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Create eye catching ads and highly converting ad copies with AI. Improve your ad campaign performance and brand game with AI Ad maker. With a vast variety of templates, animations, premium and royalty free images, your ad campaign is bound to improve conversions and ROI without breaking the bank for ad budget.

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Text Input to Powerful Ad Output

No ad campaign deck, no constant brainstorming, and no more publishing panic for your marketing team! With just a few lines of text, Predis.Ai's end-to-end AI ad generator churns out powerful and eye-catching ad content, in your brand guidelines. Automate ad creation process with our AI tool to make complete ad creatives.

resize ads automatically

Seamlessly Resize to Perfection

Gone are the days of manually editing and resizing your ads for multiple sizes and platforms. With a single click of our AI ad maker, you can resize your ads without losing the branding, and without cropping out valuable content. Whether you need a landscape ad or a vertical banner ad, automatically repurpose the ad into any format you need.

make branded ads

Effortlessly Integrate Your Brand Into Every Ad

Synchronize your brand language with every ad. Once you add a few details on logo, tonality, colors, fonts, and themes to,, your brand will come alive effortlessly in your ads. Maintain consistent branding across your ads and social media platforms. Manage multiple brands and excel the ad game.

automated ad copies

Create Stunning Ad Copy on Autopilot

Why use AI to generate only ad creatives? not only makes the creative, it generates the text that goes inside the ad creative. It also generates the caption, hashtags and ad copies for your ad creatives. Get optimized ad copies for your ad campaigns with the help of AI.

A/B test ads

A/B Testing made easy

Generate multiple variations of the same ad creative with AI. Use our built-in editor to make easy tweaks and versions. The Idea Labs feature gives you varied messaging options with AI. Whether it’s for display ads, banner ads or social media ads, generate multiple versions and A/B test in any third party tool.

banners in multiple languages

More than 18 Languages

Reach a whole new scale of audience and facilitate more authentic connections using our AI to make advertisements. Make ad creatives in over 18 languages, removes all restrictions you could have had reaching your global target audience. Give input in any language, and generate output in another language. The AI ad generator lets you adjust your content's input and output language in just two clicks!

AI for ad copies

Create Ad Copies that Convert

By using a powerful AI system, Predis customizes each ad copy for high conversion and makes them in accordance with your brand guidelines. Be it an ad campaign on Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn, Predis has got you covered. With more than 10000+ multimedia and template options available, Predis creates unique ad copies at every click. So, never look at a blank doc anymore. Start creating ad copies with Predis AI ad generator today!

creative ad copy generation

Get Envied by the Best Copywriters

All you need to do is to give a simple text input to Predis. Sit back and relax while Predis generates world-class Text, Image, and Video Ad Copies for your business in a matter of seconds. Dont believe it? Give it a try. The AI generates the most creative copies that are customized for your brand. Use these copies directly in your ad campaigns or generate professional creatives. Now increase your ROI on ad campaigns by 10X with our AI for ad copy.

AI chat for Ad copies

In-built AI Chat? Yes!

Why go to ChatGPT and get content when you can do it in Predis itself?
Chat with your social media AI Assistant and ask it to generate your next post ideas or even generate the outline of your content calendar.
Use the AI replies as input to create posts with a click!

edit ads easily

Fine tune your ads with the simplest Creative Editor

Want to make changes in the AI generated ad? Just use our simple drag and drop editor to modify fonts, texts, add shapes, design elements, colors palettes, swap templates or upload your own assets for a more personal touch.

How to Create Ads with AI?


Give one-line text input to Predis

Let Predis know what kind of ads and videos you want to generate. It can be anything ranging from promotions to E-Commerce videos. The one line input about your type of business will help Predis in customizing the ad for you.


Predis will analyze your input to generate customized ads

Get professional and stunning ads generated by the power of AI that an be straightaway posted on social media. You can also generate captions and hashtags for your ads and videos. If you want to make more customizations, follow step 3.


Make changes with ease

With our easy-to-use creative editor, you can make changes to the videos in just seconds. Choose wide animations, 5000+ multimedia options or upload your own video to make the video even more engaging. Just drag and drop the elements as you wish to.

Make changes with ease Choose from 10000+ multimedia options or upload your own video to make the post your own. Just drag and drop the elements as you wish to.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Ad Copy Generator has a Free Plan. It also has a Free Trial (No Credit Card Required). You can know more about pricing here.

Click on the Edit Input button. Choose the type of post you want to generate. Tell the AI about your business or service. Select the post themes and color palette. The AI will create Instagram posts with Ad copy for you in seconds.

Yes, Ad Copy Generator supports Facebook posts. You can generate Ad Copy for Facebook too.

Yes, Ad Copy Maker supports LinkedIn.

With the help of AI Ad Copy Generator, you can be sure that you generate Ad copies that have the maximum chance of converting. The AI generates numerous variations and selects the copy that has the highest probability of converting.

Ready to transform your Ad Design, Creatives, and Copies with

Ready to transform your Ad Design, Creatives, and Copies with