8 Best Instagram Ads Alternatives in 2024

With 2 billion monthly active users, who are also one of the most engaged and motivated audiences on the internet, Instagram has a lot to offer advertisers.

To start with, it is a visual platform, which is great for getting users to engage with ads, and with Facebook’s remarkable AI-enabled targeting capabilities, advertisers and marketers can get an ROI from their campaigns that is absolutely beyond compare.

It’s hard to find reasons why anyone would want to abandon this platform or look for alternatives. The only thing we could think of was to avoid putting all our eggs in one basket, especially with Facebook and Instagram being renowned for their account bans that come out of nowhere. 

As a result, we’ve compiled a list of alternatives to Instagram ads that work just as well, if not better, than the popular photos and video-sharing site. Let’s dive in!

8 Instagram Ads Alternatives Worth Exploring in 2024

Here are some top Instagram ads alternatives that you can leverage in 2024 to improve your digital marketing strategy:

1. TikTok Ads

While controversial and riddled with uncertainties pertaining to its upcoming ban in the US, there is no denying that TikTok has experienced explosive growth in recent years and is now the very pulse of millennials, Gen Z, and Gen Alpha. 

With over 1 billion monthly active users, the short-form video app has made swiping the new favorite worldwide pastime. 

Its addictive algorithm and experience result in unprecedented levels of engagement, provided advertisers craft content that aligns with the platform’s tone.

2. Pinterest Ads

Pinterest is like the quiet achiever in the social media ad world. It’s a goldmine for businesses related to fashion, home decor, DIY, and cooking. Why? Because it functions as a visual search engine. 

With half a billion monthly active users, and targeted search traffic, the potential for advertising and marketing on Pinterest is massive. In fact, it is one of the most underrated and underutilized sources of paid traffic, which is set to change going forward.

Ads on Pinterest, or ‘Promoted Pins’, blend so seamlessly into user feeds that they often don’t even feel like ads. If your product is visually appealing, Pinterest can be an absolute game-changer, especially given its dominance in Google search results.

3. LinkedIn Ads

If B2B is your jam, LinkedIn Ads are where it’s at. LinkedIn is the professional’s network, ideal for targeting industry professionals and decision-makers. 

Whether you’re pushing a software tool, a professional course, or business services, LinkedIn’s targeting options let you dial in on job titles, industries, and even company size. The kind of targeting capabilities that are unique to the platform, with no other social or ad network even coming close.

LinkedIn also happens to be a place where the average income and net worth of a user is significantly higher compared to other platforms, and as such, with the right targeting, advertisers can experience extraordinary conversions and ROIs.

4. Snapchat Ads

Snapchat continues to be hugely popular among teens and young adults. Its ad options are perfect for brands looking to connect with a younger demographic. Snapchat offers various ad formats, including Snap Ads, Sponsored Lenses, and Geofilters, which are great for local targeting and big on creativity.

If you have a product or service that appeals to those within the age groups of 18 to 24, there are few better platforms than Snapchat.

Not only are audiences on this platform young, but its 800 million monthly active users are highly engaged, resulting in robust leads, conversions, and engagements. However, given this demographic and their low purchasing power, high-ticket products fail to sell that well.

5. Twitter Ads

Twitter ads might seem a bit old school, but the platform has evolved. It’s not just for following celebrities and catching news. 

With its hashtag-driven engagement, Twitter is excellent for event-driven marketing, book launches, and even political campaigns. Their targeting options have become quite sophisticated, allowing for more precise audience engagement.

Ever since the site was taken over by Elon Musk and the drama that ensued following the same, moderation in its ad offerings has significantly decreased. This means advertisers have more options to skirt the line without risking bans or penalties, unlike other platforms.

6. YouTube Ads

If you believe a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video must be worth a million. YouTube isn’t just the largest video platform, it’s the second biggest search engine after Google. YouTube ads can be incredibly effective, especially if you’re aiming for in-depth engagement. 

They’re perfect for tutorials, reviews, and showcasing product benefits. They are also perfect if you plan on building a base on YouTube by starting a channel to grow your reach within your target audience organically.

Building a channel on YouTube with a strong organic following is very beneficial because every new video you publish is an asset that continues to generate views, click-throughs, and conversions for years to come, all thanks to the platform’s powerful recommendation engine.

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7. Reddit Ads

Reddit, with its myriad of ‘subreddits’, is an untapped resource for advertisers. It’s perfect for niche marketing. You can target very specific interests and communities. 

The key with Reddit ads is authenticity since Redditors can be skeptical of blatant advertising, so a more subtle, value-driven approach works best.

Reddit Ads is the least effective and popular option on this list, with few, if any, advertisers actually reporting good results. This can largely be attributed to the fact that its advertising offerings are fairly new and should evolve, especially since Reddit is now a publicly traded company.

8. Facebook Ads

Instagram’s parent company, Facebook, one of the original digital advertising giants, still reigns supreme and will only continue to improve with time as it captures more data and implements increasingly advanced AI-based targeting systems.

With extensive data on its 3 billion monthly active users, their activities, interests, behaviors, and more, the ad platform offers unparalleled targeting precision, making it effective even for small local businesses.

The beauty of Facebook’s ad platform is that all you have to do is place a conversion pixel on your landing page or backend conversion, and the platform will start working to find the right audiences for you with absolutely no effort or optimization from your end.

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Wrapping Up

While Instagram ads are a solid choice, exploring these alternatives can uncover new opportunities and potentially offer a better ROI. 

Experiment with different platforms to see what works best for your brand and message. Remember, the key to successful online advertising is to meet your audience where they spend their time and deliver value that resonates with their interests and needs.

Alongside the platforms, consider working with a diverse set of creatives before narrowing down to the one that works best.

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