Making a social media strategy for Shopify store

Making a social media strategy for Shopify store

Setting up a Shopify store is not enough to bring sales. While it is a crucial step, building an e-commerce store is just the beginning. 

The actual part starts after you put it out on the internet. With millions of online stores, the competition has become cut-throat. You have to put your best foot forward to be in the top league. Adopting an aggressive omnichannel social media marketing strategy is the key to creating brand awareness and boosting your sales. 

Social media platforms are the best place to connect with your target audience, create a strong brand awareness, and drive buyers to your web store. 

However, without proper planning, it can feel like diving headfirst. That’s why having a well-defined social media strategy for Shopify store plays a critical role. 

If you haven’t yet navigated the maze of social media marketing, stay with us. 

We will discuss the nitty-gritty of social media marketing and the importance of a strong strategy for increased sales. 

So, let’s begin with the basics. 

What is a Social Media Marketing Strategy?

Venturing into the competitive social media space without a systematic strategy is like navigating through a labyrinth. 

You will go around in a circle without reaching any destination. In a nutshell, random social media postings will lead to directionless action. Therefore, developing a social media strategy for the Shopify store is essential. 

With a social media marketing strategy, you can fill the gaps and link your marketing goals to a clear plan of action. It helps you understand the features of various social media channels and understand what to post to achieve optimum results. 

Whether it’s Meta ads or TikTok videos, a well-thought social media marketing strategy acts like a multiple-purpose Swiss Army knife. This is what it does: 

  • Drives website traffic 
  • Increased sales
  • Creating a strong brand awareness
  • Attracted and engaged potential target audience
  • Offer round-the-clock customer support

Since you know what a social media marketing strategy is, let’s see why having one is essential for your Shopify store. 

Why Should You Put Together a Clear Social Media Strategy for Shopify Store?

You might often hear that social media is the key ingredient for successful marketing. But have you wondered why it is said so?  

Let’s find out the potential benefits you can have by implementing a realistic plan for social media: 

1. Connect and Engage your Customers Where They Are

With over 4 billion active social media users, the potential to reach out and connect with half of the world’s population is immense. With your prospective buyers already using social media, it provides the best opportunity to connect and engage them where they are already spending their time. 

Besides, social media creates a communication channel with your customers and allows you to establish a personal relationship. Once your buyers start feeling comfortable with your brand, they automatically feel motivated to buy your products.  

2. Expand Your Reach Without Breaking Bank

Hands down, social media has to be one of the most budget-friendly marketing channels. In contrast to conventional marketing initiatives (like billboards and flyers), generating qualified leads is much easier. 

All you have to do is be consistent – Regularly post captivating, relevant, and related content for your potential and current buyers on social media networks. And this doesn’t require you to chuck out a large amount of money. 


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3. Get Insights into Buyers’ Behavior 

Engaging and communicating with your customers provides an opportunity to learn a lot about their buying behavior. 

It not only gives you a platform to sell your products but also helps you learn about market trends and buyer preferences. So, even if some of your posts don’t convert, they still give you valuable insights into your customers’ interests. Armed with this information, you can shape more impactful future marketing strategies.

How to Create an Effective Social Media Strategy for Shopify Stores?

The key to creating a powerful social media strategy lies in finding answers to these five important questions. 

1. What is the Purpose of Your Social Media Presence?

Before you actually start brainstorming and penning down strategies for social media, know the purpose behind doing so. Without a clear goal, you will end up nowhere. 

Start by asking questions like: Why do you want to be on social media? Is your purpose to create brand awareness? Do you want to promote your products? Do you drive more traffic to your web store and eventually boost sales?  

These questions will help you identify your business goals and align your future course of action to achieve an amazing return on investment (ROI). 

Using SMART Goals

For starters, defining SMART goals will pave the road to creating a comprehensive blueprint for your social media marketing. Let’s quickly glance over what are SMART goals: 

  • Specific: Define what exactly you want to achieve. For example, you want to drive traffic to your web store and increase sales. 
  • Measurable: What metric will you use to measure your growth? For instance, will you consider having X number of subscribers as a major milestone or a certain percentage of click-through rate? Make sure this aligns with your business goals. 
  • Achievable: You can’t have random goals, like having more followers. This kind of uncertainty results in a haphazard strategy, which yields no results. Instead, try to define a realistic goal, like having 10,000 followers by the end of six months. 
  • Relevant: Make sure your goals are in line with the business objective. For example, if your objective is to generate more revenues from the web store, working towards getting more traffic won’t work. 
  • Time-Bound: Without a clear deadline, you may not achieve good results. So, define a clear schedule, such as an X percent increase in CTR by the quarter’s end.

