How To Add Custom Location On Instagram?

add custom location on Instagram

Have you ever been to a unique and fascinating location that you just can’t wait to share on Instagram? Perhaps it’s a hidden gem, a local hot spot, or a scenic place that you want to share on your Instagram feed. 

Alternatively, maybe you have just set up a new business. It could be a restaurant, a store, or an office space out of which your business operates. Besides printing the address on your business card and website, it also makes sense to add a location to your business page on Instagram. 

But when you try to add the location to your Instagram post, you can’t do it. Frustrating, isn’t it? 

This blog will help you to learn how to create a new location on Instagram

How Does Adding Locations On Instagram Help?

Just as in real life, location plays an important role in the choices people make, whether it’s choosing a restaurant, travelling to a holiday destination, or shopping for new products. This is why when you add a new location to Instagram, it instantly generates interest, especially when you tag it along with engaging videos, photos, stories, and reels. 

Adding a location to your posts is quick and easy. Most of the content creators will affirm how beneficial it is for your growth. Adding location increases engagement, increases account tracking, improves SEO, and builds trust among the audience. 

It can help attract people to your page and, more importantly, follow you and benefit your growth. Along with adding locations, the efficient use of hashtags also makes it easier to track the location of brand influencers. 

Users can find your branded online content by tagging your Instagram posts and stories to specific locations. Additionally, the physical location of your business is easier to find. Location tags, no doubt, play a crucial role in local SEO.

However, location tagging can also reap benefits that go beyond local borders. For instance, if you own an Airbnb, then location plays an important role in discoverability.

Whether it is located in an exotic location, a remote area or the city, various segments of traveller can benefit from discovering it, including you as a business owner, since it generates customer interest, and revenues.  

Adding locations to photo descriptions, especially on the same pages as descriptions of branded services, can improve search engine trust. 

Your location will be displayed at the top of every post, just below your username or brand. To be discovered, you need to make sure your location is properly marked. Your Instagram stats will thank you. 

Are you still not convinced about adding location to your posts? 

We ask you to check the stats after adding an Instagram location to your post. Every business wants that customers can easily find the business. 

How to Add Your Custom Location on Instagram?

A location tag on Instagram can be literally anything, as Instagram allows users to create custom location tags. This could be where you do business or even your website. Adding your website to your location will not link back to your site. But it’s a smart way to get more people to see your links, discover your content, and, in turn, your products and services. 

In a way, people will be interested. A location tag can also be a location that doesn’t really exist. Like the location tag “Home sweet home” or “paradise”?

We know these places don’t really exist. So, if you are wondering how that happens, this blog will help you. 

Here is a step to step guide on how to add a custom location on your Instagram. 

Step 1: Go To Your Facebook Account and Check-in

If you didn’t already know, Instagram is owned by Meta (originally Facebook), which also owns Instagram, Whatsapp, and Messenger. You can not create a custom location from Instagram directly. 

  • To create a location through Facebook, you must register first. 
  • Go to your Facebook homepage and click on the “Create new account” button under the status bar. 
  • If you already have an account, you can start by creating a post. 
  • While creating a post, tap on “Check-In.”

Step 2: Check If Your Location Services Enabled

For creating a custom location, it is essential to enable the location services on your device. So, make sure location services are enabled to create a custom location. 

Location permissions aim to prevent the device from determining your location without your consent. 

Just let the Facebook app know where you are by going to Settings > Privacy > Location Services.

Step 3: Add Your Location

After enabling GPS, go to the bottom of the page and tap on the “+” icon (“Add Your New Custom Location”). 

You can create your location even if someone else has already created the same location.

Most business owners prefer this to be their business name. 

Make sure there are no errors when adding the location because that’s what future customers will see. 

add custom location on Instagram

When typing, ignore all other occurrences on the screen. You can create your own location even if someone else has already created the same location.

While creating a custom location, you will be asked to fill in information like Place Name, Address, City, and a map location for your location. Make sure that the information is accurate and that there are no spelling errors. You need to make a good impression, and correct location tagging is just an extension of your personal or professional brand. 

using custom locations on Instagram

Step 4: Claim Your Custom Location

The final step in adding a custom location to your post is to approve the location.

After creating a location, search for it on Facebook by typing it into the search bar at the top of your Facebook page.

