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Module 1: Getting Started with Predis

1. Create New: How it works

  • Where to start making a new post
  • How to choose between different types of posts
  • How to give input to AI
  • How to select templates

2. Sharing your first posts

  • You’ll learn the flow of scheduling and publsihing a post
  • How to tweak posts depending on different social media channels
  • Making last minute edits

3. Generating Captions & Hashtags

  • Generating more versions of captions
  • Editing Captions
  • Generating Hashtags
  • Understanding nuances of using hashtags
  • Understanding difference between reach and relevancy

4. Using own content to make posts

  • Uploading your assets
  • Using your assts to make posts
  • How to access your uploaded assts

5. About Competitor Analysis

  • How to search for competitors
  • How to read the reports
  • Making sense of data

6. Generating E-Commerce posts

  • Linking your store to Predis AI
  • Generating posts using product catalog
  • Different types of e-commerce posts

7. Brand Management using AI

  • Linking accounts
  • Setting up brand identity
  • How to use branded hashtags and URLs in every post

8. Using Blogs-to-Posts Flow

  • How to create posts using blog articles
  • Understanding variants
  • How to pick the right variant

Module Two: Getting Better a Editing

1. Editor Components - walkthrough

  • Basics of editing with Predis
  • What do the different components on editor panel mean
  • How to edit a post

2. Editing Videos in Predis AI

  • Changing images and other elements
  • How drag and drop works
  • How to use different templates

3. Resizing Creatives

  • How to resize posts
  • Post resizing based on social media channel

4. Duplicating Posts

  • How to duplicate posts
  • Where do the duplicated posts get saved

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