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How to use Predis.ai’s all-new Content Calendar

Developing a content calendar should be an important component of your social media strategy. Social media content is always better when planned out in advance, and content calendars work well for effective time management as well.

That said, social media managers and influencers can often run out of ideas on what to post. In such a scenario, Predis.ai‘s Content Calendar, powered by AI, is your solution. Read through the detailed guidelines, to nail your content calendar!

Creating posts for your calendar

The Create Post feature can be accessed through the Predis.ai sidebar, as seen below.

navigating to Create Post on predis.ai

After you click on Create Post, you will see a screen like the one below. Here, enter in the theme/niche of your Instagram, so the AI can ideate a post about this. For this example, I’ve decided to generate posts about automobile reviews or driving tips.

generating a psot on predis.ai

These were three of the posts that Predis.ai generated for me.

viewing your predis content library

When you click on a post, you will see 4 separate components (as different tabs) that you can edit to perfect your post. The Creatives tab is seen below, and here, you can select from a variety of templates curated for you. You can also click ‘Edit’ on a template, to edit it on a simple Canva-like interface to make your Creative look exactly how you want.

predis.ai curated templates

In the Captions tab, you can edit the captions that have been auto-generated for you, or you can choose to generate more. As you edit or select different captions, you will see the changes live on the post (on the left-hand side). Next, you can navigate to the hashtags tab.

predis.ai auto-generated captions

Next, you can navigate to the Hashtags tab.

predis.ai recommended hashtags

These are hashtags suggested according to the content of your post. You can request suggestions based on the caption or the creative. You can also sort these out by reach or by relevance to your post/account. Remember to reload hashtags after you make edits to the caption and creative.

To add a hashtag to your caption, just click on it. As you can see, I have selected three and they have been added in the caption.

Next, you’ll see a suggestions tab.

predis.ai post suggestions

Here, you can see suggestions on different aspects of your post, and an indicator showing how well a particular post will perform. To know more about how to make full use of the Suggestions tab, read this article.

Generating your content calendar

Now that you’ve finalised your post, you can add it to your calendar! To do this, click on the calendar icon on the right side of the page. When you hover above it, it will display ‘Add to Calendar’ as shown below.

adding a post to your content calendar

And you’re done! Your post has been added to your content calendar. Generate as many posts as you wish to, and schedule them so that they align with your overall Instagram strategy. You can navigate to the Content Calendar via the sidebar. Here’s how my calendar currently looks, with the posts I just generated.

predis.ai content calendar list view

You can also select the ‘Month’ view to work on your Calendar. You are also free to switch the suggestions around. Just drag the post suggestion box from one date to another, and the suggestion will be moved to that date! Clicking on a post idea will allow you to edit all of its components.

Finally, if you want to export your calendar ideas, you can do this by clicking on the Download button on the bottom right of your screen.

exporting the content calendar

Then, you have to select the date range you want to export, and the scheduling platform you use. The data from the calendar will now get exported in a format that can be used directly with your publishing platform.

You’re all set to use the Content Calendar! In case of any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to us through the socials, or the website chatbot.

Updated on October 29, 2021

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