch or lying in bed, this is a great spot to show off your sense of humor.

The ‘I’m so bored’ location

We’ve all been there before…bored out of our minds with nothing to do. When you’re stuck in one of these ruts, take a funny photo at your current location to make your followers laugh.

The ‘I’m so weird’ location

Embrace your inner weirdo! We all have quirks, and there’s nothing wrong with showing them off. Take a funny photo at your favorite weird spot and let your freak flag fly.

The ‘I’m so random’ location

Sometimes, the best photos are the ones that are taken spontaneously and without warning. If you’re feeling random, take a photo at your current location and share it with the world.

The ‘I’m so out of ideas’ location

When you’re out of ideas, sometimes the best thing to do is to just go with the flow. Take a photo at your current location and hope for the best!

The ‘Laughing Gas Station’ location

Passing by through a gas station that has a funny welcome mascot? Hurry up and take a photo to share it with the world. A long trip can be filled with giggles when you pass by through such locations.

The ‘Museum of Bad Art’ location

Are you an art lover but landed up at the wrong gallery showcasing hilariously flawed art pieces?

Wait no more and share it with your followers. Let them see art can also be a source of fun and sarcasm other than perfection.

The ‘lost in the sauce diner’ location

Sometimes, you may be in the mood to visit a restaurant but end up at a quirky one. Well, it’s a great opportunity to take a funny photo of weird themed restaurant and share it with people. Let them know your location and laugh along.

The ‘Punderful coffee shop’ location

It’s a new thing for cafes to be creative in whatever way they can. What about a cafe where all the items on the menu are just a clever play of words? Take a shot of the menu and share it with the world for laughter time.

The ‘Wi-Fi Wilderness’ location

You may end up at a place with an unreliable internet connection.

Though you are frustrated, it’s a perfect time to share your funny, frustrated face shot with your viewers. Let them know about your sarcastic situation and location.

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‘Existential crises’ Instagram Location Inspirations:

There may be a rising feeling of nihilism within you sometimes. Similarly, you may want to search in-depth about human consciousness. So, are you waiting to share these thoughts with the world?

If yes, use these location tags for the thought-provoking ideas that let you delve deep into the philosophical muse. Ultimately attracting similar viewers who are in search of self-reflection.

Existential crises Instagram Ideas

‘Existential crises’ Instagram location

  1. Lost in Thought
  2. Searching for Meaning 
  3. Searching for change
  4. Good Vibes Avenue
  5. Inside you
  6. Somewhere on Earth
  7. Nowhere important
  8. I Miss Myself
  9. Chaos, panic & disorder – my work here is done
  10. Lone Wolf
  11. Soul Therapy
  12. Figuring it out
  13. Tomorrow Maybe Forever Lost
  14. Nihilism Nook
  15. It Is What It Is
  16. Whose life is it anyway?
  17. Crossroads of Uncertainty

‘I Need Coffee’ Instagram Location Inspirations:

Are you among those who cannot resist caffeine?

For those whose solace lies in the strong aroma of mesmerizing coffee, have a look at these location tags. It’s time you share the cozy corners of your favorite cafe and your love for a brew with fellow coffee addicts.

I need coffee Instagram Location ideas

‘I Need Coffee’ Location idea

  1. Caffeine Fix Central
  2. Coffeeholics Haven
  3. Pour coffee & bagel
  4. Coffee. Coffee.
  5. I am coffee
  6. Cool beans coffee
  7. Mojos coffee and more
  8. Cool coffee & crumbs
  9. Cool down coffee
  10. Coffee cloud
  11. Pour house coffee
  12. Your Coffee Guy
  13. Cook Street Coffee
  14. Voyager Cold Brew Coffee
  15. Cup of coffee
  16. Buddy Brew Coffee
  17. BrewLab Coffee
  18. Espresso Escape Cafe
  19. Life Begins After Coffee Lounge
  20. Beanie & Mug Hideaway

‘Giveaway time’ Instagram Location Inspirations:

Eager to create an atmosphere full of generosity and excitement for your viewers?

Let your viewers know an abundance of prizes are waiting for lucky participants. Thus, when you plan your next giveaway event, try to use these location tags for your giveaway posts.

