Sell Watches on Instagram – A Complete Guide

Sell watches on Instagram

Everyone knows time is money, and having time on hand is a luxury. With watches evolving and possibly being infused with health monitoring and mobile connectivity technology, their artistic appeal has become a major fashion statement. It now has jewelry-like value. If you’re in the watch-creating or selling business, your industry, which is expected to reach a market value of $79.81 billion, is brimming with potential and, thus, competition.

When we search for marketing platforms that suit the visual and luxurious nature of watches, Instagram is one the best places to start. With a phenomenal monthly active user count of 2.5 billion, Instagram has the potential to reach over 44% of the world’s internet users. That said, starting a business on Instagram needs to be a well-thought-out venture.

Through this article, we’ll equip you with a comprehensive guide on how to sell watches on Instagram and some ten strategies that will help boost growth. So, let’s dive right in!

The Perks That Come as You Sell Watches on Instagram

A well-understood tool is one that can deliver the most impact. Before delving into how to set up shop and build strategies for success, here are a few of Instagram’s advantages to highlight its potential for your watch business,

1. More Visual Impact

Instagram was designed to share photos and videos. It has a huge impact if you want to sell watches on Instagram because watches are not only utilitarian but also fashion statements greatly influenced by their appearance.

2. Great Marketing Tools

Once you’ve switched to a professional account, Instagram offers its users a professional dashboard for analytics, ad tools, and even contact button features that make marketing and content creation seamless.

3. Easy Shop Integration

Showcasing your shop is crucial to delivering a frictionless shopping experience. As you sell watches on Instagram, one of your main advantages is its seamless compatibility with your shopping platform and catalog.

4. Content Format Diversity

The content you deliver must boost promotional content’s impact, create urgency for effective sales, and enable transparent and consistent communication with your followers. Instagram delivers this without hiccups through its diverse set of content formats.

5. Great Product Discovery

Instagram’s algorithm can quickly parse your content through your clear business description, value, and product catalog, making a clear way for seamless product discovery.

A Structure on How to Sell Watches on Instagram

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With the perks in mind, here’s a three-point roadmap to refer to on your journey as you establish a business to sell watches on Instagram:

  1. Qualify: To qualify for the Instagram Shop feature, you must have a business account, be in a compatible location, sell a physical product, be connected to Facebook, abide by the merchant agreement, and manage an eCommerce webpage.
  2. Set Up Shop: Switch to a business account and integrate with the platform commerce manager.
  3. Create Content with Effective Content Strategy: Consistently deliver content using key strategies that resonate with your target audience and business goals. Adapting this last step by learning from your performance is a continuous process for organic sales and constant growth.

A Four-Part Guide to Set Your Shop Up on Instagram

Before we get to key content elements and Instagram business strategies, qualifying and setting up your business on Instagram Shop is a must-have advantage. Here’s a breakdown of the process into four parts.

Remember that this process is best implemented through the mobile app because it is Instagram’s most used form.

Part 1: Set Up Your Instagram Business Account

The first thing to do when setting up your business on Instagram is to switch to a business account. Here are the steps to do that,

Step 1: Sign up or log in!

You can enter a few details or use your Facebook account to sign up.

Log in to Instagram with Facebook

Step 2: Click on your profile picture and navigate to your settings.

Click on your profile picture and navigate to your settings.

Step 3: Scroll down to find the account type and tools. Click on Switch to a professional account, and select business.

Step 4: Update your business type as shopping and retail, add your business contact information, and click done.

Update your business type as shopping and retail, add your business contact information, and click done.

Step 5: Get started!

Set Up Instagram Business Account

With these four steps, you can set up your account for business.

The next key step is to integrate your shopping platform and products with your business account. 

Part 2: Set Up Your Shop

To post content and ads about your product, it’s important to integrate the commerce manager, your business account, and, if applicable, your e-commerce platform. Instagram’s parent organization’s business center, Meta Suite, manages business activities. Here are the steps to integrating these elements and setting up your shop.

Step 1: Get to Meta Suite

First, navigate to Meta Commerce Manager. You will be prompted with a window to get started.

Meta Commerce Manager

Step 2: Click on “Create a Shop”

The window will ask you how you want to sell. Select “Create a Shop.”

Create a Shop

Step 3: Select Your Shop Details

During this process, you must do the following:

  • Select your commerce manager. Based on this, you will be taken to the commerce manager’s page to log in and connect it to the Meta Business Center.
  • Select a checkout method.Choose a sales channel/business page you want to connect with the shop
  • Business Portfolio and Profile Name

After completing these steps, you must agree to the merchant agreement and click finish setup. You’ll hear from Instagram’s parent organization, Meta, with a response; this usually takes at least a few days.

Next, let’s get your product catalog added.

Part 3: Add Your Product Catalog

To add your catalog, go to the assets section in your commerce manager and select “add catalog.”

Here are the steps to completing this process,

Step 1: Select your catalog Type

To sell watches, select catalog type as eCommerce. If your products are available online, select online or locally.

Select your catalog Type

Step 2: Select the Method of Adding Products

You can either manually add each product and all its details or connect them to your commerce manager and import them. The latter option allows you to maintain consistency across all your sales channels.

If you’ve selected to connect to an e-commerce platform, follow the link to the partner platform website and complete the steps to connect your account with Facebook.
The manual upload will require you to name the owner and catalog. 

Next, click “Create”.

