30 Top Content Ideas for Landscapers on Instagram

content ideas for Landscapers

Are you a landscaper who struggles to think of quality Instagram posts for landscaping?

After widening your reach to over 2.35 billion active users monthly on Instagram, how can you capture their attention and convert them into leads? Looking for content ideas for landscapers on Instagram?

Well, it’s a combination of great photography, high-quality content, and some branded hashtags.

Top 30 Content Ideas for Landscapers on Instagram

Landscapers have a lot of great content to share, from stunning photos of their work to behind-the-scenes videos. And what better platform than Instagram?

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Here are 30 content ideas for Landscapers on Instagram supercharged with Predis.ai:

1. Landscaping Insights

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Share landscaping inspiration with lawn care knowledge as a win-win situation. Take pictures of designs that are unique and interesting so that people can see what kind of options they have when they come to you for landscaping services.

2. Behind-the-Scenes Photos or Videos

If you’ve got a great behind-the-scenes photo or video that your followers would love to see, post it with Predis.ai! This is an easy way to show your followers what goes into each project and why they should choose you over other landscapers in the area.

3. Photo Tours of a Day at Work

A close-up of a plant

If you run a landscaping business, then you know that each day is different. You can feature routine activities and the equipment used through a gallery of images or videos, such as a reel or a carousel post.

4. Inspirational Landscape Photos and Designs

Inspirational landscape photos

People love seeing how things come together and what goes into creating lush outdoor spaces for clients. These posts can function as inspiration for prospective buyers and clients and can be a part of your business portfolio.

5. Portfolio of Services and Products

A backyard

Sharing videos demonstrating actual landscaping endeavors is helpful if you want to illustrate to prospective customers the array of services they should anticipate. This kind of post in the form of a video or carousel post created by Predis.ai can serve as a one-stop destination for your client’s expectations, needs, and requirements.

6. Essential Tools and Equipment Required

A hand holding a tool

The post can create awareness of which type of tool and equipment works best for a particular surface and is necessary for the finishing touches essential to the complete design.

7. Tips and Tricks on Lawn or Garden Maintenance

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Expert guidance on how to make the most of your landscaping gear will be the engaging content you can leverage on Instagram to attract more customers. These tips and tricks can be converted into videos using the customized templates offered by Predis.ai.

8. Flaunt Completed Projects

A landscape with trees and a fence

You can demonstrate your capabilities and share the knowledge you have by posting about your completed projects. This will help expand your clientele and will also help you draw in more customers and increase brand awareness.

9. Share Your Work-in-Progress Projects

A person sitting on a bench

Share updates of your projects that are a work in progress. This will help showcase your quality of work to prospective customers and establish credibility. You can also use hashtags such as #landscape and #landscaping to increase your audience reach and engagement.

10. Before and after Proof of Work

A tree fallen over a fence

Showing off your work and what you can accomplish for clients before and after a project is an excellent idea. Such content is an excellent means of showcasing your abilities and demonstrating that you’re a creative artist in addition to a landscaper.

11. Throw the Spotlight on Local or Global Partnerships and Events

A collage of a person working in a garden

Displaying your participation in community events and charity fundraisers is a great way to show your care for the local and global community. Such posts will showcase your brand image as uplifting and empowering, showing that you care about the community’s needs and requirements as a whole.

12. Showcase Customer Testimonials and Quotes

A close-up of a patio

Clearly, your clients are thrilled with their newly installed gardens and lawns, so why not snap some photos with them? This will help convince potential clients who may be hesitant to hire you due to uncertainty about what to expect.

13. Fun Visual Posts like Quirky GIFs and Videos

A person holding a piece of paper

Use visual storytelling by recreating scenes from movies or TV shows related to landscaping. These funny and quirky posts can add an element of humor and make the posts relatable to your target audience.

14. Use Tutorials for the Landscaping Processes

A picture of multiple plants

Tutorials on the landscaping processes will get shared the most because they are educational and applicable to everyone who wants their yard or garden to look great. You can highlight landscaping processes so potential customers are encouraged to work with you.

15. Show the Process of Installing a New Landscape Feature

A blue chair in a garden

Showing how something was installed can really help sell it to potential customers, especially if they know how much work went into making it look so good. For example, you could document the installation of a new water feature or rock wall at someone’s home or business.