Giveaway instagram ideas

Giveaway time

  1. Prize Paradise
  2. Contest Central
  3. Link in Bio
  4. Your website URL
  5. Tap Link In Bio To Shop
  6. Free Giveaway
  7. Freebies
  8. Find Your Freebies
  9. Prize picks
  10. The Winner’s Circle
  11. Winner Winner
  12.  Giveaway
  13.  Follow to win
  14.  Caption This
  15. Prize Paradise Plaza
  16. Lucky Winners Lane
  17. Gift Galore Hub
  18. Winning Wonderland

‘Waiting for you help me go home’ Instagram location inspirations:

Hope, connection, and vulnerability, these emotions strike hard, don’t they? Eventually, you may need to create a positive surrounding of hope for those in need.

Add a touch of Instagram location inspirations and hope to your posts using these location ideas for your next Instagram post location. They will attract those seeking your strength and positive support to help others.

Journey's end

  1. Homeward Bound
  2. Journey’s End
  3. Home Sweet Home
  4. Send Help
  5. Somewhere close
  6. Almost there
  7. A Galaxy Far, Far Away
  8. Hit the road
  9. Flight
  10. An unexpected adventure
  11. Tunnels
  12. Coming soon
  13. Hope Haven Shelter
  14. Compassion Corner

Adventure and Exploration Instagram Location Inspirations

For thrill-seekers and explorers, these tags add an adventurous spirit to your posts.

If you love to share their adventures and explorations, these tags evoke a sense of discovery and excitement. Ideal for posts about hiking, traveling, and discovering uncharted territories.

Adventure and Exploration Location Tag Ideas

  1. Mystic Mountains
  2. Lost in the Jungle
  3. Expedition Everest
  4. Uncharted Waters
  5. Hidden Valley
  6. The Road Less Travelled
  7. Beyond the Horizon
  8. Quest for the Unknown
  9. Enigma Expedition
  10. Terra Incognita
  11. Serenity Summit
  12. Discovery Delta
  13. Wild Wanderlust
  14. Secret Safari
  15. Odyssey Outpost
  16. Pioneering Peaks

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Romantic and Dreamy Instagram Location Inspirations

This is perfect for posts that capture love, romance, or dreamy sceneries. These tags add a whimsical and tender touch to photos shared by couples or of breathtakingly beautiful landscapes.

Romantic and Dreamy Location Tag Ideas

  1. Sunset Boulevard
  2. Moonlit Serenade
  3. Starry Night Sky
  4. Enchanted Forest
  5. Lover’s Lane
  6. Romantic Rooftop
  7. Celestial Courtyard
  8. Whispers of Love Way
  9. Ephemeral Elysium
  10. Secret Garden Soiree
  11. Aurora Affection
  12. Velvet Vows Vista
  13. Champagne Sunset Cove
  14. Love’s Lullaby Landing
  15. Ethereal Embrace Escape
  16. Harbor of Hearts
  17. Cupid’s Corner

Quirky and Funny Instagram Location Inspirations

These tags are great for adding a humorous twist to your posts. They’re especially fitting for lighthearted, playful content or for those moments when you’re not taking yourself too seriously.

Quirky and Funny Location Tag Ideas

  1. Couch Potato Central
  2. My Bed, My Kingdom
  3. Lost in Netflix
  4. Cat Lady’s Lair
  5. The Procrastination Station
  6. Meme Land
  7. Lazy Lounger Lane
  8. Snack Attack Shack
  9. Pillow Fort Paradise
  10. Daydream Den
  11. Chuckle Chamber
  12. Joke Junction
  13. Giggles Galore Grounds
  14. Laughter Lounge
  15. Sarcasm Springs

Wellness and Tranquility Instagram Location Inspirations

Ideal for posts that convey a sense of peace, calm, and mindfulness. These tags resonate with content related to meditation, nature retreats, and serene landscapes.

Wellness and Tranquility Location Tag Ideas

  1. Zen Garden
  2. Peaceful Meadow
  3. Serenity Beach
  4. Mindfulness Retreat
  5. Yoga Paradise
  6. Tranquil Trails
  7. Calm Cove
  8. Harmony Haven
  9. Blissful Brookside
  10. Gentle Breeze Bay
  11. Reflective Ridge
  12. Tranquility Terrace
  13. Meditation Meadow
  14. Zephyr Zenith
  15. Soulful Sanctuary
  16. Serene Summit
  17. Mindful Oasis
  18. Tranquil Twilight Trail
  19. Wellness Wonderland
  20. Nirvana Nook

Cultural and Artistic Instagram Location Inspirations

These tags are ideal for posts that highlight the richness of art, culture, and history.

