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How to select Hashtags for Instagram using Predis.ai?

Hashtags for Instagram are very important to grow your audience. By using the right set of hashtags, you can ensure that your post is seen by your future audience and helps you grow your handle by attracting more followers.

How do we suggest hashtags for Instagram?

We know that choosing hashtags manually is a pain. You need to repeatedly search for relevant hashtags and create hashtag sets that end up forcing you to reuse your hashtags. So, we have trained Predis.ai to understand what your post copy and creative are about and then suggest the right hashtags which can be used to grow your engagement. Also, you will also see an approximate reach of the hashtags next to the hashtags so that you can decide on what type of hashtags you want to pick for your post. 

How to choose the right hashtags for Instagram?

So, you already have your Instagram post saved on Predis. In order to choose your hashtags, you first have to navigate to your post in the Content Library from the side menu. This is how your content library would look like.

choose right hashtag

Now, select the post that you want to generate hashtags for. For this example, the second post on the content library has been chosen.

When you click on the post here is the screen that you will see.

content library templates

Then, navigate to the Hashtags tab on this screen, and you should see a list of hashtags with the number of posts on each of their pages.

hashtag for instagram

This is what you need to know about the section:

  • You can see hashtags for your caption as well as the creative separately. Clicking on the ‘Creative option above the hashtags will show the hashtags relevant to your post creative.
  • Additionally, you can sort the hashtags according to their relevance to the post/creative or according to their reach.
  • To start selecting Hashtags for your post, click on a hashtag to select it. You will see the hashtag being highlighted as blue (indicated as selected) and the hashtags will automatically start showing up in your caption. In the example below, you can see that three hashtags have been added.
select right hashtag for Instagram

And that’s all! Remember to not get carried away by how many posts a particular hashtag has. Quite simply, it will be very unlikely for newer accounts to be featured in their top posts. Decide on a sweet spot between popularity and the likelihood of getting featured! You can then add your hashtags accordingly.

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Updated on May 5, 2022

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