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Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Can I cancel my subscription at any time?
Yes, you can cancel your subscription at any time. Just visit the menu inside the Predis.ai dashboard, click on the “My Account” Option. You will see an option to manage subscriptions there which can be used to cancel. We will be sorry to see you go and not charge for the next month. However, there is no refund of the remaining days of the monthly plan.
What happens at the end of my 7-day free trial?
At the end of the 7-day free trial, you have to choose one of the plans and continue using the full features. 
Can I switch Plans?
You can switch plans anytime from the Predis.ai dashboard. Just visit the menu inside the dashboard and click on the “My Account” Option. Here, you will see options to subscribe to the other plan.
Why do I need an Instagram Business Account to access Engagement Indicator?
We use official Instagram/Facebook APIs to access your Instagram data. The APIs are supported only for Instagram Business accounts. Hence, we can only support that. 
Is Predis.ai safe for my Instagram Account?
Predis.ai uses the official Instagram/Facebook APIs to access data. We are regulated by the API guidelines of Instagram/Facebook and don’t do any posting/automated actions on your behalf on Instagram/Facebook. We also don’t store any unnecessary data about your profile at our end.
What is your Refund policy?
Monthly plans have a no refund policy.
Do you have any non-profit pricing?
Yes, we offer discounts on all plans to qualified non-profits. Please drop us a line at hello@predis.ai to apply for the Non-Profit Program.


What is “Number of competitors” in Competitor Analysis?
“Number of competitors” are the number of competitor’s Instagram handles you can add to the Manage projects page and can see competitor analysis for. Once you add competitors in the manage projects plan, you cannot remove them. Competitor analysis is not available in the free forever plan.
What is “Number of predictions runs per day”?
It is the number of predictions you can run in a day. For Example-Entering a caption and creative and clicking on the Predict button will count as one prediction. Once you do some changes to the caption/creative and click on Predict again, It will count as another run. The counter resets at the end of each business day.
Can Predis.ai automatically publish posts to Instagram?
We don’t have publishing features yet. We are fundamentally trying to change how content planning is done and hence trying to focus there.
What is a Project?
A Project is a group of Instagram handles. Typically you will want to group your handle with the competitor handles. This will make sure you can see the competition analysis properly.

Have more questions? Check our Knowledge Base here. In case you are facing some issues, you can check out the Troubleshoot Resources also.

Updated on March 19, 2022

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