Once found, you will be taken to a page where you can click “Claim this location.”

Step 5: Tagging locations on Instagram posts

Now that you know how to create a location on Instagram, go ahead and get the job done. But your work does not end her. The next step is to populate your Instagram posts by tagging them, and nudge your followers to do the same. 

When your image/ video post, reel, or story is ready, tag your custom location and then proceed to post. 

Remember, your location may have a similar name to other locations. So, be sure to double-check that it is correctly tagged and not some other location. 

Get creative with your storytelling, and connect your Instagram narratives to your custom location based on the nature of the location, which could be an eatery, a store, your office space, or your home. 

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Can I Create a Location on Instagram without Facebook?

It is currently not possible to create a new location on Instagram without relying on the Facebook application. You can only access places already present in the application. 

However, this is not necessarily a bad thing. Many brands and people do this for you by creating interesting and relevant locations that you can use in your posts. 

You can only tag existing suggested locations in posts you share on Instagram. If you already have an Instagram business profile, you can add your address to your business profile so people know where your business is.

One question with adding locations is that can someone remove the location added by you? 

The answer is that your location cannot be removed from Facebook, but you and other users can report it. Facebook will remove the tag of your custom location if you provided incorrect information or if the tag violates the Terms of Service of Facebook or Instagram. 

When you create a location, it’s usually immediately available on Facebook and Instagram. However, sometimes it may take a while to appear, or it does not appear in the list. 

Choosing the right category is important so people can find your business when they search for your niche. For example, for a café, you can choose the “restaurant” category. After selecting a category, the next step is to determine the exact location. This process works best when you are at your business location.

What To Do When You Can’t Establish a New Location on Instagram

Normally, when you create a location, it becomes accessible on Facebook and Instagram instantly. However, there are times when it may take a while or not show up at all. But don’t worry! Here are some solutions for you.

Wait for the new location to appear on Instagram. Sometimes, it takes a bit of time for tags to become visible. For instance, when we tested this, it took four days for a location we created to show up on Facebook and Instagram. However, if your custom location hasn’t appeared yet, you can try the following solutions:

1. Disable location settings on your phone

Facebook might restrict the creation of new location tags for places far from your actual location. If you need to create a tag for a different place, try turning off location settings on your phone.

2. Enable location settings on your phone if you can’t see nearby locations on Instagram

When browsing Instagram, you typically see locations close to your current location. If you’re unable to see nearby locations, ensure that location settings are enabled on your phone.

3. Publish a post with your custom location tag

Posting on Facebook with your custom location tag isn’t necessary to make it available on Instagram’s location list. However, it could help if your geotag isn’t appearing.

4. Assign a category to your Instagram location

When creating or editing your new location, specifying a category may help it appear on Instagram and assist users in finding you. For example, if your tag is for a shop named “Pinpay,” specifying that you sell clothes could improve visibility when users search for clothing.

Untagged locations often get rejected. To add a category, create a tag and post something with it first.

  • Select the created location.
  • Access the three-dot menu.
  • Choose “Suggest Edits.”
  • Click on “+Add category” in the Category section.
  • Select a category from the suggested list. Click Save.

Include a custom location in your Instagram bio While waiting for your address to appear on the list, you can add a location to your Instagram bio. You can almost freely choose the location you want and include a ZIP code or your company name.

This custom location will be a clickable link that Instagram users can follow. However, it will redirect them to a map app, not to a page with posts. Although it operates differently from creating a custom location for posts or stories, it serves as a viable option while waiting.

Wrapping It Up

Whether you’re a traveler, a foodie, or simply someone who loves to explore new places, adding custom locations on Instagram can help you share your experiences and connect with like-minded individuals. 

The only way to create an Instagram location is through Facebook. Follow the steps mentioned, and use locations to improve your visibility.

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What is a custom location on Instagram?

This is a location created from scratch by a user, which can be connected to their business or personal spaces such as a home. 

Can I create a custom location on Instagram?

Unfortunately no. You cannot add a new location to Instagram but will need to create a custom location via your Facebook account. Once you have created the custom location on Facebook, you can tag it to your Instagram account. 

How is a custom location beneficial?

Location tagging is beneficial to drive SEO and discoverability for your personal or professional brand. 

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