16. Display Your Team’s Awards or Certifications

Plants with wooden lantern

Awards like Best Landscaping Company make for great photo ops because they show that others recognize your work as being of top quality. They will also help build credibility with potential customers.

17. Share Step-by-Step Instructions for Tending to Your Gardens

A woman is gardening

Products like mulch and gardening materials are becoming increasingly popular. This is why sharing photos or videos of planting seeds and then later showing how tall they’ve grown by comparing them side by side with one another is a great way to share information and attract customers.

18. Post Videos of the Ease of Maintenance of Your Installations

A cat sitting at a table outside surrounded by plants

You can make posts describing how to create a garden that is put together. This can help others learn about different types of plants and how they work together in a garden setting. 

19. Post Photos of Quirky Elements and Installations

Large pots with plants and a small pond surrounded with plants

You can post photos or videos of unique, beautiful landscape elements that inspire you or show off your own designs and ideas. The unique elements used by you to elevate the look of the place can help attract interested clients.

A fountain in the middle of a yard

Giving a snapshot of the trends in the landscaping industry will help your audience understand your expertise and how updated you are with your competitors. Hence, you can attract potential customers and showcase upscale and top-notch quality work.

21. Mini-Vlogs on How You Work on Patios and Walkways

A close up of a house

This is an especially good idea if you’re working on larger projects. Post photos showing the progress of projects from start to finish, from clearing brush and digging out roots to laying pavers or installing stone walkways.

22. Create Seasonal Posts to Showcase Variations

A green and purple field with a bench

Post photos or videos that are apt for a particular season. You can also talk about plants and flowers specific to a particular season, making it simpler for your clients to choose and consult about the flowers required and their care and maintenance.

23. Post Inspirational Quotes by Notable Figures

A person holding a plant

These quotes from influential figures like Oprah, Robert Frost, Steve McQueen, and so forth will be useful for your audience and will also help capture their attention from the first time they consume your content. 

24. Share How-to Videos from Experts

A blurry image of a backyard with small pots

Showcase experts in the field talking about the need to focus on care and maintenance and how not to ignore routine tasks. This will help create credibility and make your account a benchmark for all things landscape. 

25. Share Photos of DIY Projects

A collage of plants and a dog

Post about some of the DIY mini-projects you must be creating while working on some of your projects. This will help increase engagement with your audience by giving them something new to look forward to each week and also communicate with you and create a relationship. 

26. Restoration Projects

A table in the backyard with water jars and glasses

Restoring spaces is the best way to showcase your strong points and level of expertise to the clients. Everyone likes to see transformations, especially when it comes to landscaping.

27. Announce Promotions or Sales You Offer

A grass field

Another one of the best content ideas for landscapers includes getting customers’ attention by offering them something they can’t get anywhere else. You can use your platform to promote a new service or even offer them a discount if they book with your company within a certain amount of time after the announcement.

28. Topical Posts about Seasonal Events Like Earth Day

A pot of gold coins and clovers for St. Patrick's Day

Topical days, seasonal events, and festivals attract the attention of large crowds. You can piggyback on this trend and display how your business celebrates that particular day.

29. Educational Posts of Interesting Plants, Trees, and Shrubs

A pink roses bouquet

Posting photos or videos of different plants or tools is a great way to engage your audience, especially if the photos are accompanied by captions that explain what makes the plant unique. You can turn it into an educational experience by adding anecdotes like information about soil preparation, the amount of fertilizer and water, etc.

30. Feature Photos of Green Spaces in Cities

A collage of a garden with lights

Landscapers can showcase their work in urban areas. These photos or videos can be used as introductory videos for potential clients or as a way to show off the range of services you have to offer. 

Key Takeaways

To help kickstart an Instagram account, we’ve armed you with the best content ideas for landscapers. You’ll have no trouble growing a devoted, interested clientele for your business if you use these tactics.

So, what are you waiting for?

Use Predis.ai to start posting entirely with AI! It is extremely likely that your content will be received enthusiastically by customers and can potentially result in new business leads. You never know where an amazing photo or entertaining video will take you.

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