They beautifully frame content showcasing artistic creations, cultural festivals, or visits to historical landmarks, underscoring the significance and beauty of human heritage and creativity in our shared global tapestry.

Cultural and Artistic Location Tag Ideas

  1. Artisan Alley
  2. Cultural Crossroads
  3. Historical Haven
  4. Creative Corner
  5. Bohemian Boulevard
  6. Literary Lane

Futuristic and Sci-Fi Instagram Location Inspirations

These tags are specifically designed for content that ventures into futuristic concepts or the realms of science fiction and fantasy.

Perfect for tech aficionados, sci-fi enthusiasts, or any creative content that imagines the future, they lend a visionary and imaginative aspect to posts, captivating followers with a glimpse into tomorrow’s world.

Futuristic and Sci-Fi Location Tag Ideas

  1. Cyber City
  2. Mars Colony
  3. Galactic Gateway
  4. Future Metropolis
  5. Time Traveler’s Tavern
  6. Alien Landscape
  7. Quantum Quadrant
  8. Nebula Nexus
  9. Hologram Haven
  10. Synthwave Station
  11. Techno Terrain
  12. Interstellar Intersection
  13. Cyberpunk Citadel
  14. Astro Arcade
  15. Robo Rooftop
  16. A.I. Alley

Foodie and Culinary Instagram Location Inspirations

These tags are a feast for the eyes of food lovers everywhere.

Perfect for showcasing delectable dishes, culinary journeys, and gourmet experiences, they add an irresistible touch to posts, inviting viewers into a world of flavor and culinary craftsmanship that celebrates the art of food.

Foodie and Culinary Location Tag Ideas

  • Morning Gourmet Glory
  • Culinary Quest
  • Foodie Fantasy
  • Chef’s Secret Spot
  • Taste Trail
  • Bistro Boulevard

Leveraging Location Tags in Stories and Live Content

Here’s a fun fact! These location tags on Instagram aren’t just for your regular posts. You can use them to spice up your Instagram stories and real-time content as well!

Imagine you’re live-streaming from a buzzing café. By slapping on that location tag, you’re instantly catching the eye of everyone checking out that café’s Instagram Story. That’s the magic of location tags in Stories. They boost discoverability, making sure your Stories pop up for those exploring or chilling in that specific spot.

Now, for live videos, it’s just as awesome! Drop a location tag while going live, and voilà! Viewers tuned into that location’s vibe get to experience your content firsthand. But here’s the best part! You can use the same location tags listed in your original content for Stories and live videos. No separate rulebook here; it’s one seamless way to rock both!

Addressing Data Privacy Concerns on Instagram

When it comes to location sharing, especially through witty or pun-filled tags, it’s crucial to balance creativity with caution. While using playful tags adds flair to posts, consider the following:

  • Creative Caution: Puns or playful location tags add fun but avoid disclosing precise or sensitive locations.
  • Potential Risks: Using vague or humorous tags minimizes risks yet exercises prudence to protect personal information.
  • Security Check: Assess your comfort level before sharing any location information, even through whimsical tags.
  • Selective Tagging: Opt for general, non-specific locations to maintain a balance between creativity and privacy.

Using puns instead of specific locations generally reduces safety concerns, yet exercising discretion ensures a mindful approach to sharing personal information, even in a lighthearted manner.

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Wrapping It Up

The location feature provided by Instagram allows your users to know exactly which place you are at. This enables them to have a better understanding of your posts and stories. However, it is not limited to just your existing followers, as they work great to attract new followers to your post.

The process of adding and changing a location to your Instagram posts and stories is a simple procedure. Posting regularly with location tags will attract audiences who are interested in those locations, thus increasing reach.

Moreover, it’s like a cherry on the cake if you are a travel blogger. It will be a great experience sharing your location with your followers with every post and story. But remember, to make things interesting, use twisty and playful words with amazing puns. Surely, it will seem more interesting to your audience.

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