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Create scroll stopping Reels and YouTube Shorts with Reel Maker. Generate ready-to-post stunning videos for your social media.
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Predis reels maker

Forget about tedious video editing. Generate ready-to-post stunning videos for your social media. Create Posts with AI for FREE NOW!

AI reel maker

AI Video Generation

Instagram Reels Maker

Predis AI generates customized templates that are professionally designed to give your Instagram Reels an authentic look. No need to record videos for creating Reels. Drag and drop from a wide range of ready-made media libraries and give every scene a new look. Generate Hashtags, Captions, and Schedule your Instagram Reels using Predis AI. You don't need any other tool to start your journey of becoming an Instagram influencer.

AI YouTube shorts maker

YouTube Shorts Maker

Hop onto the latest trend and create your own YouTube Shorts in just a few clicks. Generate content ideas and create YouTube shorts by providing some simple inputs to the AI. Predis AI will generate customized templates that you can customize using a very user-friendly interface. Drag and drop from professionally designed templates and media libraries to create the most stunning YouTube Shorts for your channel.

AI TikTok maker

TikTok Video Maker

Do not miss out on the latest trend and create eye-catching videos in a matter of seconds. Predis AI understands what works for your business and creates customized templates just for you. Choose from a wide range of media options to add stunning videos to your templates and start trending on Tik Tok right away.

AI YouTube shorts maker

Generate Stunning Video Ads in Just a Few Clicks

Predis generates video ads for your social media campaigns with phenomenal ease. Give a small text input and see the magic unfold as Predis generates high-conversion video ads that can be used for any social media platform. Generate captions, and hashtags, and give new jazz to all your ad campaigns on social media.

How to Create Reels and Shorts?

Step 1:

Give on-line text input to Predis

Let Predis know what kind of reels and video ads you want to generate. It can be anything ranging from product videos to E-Commerce videos. The one line input about your type of reel and business will help Predis in customizing the reel or short for you.

Creating video using
AI video generation with Predis

Step 2:

Predis will analyze your input to generate customized Reels and Shorts

Get professional and stunning Reels generated by the power of AI that an be straightaway posted on social media. You can also generate captions and hashtags for your videos. If you want to make more customizations in the video, follow step 3.

Step 3:

Make changes with ease

With our easy-to-use creative editor, you can make changes to the reels in just seconds. Choose wide animations, 5000+ multimedia options or upload your own video to make the reel even more engaging. Just drag and drop the elements as you wish to.

editing video with predis
scheduling videos with Predis

Step 4:

Schedule with one click

Finalized your Reel? Schedule and publish them directly through the Predis social media scheduler. Schedule your posts for a time you deem fit, sit back and relax while your videos start trending on Instagram.

Now schedule your social media posts right from where you create them!