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How to link your Instagram Business account with Predis.ai?

Predis works best once you link your Instagram Business Account with it.

We access Instagram data through official Facebook APIs. To access this data, Predis.ai needs your permission which you can grant by linking your Instagram Business Account to Predis. Also, your Instagram Business Account needs to be linked to a Facebook Page and a Facebook account. (Don’t ask us why the complication :)) 

Enter your Facebook email id and password and give permissions to Predis to access all the necessary details.

Login via Facebook.

Click on login on the main screen.

Tell Predis.ai a little bit about your social media handle.

telling predis.ai what your business is about

Create a new Workspace

After the posts have been created for you, click on Create Workspace on the top right-hand corner of your screen.

You’ll then see a pop-up that looks like the one below. Click on Link Instagram Account.

linking an instagram account to predis.ai

After you do this, you will see a list of all the Instagram Business accounts you can access. First, please make sure that your Instagram Business account is correctly identified in the All pages list. If you have access to multiple Instagram Business Accounts, select only the particular account which you plan to use with Predis. Uncheck the rest of the accounts.

How to link your Instagram Business account

This screen will show you all of your Facebook pages. Please make sure to select the Facebook page linked to the selected Instagram account. You need to click Next once the correct page is selected. In case of multiple pages, select only the one page linked to the Instagram account.

How to link your Instagram Business account

You will now need to provide all permissions to Predis. Please check all of the given options, as Predis.ai won’t be able to function if all permissions are not granted. Once selected, press Done.

How to link your Instagram Business account

Once you click on done, you will see that your Instagram username and profile picture is shown on all of your created posts.

predis.ai post suggestion

Adding a Workspace

On the right menu bar, there is an option to add a new Workspace. You can select this if you want to manage another Instagram account. Selecting the option will result in the following pop-up on your screen.

adding an instagram account to predis

Clicking on the button to repeat the process of linking and account. Keep in mind that you can manage 2 or 5 handles depending on your pricing plan.

Managing your Workspaces

If you are managing multiple accounts, you can easily switch between using the toggle menu in the top right-hand corner of your screen as shown below (if there were multiple accounts added in this case, the other account names would show up under Predis.ai).

managing workspace in predis.ai

You’re ready to get started with Predis! You now have access to powerful tools that can improve your posts, develop your content calendar and analyse your competitors’ handles.

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Updated on October 5, 2021

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