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Setting Up Your Brand

In some cases, you might want to generate your posts following some specific Brand Guidelines like colors, fonts, logos, etc. It is possible to create such branded posts via API given you have setup your Brand in App.

Define Your Brand Guidelines

Follow the steps below to setup your Brand:

  • Login to app
  • Navigate to Manage Brand
  • Setup your Brand palette. You can setup upto 5 colors in your palette
  • Select your Brand font. You can upload your custom font by uploading a .ttf file of your font
  • Upload your Brand logos

Your Brand ID

Brand ID is an unique identifier of a specific Brand. You need to pass this Brand ID with each create-post/ request so that the posts get generated under the correct brand using the correct Brand Guidelines (if any). You will find the Brand ID on the My Account > Brands Page in the App.

Finding Your Brand ID


We recommend setting up your Brand before generating the posts so that the posts are more inline with your Brand

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