2. Who is Your Target Audience?

For a men’s clothing web store, you can’t target female buyers. That’s why knowing your customer is necessary. 

Without knowing who your customer is, you will get tangled up in the complex world of social media. One of the most important steps in giving direction to social media strategy for Shopify stores is to learn about the buyers – both potential and existing. 

When you have a clear picture of who your buyer is, you know what types of content to share and when. 

Identifying Your Customers

But how do you identify your customers? Here are a few exercises: 

  • Create User Persona: Build a realistic customer persona based on demographic and psychographic data such as gender, age, location, income, preferences, and more. This data will fine-tune your content so it resonates with them and prompts them to take action (buy, follow, like, or comment). 
  • Talk to customer-facing teams: Collaborate with your sales team to learn more about unique choices, requirements, and pain points. This will provide an insight into what exactly your users want and help you refine your strategy accordingly. 
  • Analyze the data: Data analytics is an untapped goldmine. With their advanced analytics capabilities, social media platforms provide valuable information. You can know what exactly works with which demographic. For example, tutorial reels are quite popular among buyers in the 20-25 age group. So, now you can create similar content to attract more potential customers from the same age bracket. 

3. What Does Your Target Audience Look Like?

Learning about your customers will give you an in-depth understanding of your target audience’s goals and challenges. This will help you create content that addresses their challenges and solves their goals. 

You can create content archetypes (a mix of different formats) in your social media strategy for the Shopify store. Make sure your content is relatable and resonates with your audience. For example, for a fashion brand, “styling tips” should be the content archetype. 

Here are some common archetypes you can use for your social media: 

  • Product Launches/Promotional Posts
  • Behind the Scenes
  • Contests and giveaways
  • User-generated posts/influencer features
  • Tips and tricks

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4. What Type of Content do You Want to Share?

Knowing your buyers is a key factor in determining which type of content you share and where. For example, young adults between 16 and 24 years old are active on Instagram. They love scrolling through their feed to see what their favorite celebrities are doing or which products influencers are using. 

Decoding the algorithms of your selected social media platforms will help you identify what kind of content to post. 

Besides, you can also go for lesser-known platforms. Many brands, such as Toyota, Nissan, and The Economist, use Reddit to engage and connect with their users. 

5. When to Post Your Content On Social Media?

Timing is everything in this high-speed social media world. Posting the right content at the right time can give your post excellent traction. In fact, the chances of it going viral can be manifold. 

For an athleisure brand, posting content during the morning will grab more eyeballs as athletes scroll their Instagram while cooling down after their workouts. 

Moreover, creating a content calendar will give you a ceiling view of how your strategy will be implemented and help you identify problems early. A calendar also helps you streamline the process of creating and publishing social media content, giving you the space to brainstorm more interesting ideas. 

Additionally, you can also leverage moment marketing to get the most out of trending posts and generate more engagement. 

While these steps help you create an effective social media strategy for Shopify stores, a few tips will propel your sales.

With AI-powered tools like's content calendar, you can schedule your social media content easily. 

Quick Tips to Create the Ultimate Social Media Strategy for Shopify

1. High-Quality and Creative Content

Captivating and jaw-dropping visual content can be a game-changer—no matter the platform. A well-designed visual can make storytelling more appealing and interesting, encouraging the target audience to stop for a while and click on it. 

For example, according to YouTube, 9 out of 10 most-viewed videos have a custom, click-worthy, and intriguing thumbnail. 

2. Engage and Interact

Create strategies to engage your buyers actively. Respond to the comments and interact with your customers. This will foster a sense of community, building trust and customer loyalty. Bubble regularly responds to comments, provides answers to FAQs, and shows appreciation for their purchase.

3. Be Consistent

On average, people spend 143 minutes per day on social media. This means people are always on social media, and so should be.  Therefore, being consistent on social media is important. With your posts regularly appearing on viewers’ feeds, the algorithm will automatically push your content to the top. 

Pro-tip: Don’t overwhelm your audience with too many posts. 2 to 3 posts every day is enough. 

4. Create Shoppable Posts

Shoppable social media content is a fantastic way to boost your sales. People can easily buy your products directly through the app, providing a hassle-free experience that prompts buyers to come back to you. Instagram shoppable posts are an excellent example of how users can tap on the product, which will redirect them to the checkout page. 


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Final Words

Developing a smart social media strategy for Shopify stores will help you create strong brand awareness, increase sales, and multiply your profits. While following the 5Ws will bring your strategy on track, having an automated tool like can elevate your game.

This AI-powered tool, with its user-friendly and intuitive features, streamlines the process of creating and posting social media posts. 

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