Step 3: Finish Up

Finally, click “View Catalog” to add products manually or review your product list imported from the e-commerce platform.

Finish Up Setting Your Shop

When you click on “View Catalog,” the catalog tab will open. Please click the “Items” tab on the left to view and add your items through “Add Items.”

This will complete setting up your shop and product catalog. All that remains is to connect your Facebook business page with your Instagram account so that Instagram Shop can be activated after Meta approves your application.

Part 4: Connect Your Facebook Page

To connect your Facebook page, go to your profile and then click on edit profile.

You can add your Facebook page under the public business information section. After a quick verification, you’ll have completed this step seamlessly.

Connect Your Facebook Page

With all four parts in place and Meta’s approval, you will have completely integrated Instagram and be able to begin your business to sell watches on Instagram.

Next, let’s explore the key content and business strategies that generate the most impact as you sell watches on Instagram.

Content Strategies to Flourish on Instagram Business

With your shop set up, it is important to remember that consistent and quality content is the key to gathering followers and generating sales. The strategy you adopt dramatically impacts how your customers perceive your brand persona. As a brand selling timekeepers as products, customers must also know that you aren’t wasting theirs. 

Here are ten strategies that have the power to cultivate a massive community of engaged followers and boost interactions to secure leads and grow sales,

1. Use Instagram Stories to Create Urgency and Excitement

The Instagram stories feature has a 24-hour lifespan. Its time-sensitive aspect makes it a great content strategy for you to deliver promotional offers and announcements.

Stories can be used for countdowns, product launches, and limited-time offers to create urgency for your customers to buy. They are also great for updating your followers on live events and developments.

Instagram Stories become highlights and are readily available under your profile information when saved. These highlights can be used to show customer testimonials and successful events to reassure potential customers that your watches and creative design process are trusted.

2. Deliver Compelling Narratives with Carousels

A relatively new addition to Instagram content formats is the Carousel. Through multiple photos arranged in slides within a single post, they are perfect for storytelling and product launches.

Instagram Carousels can help tell the story behind your watch designs, showcase different functionalities, or unveil a new collection through a series of stunning images.

3. Engage with Your Audience Better Through Reels

Instagram Reels play a big role as you set up your business. With its huge popularity, the format has the power to breathe a persona into your brand, can deliver a wide range of content, and, with the huge interaction levels in the Instagram Reel feature, is probably the best place to engage with your audience.

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Reels can also be used to step away from promotional content and create more inclusive videos that may answer problems and educate your viewers. This also encourages viewers to reach out and interact with you, ultimately improving your engagement levels and brand perception as an information leader.

Content ideas that would help are educational content like watch maintenance tutorials, styling tips, watch-making history, or different watch movements.

4. Foster Exciting Transparency and Go Live

Instagram offers its users the option to conduct live sessions, which is a great way to openly connect with your target audience. Instagram Live can showcase your products in detail, answer customer questions in real-time, or even interview industry experts. This fosters the reputation of being a product expert and allows viewers to connect with your brand more deeply.

5. Host Contests, Polls, and Q&A Sessions

As a brand selling people’s products, encouraging viewer and customer feedback is crucial. Instagram lets you add voting polls and text boxes, which are simple but powerful.

Hosting small events using interactive methods is a subtle content strategy you should use. Contests boost customer engagement and sales, especially during holidays, and polls and Q&A sessions allow viewers to provide anonymous feedback for improvement. 

6. Leverage Product Tagging For Better Product Discovery

Instagram now allows you to tag your products in your posts. With product tagging, you can showcase up to five items per post and make them directly shoppable.

This means viewers can simply tap on the watch they love and be whisked away to your Instagram Shop to complete their purchase. It’s a seamless shopping experience that makes browsing your collection a breeze.

7. Collaborate with Influencers to Boost Brand Credibility and Reach

Another effective brand strategy for selling watches on Instagram is to collaborate with influencers who have a similar target audience or market. This may allow you to reach a larger audience, increase sales by utilizing the influencer’s reputation, and build your brand’s reputation through collaboration.

8. Monitor Your Performance and Adapt with Instagram Analytics

Along with the data you receive through polls, Q&As, interactions, and events, the performance dashboard that Instagram analytics provides contains a treasure trove of data.

Combining all this data, including the professional dashboard’s insight on average engagement, your account’s reach, post performance, and interaction levels, you can review and adapt your current marketing strategies for better impact. Continuously monitoring your performance is crucial for continuous growth.

9. Reach the Right Audience with Targeted Ads

It would be remiss of you not to take advantage of the paid ads strategy. With Instagram Ads, you can extend your reach to users who make up your ideal customers. Create effective advertising campaigns highlighting your watches and targeting consumers according to their online activity, interests, and demographics.

Final Thoughts

Amidst a thriving and competitive watch-making industry, the roadmap to effectively transform your brand presence and sales lies in social media platforms that boost visual appeal while improving your reach in your target market. Instagram is key in this journey because of its effective marketing tools, audience reach, and visual oasis. 

With our guide to setting up your Instagram business and key strategies to boost impact as you sell watches on Instagram, you have a kickstart to building an effective business. That said, consistently creating high-quality content is the main challenge on this and every other platform. That’s where the experts at come in.

Using the Instagram Post Maker, you can create stunning visuals that resonate with your target audience, boost engagement, and drive sales. Also, with the Free Instagram Reels Maker, you can create compelling and engaging reel content that captures attention and promotes your watch brand effectively.
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