How Do You Share a Reel on Your Story? Quick steps

Share a reel on your story

So, you created a Reel, uploaded it to your social media, and are now waiting for some action. 

But, the response is lukewarm. It hasn’t grabbed eyeballs or generated engagement. 

It can be disheartening to see all your hard work go in vain! So, what are you doing wrong? There can be several reasons, but not promoting the reels extensively takes the prize. 

Besides reposting, promoting reels on your Instagram Story is the most effective. It’s not just a feature but a strategy that can significantly boost your engagement and reach. 

Thankfully, sharing a reel to your story is simple. Stick with us as we explore ways to share reels on Instagram and Facebook Stories. 

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Reasons to Share Reels to Story

Stories stay on your profile only for 24 hours, but they have a long-term impact on your business. And there’s proof in the pudding. 

65% of Instagram users discover products through Stories. Imagine the massive audience you can reach by sharing a reel of your story. 

Stories have a personal feel that encourages users to engage with and interact with your brand. Still not convinced? Read on as we quickly glance over the major benefits of promoting reels on Stories.

  • Amplify Brand’s Visibility

Do you know 62% of users showed interest in a brand after viewing it in stories? Right at the top of the feed, Stories are the first thing your people will notice. This means they are harder to miss compared to Instagram reels. Besides, you can post multiple Stories during the day, further expanding your brand’s horizon. 

  • Streamlined Content Curation and Repurpose 

Consistency is the key to a successful social media campaign. However, maintaining regularity can be daunting, especially when you constantly generate new content ideas. Sharing reels on stories is a quick and easy way to repurpose your content. With just a few fixes, you can keep the content flowing on your profile without brainstorming new ideas. 

When you repurpose your content and share a reel to your story, you raise the possibility of being recognized and remembered. 

  • Engage and Interact With Your Customers

There are a plethora of ways to turn your viewers into customers and expand your reach. From polls to stickers, sharing reels on stories allows you to engage and interact with your audience directly.

The more client interaction, the higher the overall engagement rates. This sends positive signals to the Instagram and Facebook algorithms that your followers love your content. As a result, it will push your content on the non-followers feed, attracting more prospects.

  • Leverage User-Generated Content (UGC): Strengthen your Brand Story 

UGC is becoming an integral part of marketing campaigns. 82% of consumers say that they are more likely to make a purchase from a brand that leverages UGC. 

A user’s word is the most powerful way to promote your product or brand. If you are a business, sharing a UGC reel on your story will boost your brand’s authenticity. It acts as a social proof, providing a reliable source for customers to make an informed purchase decision. 

  • Maintain the Golden Ratio of 80:20 

There’s a content explosion on social media platforms. To keep up with this competitive space, marketers need to follow the golden ratio of 80:20. It’s important that you fill the 80% non-promotional content with valuable and promotional 20% content.

By sharing a reel on your story, you can effortlessly compensate for the 80% of non-promotional content. This lets you build meaningful relations with your audience without being too intrusive. 

How Do You Share An Instagram Reel on Story?

Here is a step-by-step guide explanation of how to share an Instagram reel on a story:

Step 1: Go to your Instagram profile. Now, select the reel that you want to share as a story. 

Step 2: Select the reel you plan to share on the stories. At the bottom right corner of the reel, you will see a paper plane symbol – the “Share” icon. Tap on the icon, and you will see “Add to Story.” Click on it to share the reel on the story. 

Step 3: A preview of the reel you wish to share as a story will be generated. To make the content more interactive, add stickers, tags, mentions, or links. 

Additionally, the Story will feature the original creator’s nametag in the corner. If you are not sharing a reel from your account, give proper credits. This is particularly important when sharing user-generated reel content in your story. Also, to give a sneak peek about a new reel, just write “Tap here” or “New Reel” on the Reel.

Step 4: After you have customized the Story, share it by clicking “Your Stories.”

How Do You Share Instagram Reels to Your Facebook Story?

Instagram and Facebook are part of the larger Meta family. Since they are closely connected, you can share content on both platforms simultaneously. 

Step 1: Select the Reel you wish to share on Stories.

Step 2: Click the Share icon.

Step 3: Select “Add to Story” at the bottom panel.

Step 4: At the bottom right corner, you will see a white arrow button. Tap on it. 

Step 5: Now go to the sharing options under “Your Story.” A pop-up will appear where you can see the option “Share to Facebook.” Select it to post the reel on Facebook story. Lastly, click on the “Share” tab.

Share Reels to Your Story: Key Consideration to Garner Optimum Results

Sharing reels on your story is an effective and non-intrusive way to spread your brand message far and wide. However, for best results, consider these key factors: 

1. Curate Content with a Purpose

Sharing reels randomly on your story creates a confusing narrative for the users. Always ensure you curate reels that align with your brand value and target audience. Remember, sharing a reel on Story should complement your existing content strategy. 

2. Give Credits for Meaningful Relationships

If you share UGC on your stories, credit the original creator. This will not only promote strong relationships and goodwill but also open the door to future collaboration.

3. Data Analytics to Track Performance

Don’t shoot in the dark – always monitor how your audience interacts with the stories. Using these performance metrics, you can refine your strategy and select reels that resonate with your followers. 

Wrapping up

Every type of social media content – carousels, reels, or Stories – plays a crucial role. However, Reels and Stories together not only add value to your current marketing strategy but also raise your engagement rates. 

While sharing a reel on Stories is pretty straightforward, leveraging tools like will streamline things. From an Instagram video maker to a social media scheduling tool and hashtag generator, offers advanced features on a single platform. Want to learn more about our amazing features? Sign up for free now

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